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Sephoria NYC 2023

Now that the word is officially out….who will be attending Sephoria NYC 2023 on September 29-30, 2023?


I won’t be able to attend in person this year (I plan to attend virtually) but I know other members who are already planning and going.  If I had to choose a session it would be session 3 with Patrick Ta and Natasha Denona. 

Please share your excitement and even photos and experience here if you do go. 














Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@Mellmars1185 I’m sure @danielledanielle would know 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Yeah, there's a trader Joe's and a Target nearby.  The Target isn't a full target, but it'll do @Mellmars1185 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@danielledanielle Ohhh so exciting!!!

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

There is one about two blocks away! 400 grand street 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@michellecat Thank you! This is exciting news. I have never been.


Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@Mellmars1185 Oh my gosh…. It’s an experience. I recognize I’m at the age where I get excited for new grocery stores but I swear I aim for a Trader Joes whenever I can in the States. Save some suitcase room!!

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

For anyone that attended the LA in person events in 2018/2019 do you remember if there was a coat check? It is is supposed to rain in NYC on Friday and I see that they aren’t letting us bring in umbrellas. 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@michellecat  I don’t recall a coat check at any Sephoria events.

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

It’s almost time!!! So excited to see folks at SEPHORiA❣️


East River.jpeg

Last night on my way from the airport. Rain had passed by the time I got in. ✈️ 


City View.jpeg

Good morning, New York! What will we find ourselves up to today?!! 😊 

Forecast shows rain for Friday & Saturday 🌧️ @TeamBIC 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Oh wow 🤩 I’m excited already eventhough I won’t be there. Please post pictures and make us all jealous 😘🥰 @itsfi 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Oh @blackkitty2014, I wish you were able to be here! I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring NYC and you BIC beauties have definitely come to mind as I’ve run across things that remind me of y’all - beauty and non-beauty loves. There’s an Atelier Chanel here and when I found out (and saw what it was all about), my first thought was that it would be an incredible experience to have with all you lovelies on the Chanel thread. 🥰

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@itsfi Keep the pictures and updates coming!! I'm here for all of it. Enjoy and can't wait to hear all the fun stories

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@AznAngelLiz, thank you so much for the encouragement. 🥰 Will be sure to share the sights &  sounds of NYC & Sephoria on this thread & others throughout the boards! 😃

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@itsfi  FI! If I didn’t have such big deal meetings this week, I could have joined you earlier 😭 thank you sharing the forecast with us. I think I’m going to back and look over my outfits again and make sure I won’t be cold after all 🙄

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@gonerogue, I completely understand. It was a bit of a last minute call for me, to come earlier. I had a scheduling conflict but it cleared up unexpectedly so I got lucky. 


Rain is definitely in the forecast for Friday (80% chance). You’ll look fabulous - you always do! Can’t wait to catch up! See you soon! 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@itsfi Have an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all the Sephora stories 😉 enjoy your break from work things and soaking up Sephoria!

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@CynthieLu, thank you so much for your well wishes! I wish you were able to join. This will be my first Sephoria so I’m super excited! 😃

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Firsts are sooo exciting @itsfi soak it all in! 💕 I know you'll have a fantastic time, by it sounds like an event too remember. Wish I could be there to meet all of you in real life but I plan on livving very vicariously through your posts, stories and photos 😘

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@itsfi Woohoo! See you soon! Great view.

Edit - thanks for the weather update. Just packed an umbrella.

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

So exciting @Mellmars1185 ❣️ I am thrilled you’ll get to go to a Target too! Woo hoo! 🙌🏼 I saw there’s a Target next to the Sephora on 34th today. I didn’t go into (the Target) but I’ll be here for a few more days so … 😂 See you soon! 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@itsfi yay! Who knows...maybe I will see you in Target?! Lol

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