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Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

Greetings, BIC! For those of you who made it to SEPHORiA this year, we had such a blast hanging out with you in person (some of you for the very first time!). It never gets old seeing the BIC take their Community friendships to the “IRL” level, so we’ve been feeling alllll the warm fuzzies ever since.


Now that you’ve hopefully had a chance to settle back into your non-SEPHORiA lives, we’d love for you to share your feedback with us. We appreciate all the input you’ve already shared on existing Community threads, and we wanted to provide a place for you to share your thoughts in one place.


Everything from tickets and communication, to the masterclasses and the Saturday night meetup – and of course, the Community Café inside the Sephora Stop-In – we want to hear it all below. Thank you for your honesty!

RE: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

I could have sworn i left a comment but i probably became distracted. Whelp here we go!:) What I loved: I absolutely adored all of the different rooms and their unique experiences from the knowledge, activities, photo opps and products.. I love how colorful and inviting the layout was as well as all of the staff. I love how Rogue was able to purchase tickets to the event n earlier and well as enter the venue an hour earlier. the pricing of the tickets is excellent and well as the swag bag value. I love how there was a VIP lounge as well as the opportunity to purchase more products while attending that were also exclusives. I love that even though I attend solo, I really felt that sense of community & belonging overall while attending. the abundance and quality of the free samples was absolutely perfect as well as free services offer. Now for gripes/suggestions for improvement*rolls up sleeves* lol 1. Educate online and phone support Sephora staff about the event and registration process.. the pre registration process prior to the event was extremely frustrating & infuriating to deal with ( especially since I was traveling from out of state) and having to speak with as well as unknowledgeable staff about the event & registration process that I kept getting redirected to whenever registration didn’t function as it was designed. 2. Create a TRUE dedicated phone and email support team for pre registration .. Per the Sephoria website, there was allegedly one in place but in practice, it was non existent 3. Improve & redesign the Sephoria application.. the current application is a nightmare.. you cannot register multiple badges on it, it isn’t stable (repeatedly kicks you out, becomes non responsive and/or closes app completely) , Information that is supposed to load in a timely manner doesn’t ( the map of the show venue and layout was suppose to load in August.. it didn’t, it loaded 2 days before the event in September) 4. Announce exclusive products to bee sold at Sephora 5-7 days before the event so attendees can budget accordingly 5. 2-3 days before the even, email price lists for everything available for purchase at Sephoria 6. The Masterclasses are NOT true master classes; they’re demos fused with Q & A’s (you can keep those as is but label them differently) 7. Offer TRUE classes on the day before the event (maybe 2-3), limit it to 10-15 participants and make it hands on where they can work on their own faces .. this can be offered at an additional price to VIP ticket holders ONLY with a senior or celeb instructor leading it.. have them received small swag bags afterwards and/OR invite them to the VIP Sephoria preview party 8. In the VIP swag bags, PLEASE place at least ONE LUXURY eyeshadow palette in it.. Last year, Gold tickets holders received the Natasha Denona Lila Palette and a Charlotte Tilbury quad.. this year VIP swag bags has a Huda Beauty Obsessions palette which wasn’t line with the them of a ‘VIP swag bag” that same type of palette was in the GA swag bag! In the VIP swag bags for the price of the two eyeshadow palettes we received , we could have gotten at least ONE luxury palette such as a Charlotte Tilbury quad OR two Natasha Denona mini eye palettes OR one of Natasha Denona’s 5 pan eye palettes at $48.00 9. DO NOT DUPE products that are present in the general admission swag bag in the VIP swag bag.. some of those products are not in line with the allure of what a VIP is (products below $30.00and/or less prestigious brands) .. Less products in the VIP swag bags is fine iIF they are of a HIGHER quality, price point and or brand 10. For those traveling out of town, set up a discount code/promo with a local hotel that’s nearby the venue for attendees 11. For those traveling out of town OR in city that doesn’t want to drive, establish a promo/code to be used with Uber/Lyft

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

I've been meaning to write this forever, but I had to come down from the high! 


