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Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

Color_Tarte Swatching Joy.png


REMINDER: Our Holiday Hooray event is back 12/5 - 12/17 (starting 12/4 for Rouge!) and every Beauty Insider member gets a discount! Don’t forget—the higher your tier, the bigger the savings! Check out our FAQs here:


We had so much fun at the holiday preview event yesterday and are so excited to share all the holiday newness with you. We were also able to test some of these incredible products out and will be sure to share swatches and our opinions on wear and quality. This year's holiday products are absolutely stunning - let's jump in!





beautyblender The Crown Jewels Blender Essentials

“I have enough beauty blenders,” said no one ever! This eight-piece set of goodies is not only a great value, but it’s also absolutely adorable too. The set includes four blender sponges and four gemstone-shaped cleansers - perfect for that friend of yours who can’t leave the house without their crystals and loves a perfect blend. 




BENEFIT COSMETICS - I Brake for Beauty! Value Set

Can we take a minute to admire the cute pink vintage tin camper packaging? It makes this set ready-to-gift and totally reusable to store makeup, brushes, etc. This limited-edition set comes with four products we all know and love: a full-size POREfessional, Hoola Bronzer, Gimme Brow+ in Shade 3 (neutral light brown), and a mini BADgal BANG! Mascara -- aka BrendaBT’s holy grail mascara! 




BITE BEAUTY - All Agave 3-Piece Lip Care Set

We know this Community loves the Bite Agave lip balm, and the set includes not one but all three minis: the Agave + Nighttime Lip Therapy, the Agave Lip Mask, and the Agave+Daytime Lip Balm. This set is perfect to show your lips the love they deserve during wintertime and makes a great gift as well. 




KAT VON D - Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette
@darkiceis specifically wanted the scoop on all the holiday palettes, and we’re pleased to report that this KVD palette swatched like a dream! We were SO impressed with this 15 pan palette and love the lolita theme - this famous shade was so widely discussed on this Community back in the day that I had to pick it up! The formula comes in matte, shimmer, and glitter shades which were so fun to play with! This palette is versatile enough for everyday natural, blushy lolita, and smoky nighttime eye looks. Of course, this is a holiday palette so there are three glittery shades in the middle of the palette and they caused a lot of commotion at the event! 

Lip balm of the top and Orgasm blush on the bottom.Lip balm of the top and Orgasm blush on the bottom.

NARS - Softcore Mini Blush + Balm Set

This mini set is perfect for the Nars Orgasm lover on the go! This is a great product to gift or to keep for yourself when you head out of town. Many of us already know and love Orgasm blush and the lip balm is gorgeous as well. This set is great for makeup newbies and pros alike. Tagging @niki172 who wanted to know about the Nars on display at the event!
ND_Metropolis palette 1.jpg







This set of minis includes a Kush Mascara, a high-volume mascara that contains hemp-derived cannabis seed oil. You'll also get the Hydro Grip Primer which is perfect for all skin types and formulated with Blue Agave Extract that grips makeup and seals in moisture. Also inlcuede is the Cooling Water Stick, which helps soothe and depuff the under-eye, the Watermelon Brightening Serum stick, the Glow Oil Lip and Cheek tint, plus a highlighter stick and a matte bronzer! 




TARTE - Winter Wonderglam Luxe Eye Palette

Oh-My-Glam!!!! This set is truly amazing - @michelleshops and @lnum can attest to that as well. It’s all encased in a stunning gold sequin case and contains a double-sided eyeshadow brush, mini mascara, mini black gel-liner that glides on the lids without zero tugging or pulling, and **drum roll please** 24 eye-shadows! The shadows come in the most beautiful matte, metallic, and glitter-gel topper formulas. Our jaws seriously dropped to the ground with every single color we swatched because of how pigmented and pretty these look when applied. The formula of the matte and metallic pigments contain Amazonian clay, which supports longer wear and makes them extra soft, creamy, and easy to blend. The glitter-gel toppers are perfect to add just the right pop of sparkle to any look! The glitter is also very easy to use -- a little goes a long way!



Stunning Tarte Swatches






YVES SAINT LAURENT - Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Mini Set

Is it even holiday season without a good lippie? This YSL set comes in a fab gold and pink star-shaped box containing five mini lippies. It’s YSL, so you know the packaging is elegant and the formula is pigmented and creamy. Best part? The beautiful shades in this set are festive shades that are wearable all year round. 



Beautiful YSL swatches

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

ATTENTION BIC!!! I’m sure a lot of you already noticed but Sale of the Season

is happening right now and we had to let all you know if you hadn't seen already. There are over 100 juicy items up to 50% off including some of our favorite holiday sets like the TARTE - Winter Wonderglam Luxe Eye Palette, originally $54.00 USD & $65.00 CAD which is now $32.50 USD & $49.00 CAD. Another one of our favorite sets is the BITE BEAUTY - All Agave 3-Piece Lip Care Set which was originally $14.00 now $7.00! 

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

Makeup is my true love and always the most exciting so pardon me while I bombard you with photos!  I can neither confirm nor deny if a giant snowflake was smuggled out of the venue and currently lives in my window...

