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your thoughts on....colored eyeliner

What does everyone think about colored eyeliner? And what color would look best on green eyes?

Re: your thoughts on....colored eyeliner

I LOVE colored liner.I have brown eyes, and I love a good green, teal, or blue eyeliner.Liquid, pencil, or game.

Have you ever tried purple eyeliner?I think that would be a beautiful combo.

Re: your thoughts on....colored eyeliner

I agree, definitely try purple eyeliner for green eyes! I have green eyes and I love the combination. Hot pink/fuchsia also pairs very strikingly with green eyes, if you're up for something that really pops. Smiley Happy Brown (and not solid black) is also nice for a subtler look, and compliments green eyes nicely.

Re: your thoughts on....colored eyeliner

Personally, I don't love colored eyeliner, but I do love eyeliner in general. It's a great way to get your eyes to pop and look more stunning than they actually are. I have hazel eyes and I've noticed that darker colors like black, purple, and navy blue look gorgeous on hazel and green eyes. Darker colors make the flecks of green in your eyes pop! I use Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Perversion and it makes the greens in my eyes look greener than the brown in my eyes. I've noticed that waterline eyeliner helps to draw attention to the eyes as well.

Re: your thoughts on....colored eyeliner

Brown, green, lime green, light brown, gold, and yellow would look great on green eyes. I love colored eyeliner because it can brighten eyes up when they are tired.

Re: your thoughts on....colored eyeliner

I love colored eyeliner! I have about two of my favorites one is purple and the other is aqua...

if you can see the purple... I have no current picture of the aqua..but i'mma tell you I get alot of compliments when I have the purple eyeliner. 


I hear purple is every good for green eyes...

Re: your thoughts on....colored eyeliner

I love colored eyeliner. I find myself playing around with colored eyeliner more so than colored eyeshadow these days. For green eyes I would recommend violet or plum colors Smiley Happy


Re: your thoughts on....colored eyeliner

Have you tried navy?  I love navy on everyone....It's kind of like black...goes with everything....

Re: your thoughts on....colored eyeliner

I love colored eyeliner. Great way to show off eyes in a more subtle way than colored shadow.


If your skin color runs a bit cooler, try a gray eyeliner. UD 24/7 pencil in Smoke looks amazing. Also for green eyes, as others have suggested, try brown, navy, purple. Maybe try green too.


If you're more conservative in your makeup, then try to choose shades that are a bit more black-based and have no shimmer. Also avoid the more "wild" colors like teal, orange, pink, etc., at least until you've mastered technique and feel comfortable in more subdued colors.

Re: your thoughts on....colored eyeliner

Hi hi!

I like using colored liners when I do really simple make-up.  It just gives a subtle yet interesting look to something plain.  Purple & Pinks look really good against green and make it pop.  You can also try Greens or Teal to make green eyes greener.  Brown will give more of a down to earth feel and always looks good against green.

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