First and foremost, I wanted to say thank you to @TeamBIC for the Sweepstakes Win.  I remember just finding out and thinking, "Nah, this is a mistake" or this is spam, ha.  So, I was really grateful for it, I had serious FOMO because I wanted to go last year but I wasn't employed at the time.


I had a great time at Sephoria.  I've only been to one other beautycon, so I don't have a huge reference, but I liked the layout and just the variety of booths.  Also, I really enjoyed a lot of the people that were there from the peeps at the foundation closet, some of the other attendees, right to the SDJ booth.  The energy of the people at the Fenty Merry Go Round really set the tone of the event for me.


The meetup was also fantastic.  I really loved meeting everyone in person.  Sorry for the weirdfangirling to half of you.  @Guessgal was my trivia hero...It was also great to meet Jeffrey in person, as well as our adorable mods @KatieBT , @BrendaBT@LexBT, and @CarolBT  The staff and the food were also awesome at the venue!


This sounds very first worldly, but I wish the early entrance time was 90min or more.  I felt like that hour went by superfast.  I did look at the map and hit a few of the places I wanted to early on, but I didn't get a chance to go to a couple of booths (Hourglass and Natasha Denona), and when GA started, they were very crowded, those thirty extra minutes could have helped.


Other things that didn't work..Showclix and the app.  It made a really fun experience really stressful.  I made an error and there was no way to fix it, and like others have said, once you reach out to showclix, it was a run around.  I only really truly received help when I reached out to BIC...again, thanks to TeamBIC and @DaneeBT for that.


Timing.  I only attended one session (session 1) and the line formed early and quickly.  Would have wished to be in at 9am, but at least there was water and staff did try to check in quickly.  It was getting past the initial clomp of people that made me feel kind of anxious.


The masterclasses also didn't start and end on time.  I left a masterclass to meet up with TeamBIC...would have been nice if the masterclass started on time.


Echoing the food in the VIP lounge.

Also, I think I was missing things, for example I had a Ouai hair oil, but my guess didn't.


Other than that, I really did enjoy the experience and I am really am looking forward to next year and madly planning for it.



Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

I completely missed this tag!! It was a pleasure to meet you @danielledanielle! Usually, I wouldn’t say I’m too great at trivia, but beauty trivia, haha now we’re talkin’ 😉

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

Thank you so much for another amazing Sephoria! You ladies are the best of the best, and I always love spending time with you Heart Overall I thought this event went a lot smoother than last year, and I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback for consideration. 


The VIP party on Friday was such a fabulous event and I hope y'all keep me on the guest list for that forever pretty pretty please 😉 Check in was a breeze and it was such a treat to be able to see the venue in full swing without it being to crowded. It definitely had that true exclusive feel which was amazing! The passed hors d'oeurves were delicious, particularly the sliders. (I was hoping that the "food" in the VIP Lounge area throughout the rest of Sephoria would have been similar to this. The macarons were good, but since light bites were advertised for the lounge I was hoping for something a little more substantial.) It was also so nice to be able to have quality time at each booth without all the crazy lines and be able to get facetime with the brand reps. They were generous with their samples on this night and also with their time. Casually running into pretty big influencers and brand owners throughout the night was really cool, it almost felt like we were at a super chic LA house party!


The special touches for the goody bag were so sweet and touching Heart The letter and the snowglobe made me feel so appreciated by the company and got me even more excited for the rest of the weekend ahead. Thank you Heart 

On the actual paid part of the event. I was GA on Saturday Session 1 and VIP for Saturday Session 2 so I got a pretty got pulse on how the event was handled from both sides. 


Session 1 GA-

One of my feedback points from last year was the line situation. We had to wait in the scorching heat with no shade and no water. This year while the sun was out and there were no umbrellas for shade, we were at least given cold water and sunscreen by employees. This is great progress! There was also a food truck parked by the lines if people wanted to get something else to drink or snack on. Thank you! I'd still push to see about getting the lines under some sort of covering if possible.


While the long got long pretty fast, once we were able to go inside the line moved very quickly and I was pleased to see a lot of security checkpoints so we didn't have to wait hardly at all for processing. They were all kind and efficient, couldn't ask for anything more here.


