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Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

💜Hello Lovlies!!

     I wanted to start this conversation to hopefully get some recommendations for layering my favorite scents or just recommendations in general,  based on my collection. Maybe this can help others come up with new combinations to try for themselves! 😁

PSA: The combinations and descriptions listed are of my own personal opinion, preferences, and experiences. You're welcome to disagree, but please be RESPECTFUL 🙏 ❤️ THANK YOU!


So far I have fallen in LOVE with:

Kilian Paris: Love, Don't be shy with Good girl gone bad

This is becoming my favorite for a senual, sexy scent. Floral and spicy yet sweet and creamy.




Guerlain Aqua Allegoria: Mandarin Basilic with Juicy Couture: Viva la Juicy Gold Couture

This combination is amazing if sweet and citrus gourmand scents are your thing. Flirty, playful and addictive!


Listed below are the fragrances in my collection. (I have a bit of a perfume addiction so here we go!) :


Aerin: 1. Mediterranean Honeysuckle

2. Tuberose le Jour

3. Wild Geranium


Carolina Herrera: Good Girl


Dolce&Gabanna: LightBlue eau intense


Giorgio Armani: 1. Aqua di Gioia

2. My Way


Guerlain Aqua Allegoria: Mandarin Basilic


Juicy Couture: Viva la Juicy Gold Couture


Moschino: Toy 2


Marc Jacobs: 1. Daisy

2. Daisy Dream Forever

3. Perfect intense


Valentino: Donna Born in Roma


Versace: 1. Bright Crystal Absolu

2. Dylan Blue pour femme

3. Yellow Diamond


Viktor&Rolf: Good Fortune


Yves Saint Laurent: Libre le parfum


Phew! Well, I hope everyone enjoys experimenting and coming up with new combos. PLEASE join in and post your favorites too!!




Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

@Nikitasha I'll have to try this too. I just got to smell Angels Share and really like it. Ty!

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)


I like Sol de Janeiro '71 with Sol de Janeiro Anitta. It smells similar to pineapple upside down cake

Also I do realize Nest Midnight Fleur has been retired but layered over Josie Maran Apricot Vanilla it is absolutely delicious!

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

@Margalee Oooo I'll have to try that. I LOVE Kilians Apple Brandy on the rocks bc it smells more like pineapple than just apple to me. I can't wait, ty!

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

@lkm1991 Ooh my absolute favorite combo, also the only thing I get complimented on, is Mugler Alien Perfume Set , just Alien not the set, and TokyoMilk Tainted Love, such an intoxicating combo on me. 

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

Great idea for a thread @lkm1991 !


This layering happens when you find random perfume samples stashed in random places :


1st spray-Chloe Naturelle (full size bottle)

2nd spray- Tom Ford Ombre Leather (sample spray)

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

Hm. I'll have to try this too. I like Chloe, but alway felt it neede some pop. Thank you! @Buootiful 

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

@@lkm1991 , Hmm, maybe layering is what Mugler Goddess needs for me. I find it so disjointed, like there's a gap of nothingness in it. Maybe that was intentional.But layering with orange citrus might fis that. I'll have to try it

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

I'm really just getting into fragrance, so I don't know a thing about layering! I need to take a Perfume 101 course, I swear 😆


I have a Dedcool sample, Milk, that's advertised as a layering fragrance. I'm going to start playing around with that as my starting point. 

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

Ooo, I'm excited for your journey @tastelikewater. It's addictive, but so much fun lol

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

My favorite layer combo at the moment is:


- Brazilian bum bum cream

- fresh cream warm cashmere Philosophy 

- Tom Ford black orchid


i know it may sound like a strange combo but I have gotten so many compliments all throughout the days what I wear this combo its insane!!! Thanks for the question 😊🫶

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

Hm. I'm curious to try that now. I didn't particularly care for Black Orchid, but I bet the creaminess of the bum bum really balances the sharpness. Thanks! @Lrearden1 

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

@lkm1991  Usually I “layer” by wearing one fragrance on one arm/wrist and another fragrance on the other. This lets both fragrances play off each other without losing their own scent notes. 

My favorite pair for this method is probably Le Labo Patchouli 24 and Kilian Black Phantom. Patchouli 24 smells nothing like its namesake. I always say it makes me smell like a bbq pit master in the best way possible. It gives a deep meaty smoky backbone to Black Phantom’s sweet yet sharp dark rum coffee, caramel, and sandalwood. Patchouli 24 helps Black Phantom approach Kilian's “Memento Mori” theme. On me, those 2 fragrances work perfectly together. 
Compare that to 2 fragrances that are quite different, by a house whose fragrances tend to be (in my opinion) too complex and/or experimental to layer with anything else: Zoologist Cow on one arm and Zoologist Sacred Scarab on the other arm. I wore them together one day just to test them, because I was too impatient to try each one solo. I described this pairing inThe Perfume Challenge thread: “In the first 60 minutes of wearing both fragrances, I laughed each time I sniffed each arm. Something about the contrasting fragrances was hilarious… Sacred Scarab’s all dark mystery wrapped in black silk pajamas and cloaked in velvet, kneeling on a plum-slathered cedar plank in a patch of moss beside a lotus pond. And then there’s Cow in a different universe: warm contentment in a cotton sundress, lying face up beside a bucket of creamy milk in a grassy field near sage and an apple tree (a combo that smelled a lot like star anise in frothed milk for the first 10 minutes of wear), watching animal clouds drift in the sunny sky. These 2 fragrances shouldve butt heads and fought for attention. Yet they didnt. I mean, they didnt work together and Ill never pair them again (unless I wanna laugh about it again), but somehow they coexisted with no yucky clash. 
I’ll have to think of a few more of my favorite pairings later. 

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

Wow, thank you! I've honestly never heard of some of the scents you named. I'm intrigued by your suggestions 🤔

Re: Let's get layering!!! (Perfume layering)

@lkm1991  Great idea!! Is definitely need to start layering my perfume now!!

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