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Best Makeup

Looking for the BEST set of makeup brushes for sale on the market today .


Want TOP SHELF the best set for Valentine’s Day .


please help this stupid man !!

Re: Best Makeup

@mitchell801  "The BEST" is subjective and depends partly on the recipient's personal preferences. A few examples:


  • Bristle type: natural (animal hair) vs. synthetic 
  • Skin sensitivity: is the recipient's skin sensitive enough to need exceptionally soft brushes 
  • Handle length: some folks prefer short handles, others like long handles 
  • Maintenance: how dedicated is the recipient to taking good care of their brushes vs. tossing them around 
  • Makeup type(s): does the recipient use mostly cream, liquid, or powder makeup, or all of those 


For natural hair brushes, the softest will likely be made of squirrel hair: either blue, grey, or Kazan squirrel. Squirrel brushes can't be used with liquid or cream makeup products, which will damage the delicate bristles. Also, squirrel brushes shouldn't be frequently washed. A few excellent brands to consider: 


  • Chikuhodo (the US brand site is visageusa dot com) 
  • Hakuhodo 
  • Koyudo 
  • Wayne Goss 

Those brands offer handmade Japanese brushes. I own several Chikuhodos plus a few Koyudos and WGs. You can find 3 of those brands' brushes at Beautylish. 


Goat hair is the most common natural bristle type. Look for "saikoho" or "sokoho" goat: those are 2 of the highest and softest grades of goat hair for brushes. Goat hair can be used with creams, liquids, and powders, and can be washed more frequently than squirrel hair. In addition to the brands I listed above, consider Sonia G. for great goat brushes. I have and love several of Sonia's brushes. 


Synthetic brushes can handle pretty much any type of makeup, can be frequently washed, and are easier to maintain than squirrel. Synthetics can take more "abuse" than natural hair brushes, though you really shouldn't toss any type of brush around, knock the ferrule against hard surfaces, etc. The softest synthetic brushes I've ever used are made by Luxie, but Chikuhodo and Koyudo also make synthetic brushes. 


tl;dr: "ugh, just tell me where to buy an excellent set of brushes, regardless of cost!" Okay then... go to visageusa and buy one of the Chikuhodo sets that contain Z-Series brushes. Those are fantastic grey squirrel brushes. If you also want some brushes that can handle liquids and creams, you'll need to additionally buy some goat hair or synthetic brushes; for those, consider the brands I mentioned earlier, but I'll recommend Sonia G. as a starting point. You can buy Sonia's brushes individually or in sets, though right now many of her sets are sold out at Beautylish and awaiting a restock. 

Re: Best Makeup

@mitchell801 I would take a look at Sonia G 

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