Seeing @TeamBIC right as we walked into the space was the best Heart The Community Cafe is such a cute addition to the event and I loved having a designated place to come and hang out. I wish it was not so far removed from the actual venue because I don't think a lot of people even knew it was there. We of course knew it was there and made a point to go, but for others who had no idea they would easily just walk passed it.


I liked that there were maps being given out, that in addition to the venue only being 2 stories this year made it much easier to navigate! Not having enormous bathroom lines was such a welcome blessing.


One thing that I noticed right away is how crowded it got during this morning session. Maybe in contrast from the night before it made it even more apparent, but the lines for the booths got very long very fast. I was determined to be first in line for Too Faced to meet Jerrod Blandino and I knew exactly where the booth was so I had a leg up on the competition lol, but for those who didn’t know all the lines for different booths and then the separate one for the meet and greet got confusing and entangled. I saw the booth attendants had to keep enforcing the line. The long lines were especially bad in the game corridor where Kaja, Nudestix, Summer Fridays and Melt were. They needed more space in that hallway or to be spread out from each other. If this was the only session I was going to I would have been overwhelmed by the wait times for each booth and disappointed that I probably wouldn’t have seen every booth because of taking so much time in lines.

I’m not sure what could be done to improve on that other than capping admission per session, but I know this is a business and it’s probably not practical to do that. It would really enhance the experience though.


Session 2 VIP-

It would be nice to have more time in between sessions! Having the luxury of going back to the hotel to drop off swag bags, eat and rest is hard to do when you are pressed for time. I think the experience of having Sephoria in a resort property would be amazing for this very reason. I know there was a food area this year at the event that was in a better prominent location, but the food I wanted is not what was being offered. I appreciate the healthy choices they had, but I wanted some In-N-Out or Cane’s level comfort food after walking and standing for hours. It would be wonderful to just go upstairs to your room for a reset and a good meal and then be refreshed for another session. There’s a city called Las Vegas… 😉


Anyway, the perk of getting in an hour early with VIP is a big positive! I just wish the logistics team would keep a close eye on the clock because we were late getting in and thus diminishing the perk. It was also peak heat with again, NO SHADE and a lot of grumblings were happening in the VIP line area. This pregnant lady was not doing too well without a bathroom available outside either. Once they did let us in it was a smooth breeze through security as it was the first session so I’m super happy with the consistency in that.


One thing that I noticed wasn’t as advertised was the snacks in the VIP lounge. There were macarons, but there weren’t anything else. I had a different idea of what the snacks would consist of and just having the macarons was a bit of a letdown. I wish that they just advertised that instead of making it seem like there would be a variety of snacks to choose from. That was one of the VIP perks I was looking forward to enjoying and I didn’t really get to. The additional dedicated seating area was nice, but the massive meet and greet line for Nikki being in the middle of it made it feel less exclusive.


The VIP swag bag this year was good. It was pretty heavy on the skincare and the value of the bag was boosted substantially by that and the perfume. I was hoping for another large palette this year as there was last year. I felt like last year’s bag had a little bit more of that excitement factor in the makeup department. This year was just more…practical? I do love that all the bags were reusable compared to the paper bags from last year. That was a great improvement!


The BIC Meetup-

Y’all know how to throw a party! There is not one negative thing I can think of about this amazing opportunity to be able to hang out and get to know everyone better. The icebreaker games were so fun and you went above and beyond to make every single person feel included and a valued member of the community. Thank you so much for everything Heart It was amazing that Deb was there for all the magic too!


The not so great part…sorry in advance…please don’t hate me lol. This isn’t even your department so nothing against y’all obviously. Just logistics!



We were guessing on when Sephoria would be this year based on when it happened last year so we were semi ready for the announcement, but it would still be really nice to have a longer lead time. Even a "Save the Date" with the general location announced earlier in the year, maybe Spring would be perfect! The pre-release for Rouge worked fine for me, but I know some had trouble with theirs.

