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Help! I need a perfume for my wedding in December!

Hey there! I'm getting married December 16 and I haven't found a perfume yet that embodies what I'm trying to capture. I want something that is warm and inviting, has a "come hither" seductiveness, without being straight up sexy, and is somewhat floral (but not powdery). 


I've considered Commodity Gold, but it's missing something. I've heard that mixing Magnolia with it is beautiful, but I haven't tried that yet. I've also heard that Mon Guerlain is a beautiful wedding day fragrance, but I haven't sampled it, so I'm not sure. 


Any recommendations would be highly appreciated!! I'd like for whatever perfume I wear on my wedding day to also be a perfume that I wear for special occasions. 

Re: Help! I need a perfume for my wedding in December!

I want you to try NEST Midnight Fleur, which is reasonably priced, or for higher-end, try Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge, Vert Boheme or Vert dโ€™envens (these might be too green), or Kilian Love Dont be Shy.  Good luck, let us know what you decide!

atelier santal carmin.... I think its a very sophisticate...

atelier santal carmin.... I think its a very sophisticated, sexy smell

RE: Help! I need a perfume for my wedding in December!

Have you tried Mon Paris by Yves St Laurent? I love that scent and I plan on wearing it for my big day. Maybe go to Sephora and try out some testers to see what you like?

Re: Help! I need a perfume for my wedding in December!

Hi @lindserzz!


I definitely agree with @veens that perfume is very personal, so it's hard to provide recommendations for a perfume that you would find warm and sexy. 


But given some of the fragrances you mentioned, perhaps Aerin Lauder's Evening Rose? It's what I call a "boozy rose" so it has that warmth from the gourmand notes (cognac and amber) blended with rose for a floral that isn't powdery.


I'd also like into Mugler's line (possibly Angel?) although people tend to either love or hate his scents ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Definitely look into Guerlain, since Guerlain tends to include vanilla or other gourmand notes. L'Art et la Matiere or L'Elixir Charnels lines might be good options for you, although harder to find. I'd even try Shalimar, although in many ways it is more of an old-fashioned fragrance. You might like the Shalimar Souffle flanker. Might be too much of an Oriental fragrance for what you are looking for though.


Hmm, maybe Tom Ford? Cafe Rose, perhaps?

Re: Help! I need a perfume for my wedding in December!

Perfume is so personal. It is very hard to recommend. I personally don't like too strong and big brand perfumes. Roses or any other flowery scents will go well or a wedding I think. Jo Malone has really nice combinations. Chloe Roses may also be good.

Re: Help! I need a perfume for my wedding in December!

I definitely agree that perfume is a personal thing! If it helps, some of the perfumes I wear regularly are Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, Versace Bright Crystal Absolu, TokyoMilk Tainted Love, and Commodity Gold. I'm not a fan of Chanel No.5 or powdery florals. Also, I'm not afraid of spending a little extra money, since it will be a special occasion perfume. I'll have to check out Jo Malone! 

RE: Help! I need a perfume for my wedding in December!

Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan is awesome-it is my every day perfume and I get tons of compliments. It is soft & romantic and would be perfect for your wedding. Smell it in person; donโ€™t go by the description. The description sounds like a perfume I would never buy, but if you try it in person you will love it!
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