Peep that MILF packagingPeep that MILF packagingThe cream lip stains are one of my favorite formulas!The cream lip stains are one of my favorite formulas!My phone insists on taking warm photos so it didn't do this beauty justiceMy phone insists on taking warm photos so it didn't do this beauty justiceNARS always comes through for the holidays.NARS always comes through for the holidays.It takes a village to get the perfect shotIt takes a village to get the perfect shotI love this little set so muchI love this little set so muchThe brushes are 100% heart eyes and so soft!The brushes are 100% heart eyes and so soft!Holy grail status forever.  The jewel tones are *chef's kissHoly grail status forever. The jewel tones are *chef's kiss

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

Got our hands on this beauty and had to share swatches with y'all. Natasha Denona Metropolis Eyeshadow Palette 28 x 0.048 oz Heart 


ND_Metropolis palette 1.jpg


ND_Metropolis swatches 1.jpg


ND_Metropolis swatches 2.jpg


ND_Metropolis swatches 3.jpg


ND_Metropolis swatches 4.jpg


These 28 shades are BEAUTIFUL. What I really like is the mix of different textures and finishes, but the consistency in pigmentation. These shadows are really easy to apply. Will post a look with this very soon; with so many options, I want to experiment! 

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

The colors are really pretty,  @GeorginaBT!  Thank you for sharing your gorgeous swatches!

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

Has anyone noticed how amazing this Laura Mercier cheek canvas palette is?! It’s probably my second favorite to the Hourglass 6 palette! Shades are super silky to apply, so easy and versatile to use too. It caught my eye and feel like it needs some love! Lol. I love her line. Natural and beautiful.  I thought the warm coral blush and bronzer would be least of my favorites and they are both great and so soft/ neutral! No glitter just shine shimmer. Who knew lol.


@blackkitty2014 @meganlisa @TraceyEB 




Laura Mercier Cheek CanvasLaura Mercier Cheek Canvas


Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

@Sunnysmom These are so pretty - that coral blush is right up my alley! Gotta check this palette out. Thanks for the swatches!

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

Thanks @GeorginaBT I love them ! Bet you will too! 

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

Thanks for posting swatches @Sunnysmom . I've had my eye on this palette for a while. I had a bad in-store experience this last Saturday so I didn't go find it to swatch. I love LM's blushes so I may have to pick this up even though I swore off no more blush palettes as they don't get used (looking at you Tarte). However this would be really handy as there's a nice selection, and would be great for traveling.

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

Oh no @niki172 hope you got issue resolved. I’m same in not using enough but between this and Hourglass I’m covered and actually have been using them more thankfully . Def good for travel! 

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

@Sunnysmom see this is what I mean - I forgot I'd bought the Hourglass palette LMAO! It's been one of those weeks :P. I just filled out the online survey for the store, but it really made me mad because I specifically went in there to support the brick and mortar store when I could have just stayed in the comfort of my own home and bought online. 

So much for their training about ageism - I guess that went in one in ear and out the other, and they now only pay attention to you if you're under the age of 25. That was just one of the issues, but it's not a big deal. I'll just do my best to not shop there anymore. 

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

Lol oh I do that all the time too @niki172 ! Glad I’m not only one who forgets what they have! 🤪. That’s too bad about your store experience. 😕 It sure can vary but thankfully most of mine are very welcoming with only a random bad apple in the bunch. You should also tell them directly so they can better learn from it and you’ll also feel better I bet?! 🤗

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

@Sunnysmom well the store manager was one of the issues (she really needs a class in people skills) so I figured I'd be wasting my breath. I've never cared for her, and I know that a few SA's feel the same. There's 2 SA's that work there that I like, but this makes the 2nd time in a row that I've had a bad experience in that store. 

The first one was when one of the SA's I like telling the other manager that's nice that my makeup collection was borderline hoarding, and that I'd put her makeup collection to shame. IDK if she thought she was trying to be funny or what, but it really made me mad. My "hoarding" of makeup is what helps keep you in business.

I've gone off-topic my apologies. Anyways I was lucky enough to grab a $100 Rouge reward, and I was saving it for the upcoming Melt release, but it'll expire by then. This may just make its way into my cart ;). Thanks again for the swatches!

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

Oh no @niki172 that’s really too bad I’m so sorry. I can tell you also that I’ve had a similar experience at one of mine which is a huge store and I almost feel badly for buying a lot of stuff in there sometime ! You feel shamed when yes we are keeping them in business!  I think it should be happy and fun. It’s makeup. lol. A few of them just refuse to even smile or seem nice and it just baffles me! I’ve worked in sales a lot and I totally understand how it all works, I just think that’s not right. Being kind is always the answer no matter what you do in life! *Quietly crawling off of soapbox now! Better experiences ahead for us both I hope! 🤗🥰

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

@Sunnysmom thx you for the tag love.  Happy birthday!!! Ugh, this will be hard... i love blush palette 😉

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

Thank you @blackkitty2014 ! it’s super pretty!! Great value too. Take a little look at it next trip into store! 

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

@Sunnysmom Thanks for the tag. 

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

🤗 @SportyGirly125 . 

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

@Sunnysmom I swatched this in store and it was really pretty! I'd usually be more tempted but I'm pretty blushed out! In the past months I've picked up the Hourglass 4-pan, the TF Duo in Incandescent and the CT Instant look in a palette. This one is a great deal for 6 shades though.

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

I know I hear you @makeitup305 .  I didn’t keep the Hourglass quad because was too warm or I wouldn’t have done this prob either. Def good value especially with deal this week. TF so pretty. I somehow managed to restrain myself from the TF and CT! lol 

Re: Holiday Preview 2019: Makeup Gifts Galore

@Sunnysmom   Thanks for the tag; it is gorgeous!

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