I have to say, the fees associated with purchasing the tickets are RIDICULOUS. If there is anything you can do about getting this reduced that would be great. Obviously not a deal breaker, but more of a major annoyance that left a bad taste in my mouth. No one likes to pay for shipping when they are already spending hundreds on dollars on something either, especially when it's light as air wristbands being mailed out in the most nondescript paper envelopes lol. 



Yikes! Communication for this was pretty bad. That's putting it kindly. I was only able to register one band on my phone. When I tried to reach out to Showclix for help to register my second band, I was informed that they have nothing to do with that and to reach out to Sephora. When I reached out to Sephora customer service they told me they have nothing to do with that and to contact Showclix, mind you this is after the lady who was "helping" me had no idea what Sephoria was or why I would need to register a wristband in the first place. I had to look down at my phone to make sure I called the right number. Yes, it was a Sephora CS employee who had no idea what I was talking about. This was beyond frustrating! Luckily @darkiceis figured out that we could register the second band on another device. BIC Babes to the rescue! 


Moving forward, I think clear communication between Sephora and whichever ticketing company they chose to partner with is key. Employees need to know that 1) there is an event happening and 2) how to help us. 


All in all I had another amazing year at Sephoria because I got to experience it with so many of best gal pals and I cannot wait to see what y’all have in store for us next year Heart

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

Hmm looks like this didn’t post the first time... Trying again!!

First off, huge thank you to Sephora and @TeamBIC  for hosting Sephoria, where we can all get together as beauty lovers to indulge in our version of wonderland and even meet each other for the first time! 💖


What went well:

Entry lineups weren’t too long, but that may be a combination of us getting there early and enjoying the company of my BIC ladies so I didn’t notice time pass by. Huge applause for providing bottled water and spraying us with sunscreen while in line. It was so unexpected and I’m very grateful that Sephora thought of this. I don’t mind the heat at all, but I’ve been told I don’t drink enough water so trying to stay hydrated as much as I can. Ooo I really liked the black Sephoria t-shirts that the staff was wearing! I like them far better than the white ones with different design that was for sale. Maybe we could have that version available for sale next time? 🙏🏼🤞🏻EA902115-9FCC-4AB3-94F2-03A847F4ED0D.jpeg


I’m really glad that the loudspeakers were utilized in the venue to notify everyone when brand founders like Natasha Denona or Patrick Ta were doing their meet & greets. (You’d think this is standard, but I’ve been to a beauty convention where they didn’t even notify about schedule changes). With all the hustle and bustle, it’s good to have a reminder when the stars available for pics!  Definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on that!!


As for the BIC meetup on Saturday night, I love how that was organized! Ice breakers chosen really engaged us and helped us learn a few tidbits about each community member. Competing for surprise prizes was also fun! So glad I got to meet and socialize with so many of you guys! And the bites to eat were amazing - especially the deviled eggs!!!! At the end of the event, the waiting staff encouraged us to pack any remaining food. Ofc I packed some deviled eggs! Except I forgot to eat them the night of and @michelleshops  saved me from eating potentially spoiled eggs the next morning 😜 anyways, @TeamBIC  pls incorporate deviled eggs in more future events 😍


Needs improvement:

Ticket purchasing and wristband registration were the areas that caused the most headaches for me. The Sephoria FAQ stated that billing address can be international (I’m in Canada) and shipping address has to be a US address, but ShowClix combined it under the same section at checkout. This meant that I couldn’t get my wristband shipped out to my Sephoria roomie and had to pick up at Will Call. This was inconvenient because I wasn’t able to sign up for anything and honestly made me lose hype about the masterclasses. While at Sephoria, I’m  running around trying to see all the booths or catch up with BIC friends so signing up for masterclasses quickly slipped my mind. Maybe next time, the wristband code can be sent to the email that the ticket was bought using so that everyone gets a fair chance at getting into one. Or, have the Sephoria app require a login so that you can incorporate 2fa for more security and deliver the wristband code to that user’s account.


