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Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

Who else thinks that perfume "Discovery" sets are stupidly too expensive??


The companies knows it too.


28$ for 8 mini viles? No, thats the price of a Rollerball.


We may have 8 viles and that in total we have a rollerball amount of perfume, but its All different scents and only if we are lucky we may like more than one scents, but that happens rarely.


I think we shouldnt pay more than 15$ for sets (Unless the viles are big Enough or that we have like atleast 15 viles).


I cant be the only one that think that those sets are Overpriced!!!


Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

As long as they keep giving us the vouchers for a free roller ball for the $25 one and for the free large size perfume that's $68. 



Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

Aww, sorry to kind of dogpile @Emy10 , but discovery sets can be kinda cool!  I really loved the vanilla-themed one, ( Sephora Favorites Best of Vanilla Perfume Sampler Set )#, I was layering & sampling made it kind of fun.  Got to discover new favorites. And, as mentioned they do make great gifts.  I also like having samples of my favorites so I have a mini for travel and can switch between a couple of scents.

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

@Emy10 On some level, I agree. I personally, rarely ever purchase discovery sets. Although I must say $28 for 6-8 vials isn't that bad... I've seen discovery sets for $100+ for more niche brands. I personally don't even like rollerballs that much, the only time I really purchase them is if I'm blind buying and desperate to try the fragrance/can't find it in stores to sample or if I want a tried/true scent in a travel friendly size. I do see the pluses in them if someone wants to try out a whole bunch of perfume scents and the ones with the vouchers are actually super cool because you can redeem your voucher for your favorite scent. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's probable every one is going to like at least one scent from a discovery scent therefore, that voucher is pretty great thinking. I don't buy them often, definitely something I usually stay away from but they definitely serve their purpose. 

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

@QueenMarceline Your comment about liking at least one in a set reminds me that I buy these sets often not for myself but as gifts. With certain houses, these can especially helpful in helping someone new to fragrance discover and explore their own taste. Especially because I think it takes several test runs for someone to really be certain with a new fragrance type. 

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

@pocketvenus They do made great gifts, I really wanted a set from luxury perfumes with the voucher but it was sold out by the time I wanted to order. Maybe I'll treat myself during a VIB sale because ya girl loves a discount. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

@Emy10 - I agree with @newcarlee and @pocketvenus .  I enjoy the discovery sets because I can try several scents for the price.  I don't have to wait for samples to become available with a purchase and I don't have to go in-store to request a sample (only to find out they don't carry the brand or are out of that scent).  My time is worth paying for the convenience of a sample set as well.

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

@Emy10 I like some of the discovery sets, especially the ones that come with a voucher for a larger size.  Those typically end up being a really good deal.

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

@CookieGirl1  those with a voucher are better yes ๐Ÿ˜‰

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

@Emy10 @newcarlee I like these sets - overall, sometimes the price works out to be less per ml than a full bottle. For someone like me who enjoys trying new scents even if I wouldn't personally want to wear it, it's an easy way to try out a new house.

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

Hi @Emy10 - Iโ€™ve been avoiding stores (still) and was thinking of getting Maison Margiela 'REPLICA' Memory Box Perfume Set 


In price per mL, itโ€™s actually a better deal than one of their 10mL rollerballs so I donโ€™t think all of these discovery sets are too expensive. Iโ€™d rather get a set than blind buy a full size bottle. That said, youโ€™re right in that you probably wonโ€™t like most of the samples, but given the current climate, Iโ€™m rarely shopping in person so these discovery sets and samples are what helps me with choosing fragrances.

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

@newcarlee - I think you should get this set!  I purchased the set a few years ago and was happy I did!  I found several scents I really liked.  This version has many that were not in that set.  I'm tempted to purchase this one so I can try the "new" ones. ๐Ÿ˜„

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

@newcarlee  i preffer waiting than spending on viles of perfume i wouldnt like. Perfume can wait, but yeah lol ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

Re: Perfume "Discovery" / trial set size Price

*VIAL.  Perfumes come in vials.  Vile is an adjective.

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