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Fragrance deal alerts

I thought it might be helpful to have a thread for deals and related tips specific to fragrance ❤️ I've bought from all the vendors below and have had good experiences with them.



  • Always check the GWP link. It's tucked away at the bottom of the page, but there are always great freebies.
  • Check out their sample packs which are cheaper than buying separately

Twisted Lily

  • Check out their sample packs which are cheaper than buying separately


  • Nothing atm


  • Gilt holds fragrance sales sporadically but Creed does pop up every now and then. They also sometimes sell room fragrances (candles, diffusers, etc.)



  • Hautelook holds regular designer fragrance sales


  • Sept: I saw two bottles of Creed's Aventus for Her at the Winners on Bloor (Yorkville) in Toronto for $300/75ml which currently retails for $527 at Holts.

Note to mods: I'm not sure if this violates forum rules so please excuse me if it does in any way...!


Re: Fragrance deal alerts

Creed on sale at Gilt


Re: Fragrance deal alerts

Apologies for getting the codes here late but they still work! If there's no code the discount or gwp is automatically applied


  • Niche Essence 30% off everything except sale, BFRIDAY2018, all weekend
  • Twisted Lily 20% off, THANKYOU2018, all weekend


  • Holt Renfew 15% off fragrance, 10% off candles, beauty, all weekend
  • Shoppers Drugmart, some designers and celebrity scents are discounted


  • Byredo, free 70g candle with $75 purchase, online and NYC Wooster St location only, ends Monday
  • Diptyque, LE Baies candle for $75 in different packaging, online only, ends Monday or until supplies run out
  • DS&Durga, free US shipping
  • Jo Malone, GWP mini 4 piece set with $175 purchase, BLACK
  • L'Artisan Parfumeur, choice of 3 GWP of 5ml fragrances or 70g candles with $170 purchase, ends Monday or until supplies run out
  • Penhaligons type in their website then add /us/cyber-weekend-deals to see online only discounts

Please add any discounts you come across as I'm sure I've missed a bunch!

Fragrance deal alerts

I just wanted to say that, Costco also sells Designer Fragrances. And at a very good deal. They are currently selling La vie est Belle 2.5 oz bottle for $85! when at sephora or macys its $120 for a 2.5oz bottle!

Re: Fragrance deal alerts

@NaruSasu4Life, I completely forgot about Costco! They had a lot of fragrances last week in the downtown Toronto location. I'm trying to recall what was there... They had some CK, Polo, Burberry, Armani for sure. Maybe Marc Jacobs Daisy, Lancome too.

Re: Fragrance deal alerts


Re: Fragrance deal alerts

Gilt has a flash sale on today with a great selection. There are some nice designers and brands like Byredo, Clive Christian, Kilian, L'Artisan P, Juliette Has a Gun, Guerlain, Escentric Molecules, Bois 1920, Nasomatto, Atelier Cologne, Diptyque, Penhaligons and more



Re: Fragrance deal alerts

Twisted Lily has 20% off until Nov 11


@lyravega, have not stocked the MdO sandalwood scent yet, it seems - all full bottles oos too 😞

Re: Fragrance deal alerts

@pocketvenus Well, that sucks. Plain and simple. I really wonder what is going on over there. They don't even answer any MdO questions anymore... 

Re: Fragrance deal alerts

Still some deals over at Gilt today! Brands like Bond no. 9, Byredo, Diptyque, Penhaligon's, Amouage, Tom Ford, designers and more. They split men's and women's fragrance into two different page.s



Re: Fragrance deal alerts

The Jo Malone claw game is back! Ends 9/21.


Jo Malone London

Just BecauseCome and play. For a chance to win a gift with your order Our Just Because game has arrived! You could win a full-size scented surprise with your $75 order today. PLAY NOW


I've been playing around with it and here's what I've won so far:

English Pear & Freesia Bath Oil 30ml

English Oak & Redcurrant Body & Hand Wash 250ml

Orange Blossom Body & Hand Wash 100ml

Orange Blossom Body Crème 50ml

Acqua Di Limone Linen Spray 175ml

Black Cedarwood & Juniper Body & Hand Wash 250ml

Orange Bitters Cologne 30ml

Blackberry & Bay Shower Oil 250ml

English Oak & Redcurrant Body Crème 175ml

Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream 50ml

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Creme 50ml

Re: Fragrance deal alerts

Just a note based on my experience from the last “Just Because” free GWP event ~~ I had high hopes for the Acqua Di Limone linen spray & actually placed two separate orders to redeem for two free sprays. I know citrusy scents are typically “uplifting,” but for me it’s more of a nostalgic thing. I had intended to spray linens (sheets and pillows) prior to bedtime for relaxation as I fall asleep - however, I found that the scent literally dissipates in like 5-10 minutes. It was pretty disappointing. I also thought of using with towels when I have guests staying over, but I was just so underwhelmed that I don’t even want to use the product anymore. Of course I couldn’t return or exchange them as they were GWPs. I talked with a Jo Malone rep at Nordstrom on a recent trip, and she said she thinks they will soon be discontinuing the product in this scent. She remarked that it’s pretty underhanded to give away a product that has poor staying power & act like you’re getting some great deal. 😞 Obviously I agree with that sentiment. I personally would not recommend redeeming for this particular free product unless you’ve already tried it and like it. If anyone out there wants to take a chance, I’d be open to a trade of something else for my two AdL linen sprays...  


This time around I did win a 100mL English Oak & Redcurrant cologne (!!!) which I wouldn’t have paid full price for as a blind buy since I have never smelled it, but will gladly try as a GWP! I was so excited to see the large size cologne as a gift! Fingers crossed & hoping that this will be a better experience than the linen spray.



Re: Fragrance deal alerts

Great gift!   I hope you like it better than the linen spray! @ajcanik

@ajcanik, so sorry about the linen sprays. I also was so...

@ajcanik, so sorry about the linen sprays. I also was so surprised with the 100ml gifts this go around. I knew my husband liked the English Oak and Redcurrant since I gave him the 175 ml body creme in it, as my last gift from the last game. So when the 100 ml of it came up in the cologne, I was like, there is a Christmas present. So ended up getting the 154 cologne in the 100ml for myself that I already have in the small bottle. The English Oak and Redcurrant is sorta a masculine smell to me, so if it doesn't work out, I'm sure it will make a great Christmas present. You will have to come back and post your thoughts on it when you receive it 😊

Re: @ajcanik, so sorry about the linen sprays. I also was so...

@Luvstravel, the body creme is also one of the full sized gifts! I won the 175mL but wasn’t sure I wanted to make a purchase to redeem that in addition to the cologne.  Of course, the 100mL cologne was a higher price point / better “value” overall as a free gift anyway. ~~ Honestly, a free 100mL cologne is such an amazing deal that I probably would have made a purchase to redeem a 100mL of nearly any scent! 



Re: Fragrance deal alerts

@ajcanik, that's a great gwp, hope it works out for you ❤️

Re: Fragrance deal alerts

Its important to note that they do replenishments of the stock a couple of times a day. Here are my orders from 5 min ago! Unfortunately, the 100 ml fragrances seems to be gone in 15 minutes on average after the replenishment is complete. I have been watching the replenishments closely during the past 2 days and counted at least 4 times that they have restocked those fragrances. I bought 4 of 100 ml fragrances: 2 tropical, 1 nashi, 1 plum blossom. This is great to do the Christmas shopping , as my family adores Jo Malone! I, am, however, not a huge fan and only buy hand soaps there. I really want to try their black bottle fragrances that seems to be more concentrated. 

@Alexmarya, I'm really jealous also! Those gifts with pur...

@Alexmarya, I'm really jealous also! Those gifts with purchase are homeruns! Also jealous of the people who received the Velvet Rose! I can't complain with my English Oak and Redcurrant 100ml since last game all the 100 ml colognes went early!

Re: Fragrance deal alerts


Re: Fragrance deal alerts

OMG!  I am so, so SERIOUSLY jealous that you got the Tropical Cherimoya and Nashi Blossom for GWP!!!!!! Those are two scents that I love very much. Fruity scents are definitely “my thing.” I won the 100mL English Oak & Redcurrant, which I’ve heard is more “green” than fruity, but I’m looking forward to trying it anyway. I couldnt believe there were large bottles offered as free gifts!  Congrats on your awesome GWPs!!!!  😄

Re: Fragrance deal alerts

@lmi82Thanks for posting this!

Re: Fragrance deal alerts

Twisted Lily is back at it again ❤️


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