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BIC Fragrance Finder

Are you looking for a new fragrance to try and fall in love with? This thread is for people looking for a signature scent or a new addition to their scent wardrobe.


It would help if you have an idea of what you're looking for. If you're not sure how to narrow things down, try asking yourself about


  • Notes? Amber, bergamot, jasmine, leather, just name what you like 🙂
  • Type? Looking for something floral, sweet, fresh, spicy, fruity, woody, smoky, aquatic?
  • Vibe? Something sultry, girly, bracing, polished, simple, extravagant, playful?
  • Place? A scent for the office, first date, weekend day wear, something else?
  • Price? Let us know if you have a budget 🙂


Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@Quandolyn When I think sexy, mature, classy, I tend to think of more vintage style perfumes like chypres though these are not to everyone's taste. Because they're not commercial crowd pleasers, the best, most creative or outgoing ones tend to be dreadfully expensive. I'm thinking Bogue's Maai and many of the Amouages. There are newish ones that are more affordable though, like the original Agent Provocateur.


Sexy and mature also implies to me the use of "dirty" musks which again, are not for everyone! I'm thinking Malle's Musc Ravageur or Kiehl's Musk. Some leathers hit this category like Hermes' Gallop, which is a gorgeous rose-leather, and the classic Cuir Russie by Chanel. "Orientals" can be musky as well, vintage Opium being a prime example, GUERLAIN Shalimar Eau de Parfum 1.6oz/50 mL Eau de Parfum Spray to a lesser degree There are of course musky chypres including a personal favourite, vintage Femme by Rochas and Papillon's Salome, both of which I own.


Some ouds can be a little animalic and funky. I love Kilian's Musk Oud which is very easy to wear while others like Dusita's Oudh Infini can be very challenging.


If you want something cleaner, I'd recommend looking into perfumes by Kilian and Serge Lutens. Good luck finding the right perfume for you 🙂

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Thank you so much! I'm definitely going to take a look at those recommendations. 💋🤍

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

I recently tried a sample of Miss Dior from Sephora and it is amazing!!! It has a sexy floral vanilla type scent but its not overbearing and yet its not so faint you can barely smell it. I honestly thought I wouldnt like it when the sales girl was telling me about it but once I sprayed it on my wrist I instantly fell in love. Another scent you might like is good girl (i got it in a sample bag from Sephora) its also a more sophisticated elegant scent that is more of a sexy scent than a fun everyday scent if that makes sense. Both of these scents can be found at numerous retailers but Sephora will you give you free sample vials (up to 3 perfume samples, the spray vials hold enough perfume for 3-4 separate uses).

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder


Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Love love flower bomb!! You definitely should go for it😀

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Yes and YES! I thought I would "like" V&R Flowerbomd but I don't.... I LOVE it. Definitely in the running to becoming a new favorite and my husband LOVES it on me😌


As far as Eden goes... I am OBSESSED! I initially only purchased the mini and the same day I turned around and purchased the full size bottle. It's just that good!💋🍎😌




Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

I have the Kayali Eden and it's devine. I definitely recommend it.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Black Opium is my favorite scent 


Re: BIC Fragrance Finder


Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@Margalee I do think L'Heure Vert is one of the most "masculine" in the house. It's not too off centre, not nearly as strong as something like Diptyque's Eau de Minthe which is also unisex.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@pocketvenus Unfortunately I haven't gotten to test it yet. Maybe soon!

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Black Orchid by Tom Ford


Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

I have a favorite candle that I'd love to replicate in a fragrance, but I don't know if it will translate well. It's like a flower shop, but it isn't just floral. I also get wet leaves and freshly cut stems, green but not grassy. Any suggestions, oh wise ones?

