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tricks for eyeliner

okay.. so I absolutely SUCK at applying eyeliner. Anybody have any tricks up their sleeves? My hands get really shaky sometimes so that doesn't help lol. Any suggestions are appreciated! thank you in advance!

RE: tricks for eyeliner

I have to steady my elbow on my desk while looking into the mirror, otherwise my hand/arm is too shaky and messy.

Re: tricks for eyeliner

@Missmojo02  For shaky hands: sometimes I need to steady my applying hand against my other hand. Lemme find my demo photo of this... 


Chopstick as a prop. :D Had to use earbuds to remotely control camera shutter.Chopstick as a prop. 😄 Had to use earbuds to remotely control camera shutter.

This position gives my wrist free range of motion while helping that hand feel stable. In this photo I’m steadying my right hand, but it’s usually my left hand that needs this, especially when I use a liquid liner. (I can apply eyeliner with either hand.) 


After decades of practice, I can keep both elbows in the air while doing this. But you might find it helpful to rest both elbows—or at least the elbow of the arm you’re using to stabilize the hand holding the eyeliner—on a solid stable surface, like a table, counter, or even a wall if you’re using a wall-mounted mirror. 


What kind of eyeliner do you use? Have you tried a gel pot or clay pot liner? I love Inglot AMC gel pot liners + an angled liner or angled brow brush: I can stamp liner onto my skin and then smooth out the line if necessary. It’s especially nice for winging liner on my hooded eyes. Other good liners for this are Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Black Ink and TARTE - Clay Pot Waterproof Liner. 

Re: tricks for eyeliner

@Missmojo02 When I first started wearing eyeliner, I found that it was helpful to lean against a full length mirror.  I would lean with my dominant arm's elbow against the mirror so my dominant hand was steady.  Good luck!  Practice makes perfect!


I also like to work in short strokes from the inner part of my eye to the outer part.  You can also experiment with varying textures of liner.  Revlon ColorStay is drier, UD 24/7 is rather creamy, and Sephora brand is in the middle.

RE: tricks for eyeliner

Hello! I have also shaky hands so what I do is that if I’m using a felt tip eyeliner I kinda stamp sideways the felt tip at the end of my eye towards the eyebrow and then try to connect it with the lash line. It kinda helps putting your eyeliner kinda sideways if able along the lashline with very soft strokes towards the outer corner of the eye. Hope it helps

Re: tricks for eyeliner

@Missmojo02 Apply little dots close to the lash line and connect them

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  • Chopstick as a prop. :D Had to use earbuds to remotely control camera shutter.