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BIC Fragrance Finder

Are you looking for a new fragrance to try and fall in love with? This thread is for people looking for a signature scent or a new addition to their scent wardrobe.


It would help if you have an idea of what you're looking for. If you're not sure how to narrow things down, try asking yourself about


  • Notes? Amber, bergamot, jasmine, leather, just name what you like Smiley Happy
  • Type? Looking for something floral, sweet, fresh, spicy, fruity, woody, smoky, aquatic?
  • Vibe? Something sultry, girly, bracing, polished, simple, extravagant, playful?
  • Place? A scent for the office, first date, weekend day wear, something else?
  • Price? Let us know if you have a budget Smiley Happy


Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@SpaceLlamayou're very welcome! I hope you find something you really love <3

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

I just recently got the Nest Rose Noir and Oud candle that came free with a fragrance purchase and I am in LOVE with the scent. If anyone knows anything similar to it in perfume form I would greatly appreciate it. 

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder


Dramatic and dark rose-oud fragrances are very popular Smiley Happy You might like

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Hi @Jragon !


I haven't smelled that exact candle, but if I had to guess based on the fragrance notes I'd suggest trying JO MALONE LONDON - Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense, which is a lovely warm floral with rich rose and oud. For other warm roses, I'd try TOM FORD - Café Rose, THE 7 VIRTUES - Rose Amber Eau de Parfum, and AERIN - Evening Rose.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Love this idea for a thread @pocketvenus. Especially since my Velvet is gone and I’m more interested in seasonal scents. Thank you for starting this.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@pocketvenus - This is definitely a thread BIC needs!  Looking forward to people's questions and your answers!  Smiley Happy

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Great idea for a new thread, @pocketvenus!  I'll start off--I'm looking for a fragrance with watermelon.  I really enjoyed the Escada Sorbetto Rosso from last year but I'd love to find another perfume with similar notes.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

not really a perfume (although it should be), but hempz coconut + watermelon lotion smells really good! Smiley Happy

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@CookieGirl1  You did not mention any of the other bits of information, so here are some fragrances that resemble Sorbetto Russo:


3 L'Impératrice by Dolce & Gabbana

Gold Diva by Roberto Verino


Others that contain a watermelon note:

Ménage à Trois by Zarkoperfume

Island Fantasy by Britney Spears (may be discontinued)

Tropical Flowers by s. Oliver

Ferré Rose by Gianfranco Ferré

Laura by Laura Biagiotti (may be discontinued)

Watermelon Lollipop by Demeter Fragrance

So... ? Inspired by So... ?

Success by Milton Lloyd

Ninel No. 12 by Ninel Perfume (may be discontinued)

Pink Sunset by Victoria's Secret

Northern Beauty by Oriflame

Kashkha 2 by Arabian Oud





Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Awesome list @Vmaster !! @CookieGirl1 the only one I can think of to add is Demeter's Watermelon Lollipop Smiley Happy

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@pocketvenus I've definitely heard of that one but never actually smelled it. Have you?

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@CookieGirl1I honestly can't recall as I've smelled so many. I do find this house to be very consistent and spot on with fruity, candy flavours. Not so much with the weirder ones like Sushi and Cannabis.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@pocketvenus I don't think I have any great desire to smell like sushi, anyway, LOL. I've only smelled a couple of fragrances from Demeter  - - ones that I've found at TJ Maxx or Marshalls - and they were cute but a little cheap smelling.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@CookieGirl1Thankfully sushi didn't actually smell like sushi! I agree, they're like fun, novelty scents.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@Vmaster uh, wow.  I'm genuinely impressed by the list that you came up with!  I've only smelled/heard of about half of those!

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@CookieGirl1  I have the internet at my disposal. Smiley Happy


PS I added a few more.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@Vmaster and I was prepared to give you all the credit for being a fragrance guru, lol.  The problem is availability; it's easy to look up notes on perfumes but another thing entirely to have access to smell them. 

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@CookieGirl1Actually, I have smelled quite a few (but not all) of those.

I agree with the availability part, but as quickly as some fragrances disappear, it is hard to keep up.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Wow, I'm a little bit envious, @Vmaster

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@CookieGirl1  I am not a guru, but I have a great love of fragrances ever since I was a kid (I'm 52 now). A lot has changed since then, and not in a good way.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@CookieGirl1  I love that one too! I love all the Escada scents Smiley Happy I would like to find something similar too.

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