In addition, communication with ShowClix regarding ticket purchases was a nightmare... I skipped trying to contact Sephora after hearing others say they’d keep getting told to contact ShowClix. Well, I contacted ShowClix to inquire about something and they replied that they couldn’t find an order that existed under my name or email address. This was quite alarming after they charged my CC already and the tickets were a hefty price so I was not happy! They eventually found it, but I was definitely worried during the timeframe between their replies. Not sure what Sephora can do to improve this, since it’s on ShowClix’s side, but just writing this as an FYI for anyone purchasing in the future.


I see that my next point regarding the Sephoria swag bags has been addressed by others below so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I also have a few items missing from my swag bags; 6 items missing in total. Contacted a mod as well haven’t gotten an update yet. Agree with others that it would be fine if they added substitutions, but missing items from a fancy$ ticket is a bit disappointing.


Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

Hi @Guessgal I'm sorry to hear that you were missing items. I will send you a PM to help. 

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

@keelybt  I am missing items also from my VIP and have not gotten any response yet.

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

@Anastasiya13  I will send you a PM to help. 

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

@keelybt  I’m missing an item from my VIP bag as well and have gotten no response from anyone as well. Can you help?

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

I have never attended Sephoria but that is because whenever the dates are announced it is too late for me to plan a trip. Either I already have plans or its insufficient time for me to put in a request at work for time off. Please consider giving us at least 2 months notice or something more reasonable so we can plan a trip. Flying out to LA from the east coast requires more time (Id have to leave Thursday evening at the latest to not be rushing there after work on Friday). 

Or maybe host a Sephoria East Coast event? 

East coast location would be amazing!!

East coast location would be amazing!!

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

@TeamBIC First of all, thank you so much to all of you and to the event planning team for taking the time to read our feedback last year and even call a few of us to obtain even more information/suggestions.  I truly felt like a valued customer and member of the Sephora family when the event team took the time to introduce themselves to me at this year's event (and at the Houston Master Class Tour) and thank me for my feedback.  I saw that several of our suggestions were implemented this year and it really gives me confidence in the feedback loop here on BIC!  Thank you! xoxoxoxo


What Went Well This Year:


1.Sephoria was definitely bigger this year!  Although I attended 3 sessions, I still didn't make it to all the booths, but that is because I had Sephora Squad deliverables due during the sessions, not due to any logistical issues. It's funny because even though I attended last year, I was still totally awestruck walking into the venue this year, like a little kid walking into Disneyland for the first time!  Last year's event was more intimate and felt like we were at an elite party in someone's (huge) home (which I loved!) and this year felt more like we were really at a beauty convention (which I also loved!).  The lines during session 1 were incredibly long at some of the booths, but I was still able to do most of what I wanted.  The crowd level at the VIP party was perfect for me and Session 2 wasn't bad, either.


2. I didn't even realize there was food available at Sephoria last year, but this year I was able to grab a really tasty Mediterranean wrap, although table space was super limited in the snack bar area.  Luckily, I was alone at lunch time so another random girl and I were welcomed to sit and eat with a third random girl who told us "there are no strangers at SEPHORiA."  ❤️


3. Another thing I LOVED was that the Brand Founders/MUAs went to the VIP area for photo opps and after their classes - I was able to meet so many more of my idols and fangirl so much harder at this year's event and the talent was all so incredible and so gracious!!!


4. I also LOVED how there were so many more new releases/exclusive launches/custom products at SEPHORiA this year!  I was able to limit my purchases by summoning every ounce of my willpower, but I couldn't resist the ND Metropolis palette and didn't think about how to get it home unscathed until after I bought it.  Luckily, @Mcakes packed plenty of bubble wrap to share so she saved my palette!!!


5. I am also sooooooo happy that I could book Masterclasses and services on the app this year - that was possibly the biggest improvement of all - it made things soooooo much easier for us and I'm sure also for the event concierge staff!


6. I liked that there were separate VIP and GA entrance lines this year and loved that staff handed out sunscreen and provided drinks for everyone in line.  I didn't realize I was allowed to use my Sephora Squad wristband for expedited entry access Saturday morning so I waited in the VIP line for Session 1 for about 25 minutes, which was shorter than I waited to get in last year.  The one hour early  VIP entrance was also greatly, greatly appreciated.


