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What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

I'm one of those gals that are obsessed with fragrances and have about around 50 60 70 80 and still collecting...(if you want to call it that.) So I would like to know what are you wearing today?


I'm wearing Obsession...(hahaha kinda fits this thread, doesn't it? :D)

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

After doing a short spray of three different perfumes I decided to test The Maker Naked today. I sprayed my skin and my clothing. This is a soft, somewhat powdery, comforting fragrance. It's like a hug from your friend or mother with a bit of high energy given off. A creamy floral. I definitely enjoy this perfume on the skin. It last for a few hours on the skin. It does last much longer on clothing but does not smell anywhere near as soft and comforting or creamy floral on the clothing. I kept getting strange vinegar and b.o. smells to the point I started cleaning my house and then I thought, wait. I think it's this perfume. I smelled my skin, warm, powdery, comforting. I smelled my shirt, much stronger, somewhat aftershave scent, slightly b.o. given off from the area where I sprayed the perfume. The shirt was clean, I was clean, no idea why cotton voile would cause this perfume to smell totally different. Maybe a reaction to my detergent. I might test this tomorrow on different clothing to see if Naked tests the same tomorrow. I really hope not. On the skin it's quite lovely. It would make a nice sheet spray too if it would behave as nicely on fabrics as it does on the skin................................So I tried this a second day. Once again nice smell on skin. Definitely wouldn't mind owning it. I also sprayed it on my jeans. The smell is much stronger,  aftershave-ish and just a bit off on my jeans. If Naked smelled like what it smells like on fabric when it was on my skin I wouldn't like it at all. It's fabulous on skin. I do wish it lasted longer on my skin. Maybe 4-5 hours. On clothing I can smell it the next day.

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

I am wearing the Maker Paradiso today. It is long lasting. At first the mangosteen is pevelant then does pop surprises for awhile. The plumeria is definitely the core of Paradiso. It hides behind the mangosteen for a bit then takes over as the powerhouse. I haven't gotten to that lush patchouli yet. Just little fringes. If you love plumeria you will probably like this. Years ago an older woman in my church used to smell like this, full on plumeria, so I equate this one with a more mature scent. It does remind me somewhat of Versace Turquoise but Turquoise is more fruity and feels much younger. I am not a young woman but I wouldn't purchase this. I do like plumeria but a little less plumeria a little more everything else.

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

Thanks for reviewing the Maker perfumes, @Margalee !  I have the discovery set on my Loves list possibly for the sale.  I have a vested interest in what you think! ๐Ÿ˜„

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

@Titian06  At first I was a bit sorry that I didn't buy 19-69's discovery set but then I tried Naked and really loved it on my skin so that made it better. I was really waffling at purchase time because I've had a couple different discovery sets on my list for quite awhile and passed them up to try this set. I have enjoyed two out of three but wasn't convinced Wild was worth the hefty price tag. They seem less complex than the perfumes I normally go for but they are pretty and I do enjoy fragrances that give sensations like a silk slip falling away (Wild) or champagne bubbles on your nose (Marc Jacobs Daisy Intense) or comforting fragrances like Naked. There are maybe three I would deem a bit masculine just a first whiff, at least definitely unisex. A couple more feminine. There are a couple I haven't officially tested that with a little test I am kinda like, ah, shoot. So the overall impression remains to be seen.

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

I tested two fragrances yesterday. One on each arm. Brooklyn Vanilla Milk and Maker Wild. Two very different fragrances. I will revisit Vanilla Milk. I did get a whiff of the spoiled milk deal but it didn't stay that way long. This fragrance is very milky and warm and I want to get the full effect of it. I wasn't crazy about the scent thus far but it could have been the Maker Wild throwing me off. As for Wild, SO RETRO, so retro. Reminds me of 60's or 70's parfums. You get the peach for a couple hours with the tuberose and then it's predominantly tuberose for hours after and at the last you get a musky warm base. Very lightweight at the last. I will revisit this one full on also since one spray did not give much projection. It was definitely a skin scent with one spray to the inner arm. I think this is a quirky fragrance and I'm not sure what to make of it just yet. At some points it nearly seems to fall apart and become disjointed. I was like oh bummer, they're still working things out. But then the fragrance would pull it back together and I thought oh,ok. Not so bad. I will definitely test it on clothing vs skin. They both last at least six hours on me. Gone by morning.

