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Holiday Gifting Challenge 2022: Week 9 - Share how you're treating yourself!

Holiday Gifting Challenge 2022Holiday Gifting Challenge 2022


It’s officially holiday season here at Sephora, and we’re celebrating with all of our Community friends the best way we know how – by sharing beauty recommendations, of course! 🎁 The Beauty Insider Community always seems to have the best beauty buy, trick, or tip for just about any occasion, and now we’re truly putting you all to the test with a Holiday Gifting Challenge!


Here’s how it works: we polled our Community Ambassadors and had them come up with different hard-to-shop-for people (some of them real, some hypothetical… all very relatable) and turned them into weekly prompts to challenge our Community to brainstorm the perfect gift ideas for each. Each prompt will include two different people or gifts that fit under that overall category -- you can reply with different ideas for both recipients within that prompt, or share ideas for just one of them, or however you feel inspired to participate in this ultimate present-picking challenge. In your replies, be sure to tag those products using the “#” sign -- and don’t forget to come back each week to share your recommendations for the next batch of “giftees!”



  • Week 1 (11/1-11/7) – office party picks 💻
    • White Elephant giftee for an office party - @Buootiful 
    • For the coworker who’s perpetually stressed out - @Mochapj 


  • Week 2 (11/8-11/14) – scent-sational gifts 🌺
    • For my children’s teachers who love a good holiday scent - @lmaster 
    • For the teen boy who’s ready try something nicer than drugstore body spray - @heartsmyface 


  • Week 3 (11/15-11/21) – hosts (and hostesses) with the most 🏠
    • For your hostess who has the coziest house that makes you feel like your home away from home - @Guessgal 
    • First-time gifts that dazzle your new in-laws celebrating your first Christmas together - @niki172 


  • Week 4 (11/22-11/28) – gifts of gratitude 🙌
    • Your friends that are essential workers! Especially those who have to mask up and wash up daily -@danielledanielle 
    • The sweet woman who voluntarily keeps the neighborhood tidied up all year round -@itsfi 


  • Week 5 (11/29-12/5) – for the skincare aficionado 🧖 
    • For the skincare lover who probably has all kinds of lotions and potions but maybe not all the tools -@Saradestin 
    • For my friend who loves skincare, has acne-prone skin, and who loves to bounce from brand to brand -@ather  ‍️

  • Week 6 (12/6-12/12) – for the beauty newbie in the family 👼
    • For my teen family member just getting into makeup and building a collection - @Kim888 
    • A teenage boy who started getting acne but doesn’t like to put anything on his face - @fatimamummy  


  • Week 7 (12/13-12/19) – presents that pamper 🛀
    • For my mom who I love to spoil every holiday with beautiful gift sets -@Missnur 
    • The person who could use a confidence boost or be reminded of their self-worth -@Samtian 


  • Week 8 (12/20-12/26) – travel-ready 🧳
    • For the international traveler who’s always on the next flight -@CookieGirl1 
    • For my sister-in-law who is always on the go -@SportyGirly125 


  • Week 9 (12/27-1/2) – treat yourself! 💁‍️
    • For someone who appreciates luxury product and packaging at a steal -@haleyvvvv 
    • A gift wrapped perfectly for me! ‘Cause we deserve to get something too! -@missjeanie 

Happy gifting season! Hit reply to share your present picks for the challenge at hand, tagging products using the “#” symbol!

Re: Holiday Gifting Challenge 2022: Share Your Perfect Present Picks!

Yes to these choices @faeriegirl 

These would make great gifts! And the shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath are so festive 🍬 🛁  perfect!

Re: Holiday Gifting Challenge 2022: Share Your Perfect Present Picks!

The Chill Pills would be the perfect gift for that stressed out coworker  @faeriegirl ! 👍😊

Re: Holiday Gifting Challenge 2022: Share Your Perfect Present Picks!

For White Elephant Gifts, I think it’s great to pick something all kinds of people would use! Jack Black The Balm Squad Lip Balm Set is great for colder winter weather !!!!!


Eucalyptus is my favorite scent for dealing with stress! NEST New York Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Candle 

Re: Holiday Gifting Challenge 2022: Share Your Perfect Present Picks!

Great suggestions @Kim888!

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