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Clean Skin fragrance

Has anyone tried the Clean perfumes? Particularly the Clean Skin perfume? What is the difference between the Reserve version and the original? And does anyone else have experiences with this perfume not lasting at all on your skin.


Re: Clean Skin fragrance

@Jademer89 I prefer the Clean Reserve line.  I didn't care for any of the Clean scents on me, perhaps they are too literal for my taste.  Even though they are the more affordable tier, I feel like the projection is almost too strong.  Migraine inducing.  Rain smells like synthetic rain, like how artificial orange flavor doesn't taste like a real, ripe orange.  The laundry/cotton scent smells like a full bottle of Tide was thrown in the washer.  Conceptually, the idea is nice and if you like literal scents with a dominant note, you may like these. 


The Clean Reserve line is done well and sits much better on the skin.  My favorites are Acqua Neroli and Skin.  Projection is moderate to weak, but longevity is about 5-6 hours. 

RE: Clean Skin fragrance

I’m more a fan of the reserve blends. I’ve tried a sampler from them and they give a less chemical smell and a more “natural” scent. My fave is suede oud.

Re: Clean Skin fragrance

@Jademer89the Reserve line is a higher concentration of fragrance, eau de parfums, while the regular line is a lower concentration, eau de toilettes. So the Reserve line should last longer. It looks like "Skin" isn't the same fragrance with different concentrations though. Skin Reserve is "floral musk" while the regular line is "fresh musk." It's a bit confusing.

Re: Clean Skin fragrance

That makes a lot of sense! I tried the fragrance on in the store and absolutely loved it and decided to order it online. I didn't realize there were 2 different versions and the one I tried in the store must of been the Reserve. I ended up ordering the toilette and when I sprayed it on I couldn't smell anything. Absolutely nothing. It was so disappointing! Thanks so much!

Re: Clean Skin fragrance

@Jademer89oh no! THey might not even be the same fragrance given their different descriptions. Different concentrations can use different formulae but they should resemble each other closely when you smell them.

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