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Burberry Brit Target Age?

One of the perfumes that I wear is Burberry Brit, and a friend of mine smelled it on me and asked me what it was and when I told her she asked if that was for "my age" .... We proceeded to discuss what age she thought it might be aimed at because she doesn't want to smell too "young" or too "old" which I can understand...


Well, I was wondering what age group do you think Burberry Brit is targeted towards? Some people say it smells "old lady-ish" others say young and modern.... So for those of you who have smelled it, what would you guess?

Just out of curiosity 🙂 Thanks

I think what you're referring to by "old lady"...

I think what you're referring to by "old lady" scents are the soapy, aldehydic florals (i.e., Chanel No. 5, Lanvin Apège, etc. -- which are not known to smell "young") or heavy orientals (like YSL Opium). Meanwhile, scents that are perceived as "young" are frequently lighter, fresh, and usually contain citrus or candy notes, etc.). However, I agree with anaa in that it depends on your body chemistry -- just because I don't prefer Chanel No. 5 or floral aldehydes on myself doesn't mean that they can't work on someone young.


If it's of any reassurance, my (amazingly chic and put together) younger sister sister wore Burberry Brit for several years (I don't think she does anymore). Since she's 25 now -- and this was at least a few years ago -- she would have been in her earlier 20s...and I doubt anyone ever thought it smelled too old on her.



I haven't experienced the scent you're asking about, but...

I haven't experienced the scent you're asking about, but I strongly disagree with the notion that some fragrances are for young people, and some are for "old ladies".  It's all about your chemistry and how the particular scent reacts to it.  I wear different things from Obsession to Dune to Tom Ford's Black Orchid to Aquolina's Pink Sugar.  If you wear a scent and get many positive comments, you know you hit on a winner for you and the reaction probably will not change as you get a little older.

Hi Lolitafan,   I agree with Diana's suggestion. I always...

Hi Lolitafan,


I agree with Diana's suggestion. I always think of it as a classic and sophisticated fragrance. I think if you are looking for a bit of a younger fragrance, I really like the Burberry Brit Sheer, its a lot lighter and softer.  When I think of a bit of stronger fragrance I think of the Burberry Eau De Perfume, it tends to be a lot stronger.  My favorite light fragrance is the Burberry Summer. Even though it's a "summer" fragrance it still tends to work all year round. It's a beautiful citrus fragrancesmileyindifferent:


Summer For Women

❤️ Melissa

Hi lolitafan,    I tend to think of Burberry Brit as &quo...

Hi lolitafan, 


I tend to think of Burberry Brit as "young and sophisticated", I really love this scent! It is not too overpowering and yet has a wonderful base note combination of amber,mahogany and vanilla tonka beans.


Brit Eau de Toilette


My favorite though, if you want something a bit lighter, fresher and more "young" is the Burberry Brit Sheer. These notes include yuzu, pineapple,litchi, peach, grape,white musk and woods. So it is a bit more citrus-y sweet but still a great day or nighttime fragrance. 🙂


Brit Sheer


What matters most is if YOU like the scent and how it stays on with your own body chemistry. Try layering your fragrances with their corresponding lotions and body creams. This ensures that your scents stay on longer and are more vibrant on the skin. 


Brit Sheer Gift Set ($142 Value)


I hope  this can help you! 🙂

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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