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urban decay eyeshadows

So, I was wanting an eyeshadow from urban decay without sparkles. I want a natural and multishade of nutral browns look. Does Urban Decay have any nonsparkle colors? It would be greatly appreciated!

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

Don't get me wrong, if I could go back in time and change the first pallete I ever bought, I would buy the THE NUDE MATTES EYESHADOW PALETTE


UB is kinda overrated, I'm probably not going to buy the other two palettes, I known the first one... don't get me wrong I love it. But there are other alternatives... A lot of people just get the Naked Palette because that's the best known palette out there.

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

I love, love, love, my Basics. I agree with those that posted that it's very versatile and portable. These matte shades are nicely pigmented and are so very easy to use.  I normally use it on its own, but it can easily be used with other palettes or shadows.

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

Hi Hoelle,


Someone said it already but, the Basics Palette is amazing! I use it everyday with my other shades:


naked basics.jpg

All of the shades are matteSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

This is perhaps a stupid question haha, but I recently bought the Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes. Would Naked basics be overkill?

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

Never enough palettes!!! Basics is good for mattes and lights that the Nakeds are missing, imo, much like what Meg said Smiley Happy

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

I find that Naked Basics fills some gaps in the other Naked palettes. It gives you mattes where they are missing, lighter shades where they are missing, and deeper shades where they are missing. Honestly, I don't think it's overkill and often wind up using my Naked 2 or Naked 3 with my Basics at home. (I carry basics with me when I'm out of the house or at the gym, so it manages well on its own as well.) 

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

I totally agree with ladymeag. I have all three of the Naked palettes, yet I often reach for just my Basics. It can stand alone or be used with other palettes. It fills in where the Naked palettes are missing -- lighter shades, mattes, etc.  I also agree with nikki in that you can never have enough palettes. (Laughs)

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

I have Stila In the Know. It's all matte colors. I like it a lot.

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

I had the basics and naked 1 and didn't care for them. so I ended up not keeping them 

I thought the colors were overly pigmented, metallic and just not flattering especially on smaller Asian eyes. 

but I recently purchased/traded a few shades and ended up really liking them 

some of them I found out have a more subtle shimmers (not huge metallic glitters) and some matte shades aren't overly pigmented. my eyes didn't look swollen 


idk if its just me, but with all eye shadows, especially UD and MAC, the colors are a bit different when you bring them home.. 

my personal favorite is Illusion, Foxy, and ABC gum

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

Urban Decay Naked Basics is a great item for you.


Also, you can buy individual shadows and they have matte colors. You can also buy a customizable empty UD palette and depot the single shadows and place them in your customizable palette so it's more convenient and you don't have to carry around a bunch of singles.

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

Totally agree on Naked Basics. Not all glitzy like the other UD palettes, but this one's a real workhorse! I probably reach for this one most out of all my palettes, just because it's so versatile, easy and portable!

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

I would try naked or buck. Naked is a great blending shade and buck can definitely be used in the crease. UD eyeshadows have great pigmentation but if you're looking for a palette and not so much single shadows, I would try the naked basics palette or the kav von d lady bird palette (as many other have suggested). 

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

I was just looking through the site and saw this KatvonD palette that's all mattes. I have and love the UD Nakeds matte basics, but this one has some truly beautiful, and, let's face it, more exciting colors. I haven't tried the line, but the reviews are stellar. I'm pretty sure I'll be owning this soon. Bwahahahahaha.

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

I own both Ladybird by KVD and UD Nsked Basics and I absolutely love the KVD palette. It has everything you are looking for and a pop of color. It blends beautifully and lasts all day. My UD Naked basics also gets used quite frequently; however it's on conjunction with other palettes. So, I'll use it for crease colors, or a transition color. But not all on it's own. 

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

Urban Decay does have a few matte shades, but these are base colors like whites, creams, and light browns. If you want non-sparkly colors in vibrant shades you should look into other brands. 

Re: urban decay eyeshadows

You can pick up the Naked Basics palette - all of those are non-sparkle shades (the only color that is not a matte is Venus, the lightest shade, which is a "satin.") 

For singles:
ABC Gum (peachy-nude)
Blackout (black)

Buck (a fairly versatile brown)

Foxy (light yellow-based nude)

Laced (pinky-taupe)

Tease (darker pinky-taupe)
Secret Service (brown)
Naked (mid-range nude-brown)

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