7.  I also enjoyed the Community Cafe - the games were cute and I loved the umbrella tables and porch swing for hanging out with other BIC Babes!  The BIC meetup after Session 2 was also absolutely incredible!  I loved the food, the restaurant, the games and most importantly meeting several long-time online friends in person! Thank you again for the invite - the event was truly memorable and so much fun!!!!


8.  I also greatly appreciated the abundance of water and Topo Chico provided throughout the venue - that was definitely lacking last year.  The phone charging stations were also appreciated even though I didn't have a lot of time to sit still and brought my own backup battery to charge on the go.  I noticed a LOT of people using the chargers that were provided.


9.  The reusable shopping bags were a great touch, too.  Last year our swag came in beautifully printed paper shopping bags, but mine ripped by the time I got home.  The bags this year will be put to great use on future shopping trips!!!


What Could Be Even Better Next Year:


1. The venue was really hot Friday night and Saturday morning - I noticed that it finally cooled off Saturday Afternoon, though.  If SEPHORiA is held at the same location next year, maybe the venue could be cooled down a little bit more ahead of the event.


2. Because the venue was hot, my makeup melted off pretty fast Friday night, but sadly, there were no makeup touch up services offered this year.  Luckily one of the fabulous brand reps working the Lawless booth touched me up and gave me a mini powder to carry around with me, but I loved booking a makeup touch up last year mid-way through the session so I could keep looking fresh for all the photo opps.  It would be awesome to bring that option back next year!


3. Accessibility was a challenge - especially at the back row of game booths.  One of my Instagram friends in attendance for Session 1 on Saturday was in a wheelchair and she couldn't even get to the game booths due to the lines. I recommended that she provide feedback, but wanted to share, as well.  I think there would have been enough space for her wheelchair if the lines weren't stacked across for all the booths in that row (Kaja, Melt, Nudestix).


4. I had VIP passes for Sessions 1 and 2 on Saturday and wanted to take advantage of the early entrance to Session 2, which only gave me an hour break between sessions to head back to my hotel, drop off my Swag, change my outfit and raid the mini bar.  I made it back in time for Session 2 early VIP entrance, but only because I came back to the venue on the Sephora Squad shuttle and used my Sephora Squad expedited entrance pass.  I recommend adding an extra 30 minutes to the break between the end of Session 1 and the early entrance time for Session 2 to allow people time to rest, grab a bite and drop off their swag.  


5. I had 3 items missing from each of my VIP swag bags this year, so I recommend reviewing the bag-packing process.  I'd even volunteer to help staff an assembly line to pack the bags if there was wine and other BIC Babes! 🙂


6. I would also like to reiterate a few of @darkiceis suggestions:

 a.  Allow us to register more than one wristband on the app in the future - many of us will likely go to more than one session.

b. I love the idea of covered entrance lines to keep everyone out of the sun

c.  Moving the Community Cafe inside next year (like where the often empty press-lounge was located) would be awesome so even more people would be see it and stop by as they made their rounds through the venue - it was a lot of fun to hang out at the cafe, but I think a lot of people got too busy inside and never made it back out.

d. Food Trucks would also be amazing!!!


Overall, I had an amazing time this year and I cannot wait for SEPHORiA 2020!!!!

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

I didn't make it to Sephoria this year but I was seriously considering it. I am from Vancouver Canada so have some extra logistics to figure out like paying duties on the gift bags etc. I just wanted to say please make the wristbands shippable to Canada! I know a lot of people who might splurge on a trip south of the border for an event like this - especially in Vancouver since we're a short plane ride away. Hope to make it next year. 

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

@Chicklet5 you can bring items acquired outside of Canada up to $800 CA back without paying duty!  

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

That is true but with the conversion rate it would still mean paying duties on part of the VIP gift bag. In for a penny, in for a pound I guess...

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback



Short intro:


I am not sugar coat it, here we go.