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

@egabrielle Many thanks for reviving this thread! โค๏ธ


Today I'm wearing an odd one as a test, Room 237 by Fzotic, and I do not like it. It was interesting and is supposed to be based on the creepy bathroom in The Shining. I personally don't find it creepy, just unpleasant. There's a household disinfectant vibe, almost a minty barbacide thing going on, the vinyl from the notes pyramid for sure, and then a kind of muskiness from below. Definitely test before buying.


I do think right now that Fzotic is a strong independent house, good quality at a reasonable price. Its other scents are far more wearable so please don't be put off by this one review. Room 237 is a one-off.  



Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

Interesting idea, @pocketvenus !  Thanks for trying it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

That's an interesting concept, but it sounds aggressive.  Cool niche gift, I suppose @pocketvenus 

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

Layered some vanilla oil underneath NEST New York Indigo Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Eau de Parfum Spray I realized that working from home means I can explore with all the fragrances that rarely get worn and I've fallen in love again. 

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

Absolutely, @egabrielle !  I've been doing the same thing since I started teleworking in 2020.  It's also allowed me to use the samples I kept putting off for various reasons.

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

I'm trying out KAYALI YUM PISTACHIO GELATO 33 EDP INTENSE 3.4 oz / 100 mL eau de parfum spray today... I'm still on the fence after 4 hours, it isn't terrible on me but the debate is whether or not its worth the $100.

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

For the perfume lover that enjoy layering so as to create your own, unique signature scent, I have to recommend my recent find: Bon Parfumeurs. Currently sold at Nordstrom or directly from their own site, this perfume house creates really interesting scent combinations that will inspire you to PLAY with scent the way you might play with a really gorgeous eyeshadow palette.


I picked up 301 and havenโ€™t been able to stop putting my wrists to my nose and just breathing everything in. I layered 301 with Byredo Young Rose, and Iโ€™ve gotten so many compliments. Warning: the cumin in this scent can be challenging at first since to many it is reminiscent of sweat, but the dry down is worth it! I find that the overall earthiness of this perfume helps dirty up a plain floral and turn it into something far more sultry. 



From Nordstromโ€™s site: 

What it is: A warm and spicy eau de parfum that seduces you with its captivating spicy amber aromas.

Fragrance story: The top notes see a battle between warm and cold spices, with cumin vying cardamom to create a tension that exhilarates the entire scent. Behind this power lies the floral softness of jasmine, which adds volume and carries the sandalwood. The rich and intense facets of this wood become warm, sweet and milky. With its distinguished notes of dry woods, cedar elegantly completes the composition.

Style: Warm, spicy.


- Top: cypress, cumin, ylang-ylang, thyme, cardamom.

- Middle: jasmine, coconut, cedar.

- Base: sandalwood, benzoin, patchouli, amber.

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

Thanks for sharing, @LCResz !  I love hearing about new finds! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

Lately Iโ€™ve been wearing Byredo Mumbai Noise. Although the top note is supposed to be davana, I donโ€™t get much of a floral vibe from this fragrance. Itโ€™s more of a woody gourmand, if that makes any sense, with a delicious blend of sweet tonka beans and rich coffee that floats atop a pungent base of agarwood and sandalwood. Imagine a trip to an ancient city steeped in tradition and wooden structures that have withstood the test of time along with quaint cafes lining the vibrant, bustling roads. To really amp up the mood I layer it with either Carolina Herrera Good Girl to make it girlier or with YSL Black Opium to amp up the vavavoom. 


Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

@LCResz thank you for that review! So curious about this one. Would you say it is heavy in the sandalwood? Not sure I need another heavy sandalwood fragrance.

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

@ChristalM Itโ€™s more oud than sandalwood, so if wood plus sweet coffee isnโ€™t something your scent wardrobe is screaming for then you might not need this perfume, but as an old lover I am totally in love with this perfume!

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

Wearing the discontinued Incense Oud by Kilian today, kind of like one of the ghosts of Kilians past for Halloween!



Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

Lately I've been wearing


  • CdG Original
  • Papillon Anubis
  • Kerosene Broken Theories
  • Jazmin Sarai Nar
  • Mona di Orio Cuir
  • 359cf4f0e26475d9798fcd61348c546314-17-commes-de-garcons-10.2x.h473.w710

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

It's been Bel Ami for me a few days in a row now. I love this one.



Re: What are you wearing, Fragrance edition!

I have a bag of perfume samples, around 30-40 that I've been collecting every time Sephora sends them instead of the sample I really wanted.  I don't really use them but they're fun to look at!