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Post in Floral Scents

Looking for a new floral scent

Hi Everyone!!!!



I'm looking for a new perfume that sort of smells like flowers. I tried the Tocca Violette and loved it, but the scent lasted about a half hour before disappearing. Is there anything similar? I don't like super heavy scents b/c they can give me migraines.


Perfumes I've tried and liked (but not necessarily floral):


  • Juicy Couture (This is a bit strong, but okay when I am out in fresh air)
  • Princess by Vera Wang
  • Very Irresistible by Givenchy
  • Ange ou Demon Le Secret by Givenchy
  • J'adore by Dior
  • Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana 
  • Amazing Grace by Philosophy (This was a bit weird, I would like it sometimes, and other times it would smell powdery)


Any suggestions? 


-On a side note, how long do you have before perfume "expires"?

Re: Looking for a new floral scent

Yesss! you have good taste Smiley Wink

Re: Looking for a new floral scent

Valentina or Valentina Absolut - you will love it! I use every fragrance you listed except Ange ou Demon so I think chances are good you will love it Smiley Happy

Re: Looking for a new floral scent

Thanks =) 

Do you know where they sell it? 

Re: Looking for a new floral scent

pink.jpgla vie.jpgThese are two of my favorite florals- and florals aren't exactly my thing so that's saying something. The Kenzo Pink smells like real roses, not the artificial rose smell and the TMD is a very pleasent floral mix! Staying power is good for both!

Re: Looking for a new floral scent

I also love la vie la mort, but sometimes it gives me headaches. it might be a bit strong for what the OP is looking for

Re: Looking for a new floral scent

You might really like Brit Sheer.

Re: Looking for a new floral scent

Soap & Glory! It smells incredibly feminine, as if they captured the essence of the color pink.

Re: Looking for a new floral scent

there are so many great floral perfumes. did you have any particular flower in mind? or any other notes? like a floral oriental, gourmand type of floral, citrus floral, etc? 


as for perfumes expiring, there are plenty of vintage perfumes that are decades old that are still wonderful. when they start to turn, it seems that the top notes are usually the first to go. the key is to keep them in a cool area, away from light.

Re: Looking for a new floral scent

I don't really have a particular one in mind, just something similar to Tocca Violette.



Okay, thanks! I will keep that in mind. Maybe that's what happened to the Amazing Grace perfume...



Re: Looking for a new floral scent

if you are looking for a violet perfume, here are some suggestions:


guerlain insolence - guerlain tends to have great staying power, this one is a bit sweet

creed love in black for a less sweet violet

balenciaga paris for a more earthy violet

guerlain apre l'ondee or guet apens for a more vintage-y (some would say 'old lady') violet

marchesa parfum d'extase is a soapy dry mix of florals including violet that is almost strictly flowers and sephora actually carries this one



Re: Looking for a new floral scent

Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y. is absolutely amazing!  It's floral and light without being summery or powdery.  It's my absolute favorite fragrance and has been for about a year now.  It doesn't disappear quickly like other lighter perfumes either - it's not overwhelming or heavy (like the Juicy one - I agree it's wonderful but so strong) but you can still smell it two hours later.

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