Last year was bad and this year was absolutely worse. You are only allowed to register one wristband PER device. Whoever came up with this honestly needs to be demoted. I don’t want to hear “most people wouldn’t buy more than one ticket.” Nope, not buying that excuse. The app is very basic and when it came to registering for a masterclass or service..oh good lord. The app does not work. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app a few times just to get the reservations section to become available after I Knew it was available to others.


Also, it is very clear that not one person at Sephora speaks to the other. There is 0 lines of communications for this event. Customer service: What’s Sephoria? You need to contact showclix? Showclix: You need to speak to Sephora the event organizer.




I asked for a cup at the upstairs bars to pour my water in. The man, older gentleman that I did not catch his name,at the bar was so obnoxiously rude and refused to give me a cup. He was outright rude from the moment I said “Hello.” He literally told me “No, no! I can’t be giving out cups they are expensive.” ... they are plastic cups and most likely sponsored as they have the suppliers name on it. I went to another bar and the man happily told me “absolutely” Handed me a cup with a smile.


There were a couple of other rude outside staffers as well. Aside from the handful of bad apples the majority of the staff was very pleasant and cheery.




I found the booths and venue to be way better than last year.  The layout of the venue was more comfortable. The actual booths were so much more creative than last yr as well. More interaction, lots of photo ops. I’m personally not a fan of doing a photo op at every single booth so I’m glad it wasn’t made to be mandatory.  Session 1 had more attendees vs session 2. But I didn’t not find the overall population overwhelming at all. It was comfortable in my opinion.




Not one masterclass interested me so I skipped them all. Pat McGrath would have been a great addition.


For the services I did Drybar which was fantastic.  The girl that did my hair was wonderful. I also purchased and had my lashes applied, the girl did not put them on right and were above my lids. I ended up taking them off. The amount of services was good but it was hard to book them due to the glitchy app.




Same issue as last year, this year was promised to have “real food.” The majority of the small menu was some sort of vegan rabbit greens w quinoa. When you are on your two feet for hours ppl need comfort food to push through the event. There are comfort food options for all kinds of diet. Solution: Get some food trucks.


VIP Lounge:


Overall a spacious well designed room to sit a take a mini break.




Last year’s swag bags were better than this year. I understand that it’s not possible to please so many people with 1 bag per tier. Last year we got the Natasha Denona Lila palette and a Charlotte Tilbury Quad. The palettes this year were the ND mini star palette (no issue with that one) and a Huda Obessions palette? The Huda palettes must not be selling because they are practically being given away recently.


Also, I am missing over 9 items between my two swag bags. I made it known to the mods already, no resolution yet as they are trying to figure out who the right contact would be for this. I don’t mind if there were alternative comparable items replaced but to be missing that many products?


I go to several larger events than Sephoria every year. Not to sound harsh but the events team at Sephora needs a serious revamp. Inconsistent communication between the channels is the only constant at Sephora in general and for Sephoria.


Added comments:


Community Cafe:

I did enjoy that there was a space for community members to gather. Inside probably would have been better that way it didn’t feel like you were missing out as @Anastasiya13  pointed out. However, the community meet up afterwards was a real treat. The trivia was fun, the only thing that I would change would be maybe a couple of smaller tables versus the bench and one large table. I know that’s the set up of the restaurant, but maybe something with a couple of tables to get ppl to mingle more easily. I hope that you guys host another event like this again next yr. 🙂


That’s all I can think of at the moment. If I recall anything else I’ll report back on those as well.



Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

@darkiceis let me know what you find out about the missing items.  Both my sister and I were missing an item! 

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

@Kaitlyn89  Customer service is going to ship them out to me.

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

@darkiceis  You made some great points that I even forgot about. Omg yes the Huda mini palette has been given away for half off and even free on different websites, I was really hoping for a large palette such as a Natasha Denona or even one of the other brands from the venue.

Re: Opinions Wanted: Share Your SEPHORiA 2019 Feedback

@darkiceis I LOVE the idea of having food trucks at Sephoria!!!  Even better would be food trucks that have the logistics for online ordering  so you don't have to wait in line and can head out to the truck when your food is ready to maximize time inside the event!!!!

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