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Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thank you to @RAWRitsRED for suggesting that there should be a thread for this. I have changed the title so that we can post any virtual masterclasses on here so people can register. 





Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thank you so much for posting this, @SportyGirly125. It was so much fun, and I learned a few tips I thought I would share:


1) For full coverage, press, don’t rub your foundation. I can see why a Beauty Blender would be ideal here. I don’t use them anymore because they are such a pain to clean. But she didn’t mention a BB, just using your fingers.


2) To detract from dark under eyes, when applying blush use a monochrome palette. Use a brighter shade up near the temple/eye area. This helps draw others eyes away from dark circles. 

3) For an evenly lined lip, tilt your head downward and check in a mirror to see if the tops align. 

I can’t wait for the next class!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe I like the fact that I saw some familar names online and got to say hi to you guys.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Yea, that was very cool @SportyGirly125

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread





Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread









Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

How do I sign up for this?

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@Serenely @go to Glow Recipe’s website to sign up 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread



Sign up on 10/8 using the link aboveSign up on 10/8 using the link above


Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

I got this for filled out the survey at the end. Samples for ants yet super cute. Love love the Sephora bag


Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Sorry @SportyGirly125 @didn’t realize it was so blurry. Lip color is Viva La Vergara. The other 2 are Magic Cream and Magic Serum



Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@blackkitty2014 @SportyGirly125 I received these samples for filling out the survey too, but got the shade Pillow Talk instead which is cool since I’ve been meaning to pick that one up!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@Guessgal Good to know.  I asked customer service for the survey to fill out.  I don't know how many people attended that day so I don't know if I will get anything or not.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@blackkitty2014 Oh how cool thanks. I filled out a survey from a link customer service sent me but don’t know if I’ll get anything. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@SportyGirly125 I got a gift last week for attending the Master Class.  Three sample products came in a  Sephora make-up bag that included a CT Serum, magic cream, and a Viva La Vergara lipstick.  

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@tjffc so cool.  Thank you for letting me know.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@blackkitty2014 @What are the 3 items you got?

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread



Sign up using the link aboveSign up using the link above


Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread



Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread


This looks like a good one. How do you sign up? I tried copying and pasting the site address but there’s no link for rsvp’ing.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@missy94612 @Since no outside links can be used. Change the url to include the http:// in the front and change the dot to an actual dot 


Also there’s no sign up. It will go live on that link at that date and time. It will be EST time zone. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread



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