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Have you tried Mason Margiela Replica scents yet?  Both “Springtime in the Park” and “Flower Shop” have floral with greenery notes.  Also check out Clean Classic Rain, which smells like flowers after a rain shower.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

You could try Guerlain seems like what you are searching for. Back in the 80's Rive Gauch by Yves St Lauren was my interpretation of your description.  Today I would choose Mon Guerlain. It is in the warm and spicy family and has notes of Jasmin, Vanilla and Lavender. It is an unmistakably feminine scent that is sexy and powerful. 

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder



This candle sounds lovely!


Sa Majeste La Rose by Serge Lutens is definitely a fresh cut green rose, but it's definitely rose, not a floral. For that green-ness, you might also like fig scents like HERMÈS Un Jardin en Méditerrannée Eau de Toilette, Philosykos by Diptyque or Premiere Figuier by L'Artisan Parfumeur. For a darker green floral, try Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori Eau de Toilette For Her. For that fresh cut greenish vibe, try looking for notes like galbanum and violet leaf. 

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Hi everyone! 

I am looking to get a new perfume for my wedding day & more wedding stuff to come. 

I usually wear Urban Decay’s the matcha on a day to day basis. Other scents that I love are mahogany teakwood by bath and body works and I used to wear Tory Burch Eau De Parfume. 

I went into the store and purchased the Nest sample pack, but I’m noticing I don’t really care for the way they smell on me throughout the day; I’m realizing I don’t like too floral of a scent. I have the oil sample pack coming in the mail, to try those out this week. 


I don’t really have a budget, but I would rather narrow down a few scents to try before I shell out a bunch of money on samples now that Sephora doesn’t do the free fragrance samples. 

thank you to everyone in advance for any input! 💛

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@korilynnpenny Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! I’d you’re looking for a green tea scent, see if these might work (go to a site like Fragrantica or Basenotes for more info about fragrance notes and reviews):

1. Elizabeth Arden has an entire Green Tea eau de toilette line, but the original is very green tea and only slightly sweet to my nose. I’ve worn several of the flankers, and because these are eau de toilettes they are very light and airy, so if you want more projection you’ll need to reapply often.

2. Bvlgari Eau Parfumee Au The Vert, another light but very pretty scent. 

3. Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret. it might sound like it could be more floral than what you were looking for, but since you mentioned liking Tory Burch it might be right up your alley. 


Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@korilynnpenny I'm not familiar with Matcha and the Burch is technically a floral scent, which leaves us with woody scents. These are typically cleaner and less "romantic". I'll try to give a vibe for each one.


  • Comme des Garcons, Hinoki or Sugi. Blonde woods. Urban, minimalist, clean.
  • Comme des Garcons, Wonderwood. Warm, spicy woods but still modern.
  • Diptyque, Tam Dao. Aromatic and powdery sandalwood. Probably the most romantic on this list.
  • Chanel, Bois des Iles. Classic, chic, traditional French sandalwood. "Perfumey" smelling because of the aldehydes.
  • TOM FORD Oud Wood . Easy, beginner's oud. Clean but with depth. Very daring for a wedding scent.
  • HERMÈS Un Jardin en Méditerrannée Eau de Toilette 3.3 oz/ 98 mL Eau de Toilette Spray . Minimalist and impressionistic. Sophisticated but easy to pull off. Green fig scent.
  • Aesop Hwyl. Dark forest vibes.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

I’m looking for a signature scent. Something that’s warm but soft but last a long time. I’ve been looking into the Jo Malone perfume Sea Salt and sage but I don’t know if this is the right choice. I have a really sensitive nose so anything to over powering is a headache in waiting. I usually like vanilla and lavender with wood candles or pumpkin bourbon candle from target. I’ve been researching this Perfume called SW19 am and pm perfume because it’s supposed to mimic a early morning summer rain. I love the smell of rain.


basically I want a perfume that smells like rain but also soft vanilla and lavender with a hint of tree smell. 
I want that to be my signature scent. I work at a retail store and none of those perfumes we sell hit the mark so I came here for help.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

You like vanilla + lavendar and want soft and warm..  try Mon guerlain. That perfume sounds exactly what u r looking for.