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Body by Burberry - Am I to young for this fragrance?

I'm 18 and I really like the new Body by Burberry fragrance, however, I was wondering if I may be "too young" for this fragrance? Is it too "mature" of a smell for my age?

And/or what age group would you say this fragrance is targeted at/aimed towards?


Thank You

(Please only answer if you've smelled the fragrance. Thanks!) Smiley Happy

Go ahead and get it!  I think of "older" scents...

Go ahead and get it!  I think of "older" scents as being the patchouli type and heavy oriental fragrances. Body by Burberry isn't in that category, in my opinion. I also agree with ran8, fragrance is so personal, if you like it, you will wear it with confidence, which is the way it should be!

If you like and can afford it, buy it.  There really are...

If you like and can afford it, buy it.  There really are no age boundaries when it comes to fragrance.  Why people say old lady smell is some scents remind of of places with a lot of old people (such as peppermint oils, or very powdery smells, in my case). 


From a marketing standpoint, are you attracted to the ad?  Do you like the design of it?  If yes, then you are most likely in their designated target market.  By the print ads and the model only being in a coat, it probably is directed towards 18 -30s.  The name of it, the sexy model focuses on the younger range and adulthood.  The bottle design and notes with green absinthe conjures sophistication and targets the 30s group with a little more discretionary income. 


Go ahead and buy it.

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