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problems with eyeliner

I consistently have a problem with my eyeliner

traveling  when I feather it into the lashes on top,

use it on my waterline (top &bottom), or across my bottom

lashes.  When I first apply, everything looks okay,

but things start to travel quickly, even though I use

an eyelid primer, waterproof eyeliner, & powder.

I'm getting so frustrated because I take the time

to do all the steps and still have problems. 

It might help to mention that I have big, round,

deep set eyes that are quite hollow underneath.

Could the configuration of my eye be the reason

why I'm having problems?  I've given up wearing

anything on the bottom at all, even mascara. The only time the liner stays put 

is if I line a little above the lashes on top, but the

moment I go into the lashes (to get the look of a

thicker lash line), or the water line or extend the

line to make my round eyes appear longer, I get

a ton of smudging (raccoon eyes), even if apply primer, blend

a lot, and use powder. I tried a makeup setting

spray too, and it helps with my face makeup, but

not the eyes.  I've tried UD 24/7 and MUFE, which are great on the top, but still have problems elsewhere as stated above. Any suggestions?  Thank you.


Re: problems with eyeliner

You may want to smudge a shadow of a similar color over top of your liner so there is a drier finish.  Good luck!

Re: problems with eyeliner

Try a primer that is a bit thicker (still use just a small amount) so it's not as creamy like Lorac's Behind the Scenes. I'm not sure if you have a preference to pencils, but try looking into gel liners that are waterproof like Smashbox's Jet Set or a quick drying liquid like Smashbox's waterproof liquid liner or Urban Decay's liquid liner.

Re: problems with eyeliner

My right eyelid has an extra crease that my left eyelid does not, so I used to have a lot of issues with liner traveling into/above the extra crease. I also have blonde eyelashes and tightlining is a must for me otherwise it looks like I have gaps in my eyeliner. I have found a lot of success with Urban Decay's 24/7 liners, both their liquid liners and their pencils. First I use the liquid liners to do a cat eye and what I've found works is I keep my eye closed and fan my eyelid for about 10 seconds until it dries. I open my eyes and it hasn't budged a millimeter! Then for tightlining I use their creamy pencils and get it right up in the waterline and between the lashes. The only con I've noticed with this is I get a LITTLE bit of color transfer onto the lower waterline from blinking, but it's barely noticeable. After it sets I just take a q-tip with some makeup remover and clean the lower waterline.


I hope that helps!

Re: problems with eyeliner

I've used smashbox and laura geller eyelid primer. For waterproof eyeliner I've used Urban decay, Tarte, MUFE and Hourglass.  Thank you.

Re: problems with eyeliner

Which combination of products have you tried or used? Give us some more info so we can make better recommendations!

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