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matte eyeshadow

What are some great matte eyeshadows/palettes? I already own TheBalm Meet Matte, KVD Ladybird, and Naked Basics. Are there any other good ones that have some interesting colors?

Re: matte eyeshadow

Stila In The Know eye palette has some lovely neutral matte shadows!




Re: matte eyeshadow

I just bought this last week and I love it!! I already own UD Naked1 and this is a great addition!

Re: matte eyeshadow

Inglot has a great option where you can select your shadow colors and basically customize your own palette. Not only can you have an all matte, palette, but you can pick out your own color choices!

Re: matte eyeshadow

Do you have a link to build this? I can't seem to figure it out. Sounds awesome. 

Re: matte eyeshadow

Hi Ghkim,


Too Faced also makes a great matte palette. It comes with a pretty dove grey shade and a variety of brow highlighters. We also have an exclusive set that includes the palette:


Too Faced
Better Than Sex Modern Matte Collection

modern matte.jpg

<3 Melissa

Re: matte eyeshadow

The Matte Eyeshadow collection is awesome! I love the highlight colors, the palette as a whole is so versatile!

Re: matte eyeshadow

I just thought of another palette that has a good selection of matte shadows...

The Lorac Pro palette. The top row is all matte, and the bottom row is the shimmer counterparts. 



Re: matte eyeshadow

Lol! I forgot I have this one too!!! I go back and forth between UD Naked1, Stila in the know ,and this Lorac pro for matte shadows. I just bought UD's Vice 2 and Kat's spellbinding for more color. 

Re: matte eyeshadow

I have the Stila In The Know palette, and I love it. I hardly ever use my UD Naked Basics anymore. The Stila colors are soft and buttery. Really a nice palette!

Re: matte eyeshadow

i have the Stila in the Know palette and I think it is a really great matte palette!

Re: matte eyeshadow

I am a big proponent of matte palettes as well.  I like the Naked Basics and Lauren Merciers artist palette. Also Bare Minerals Power Neutrals" and Kat Von D "Ladybird" palettes have some nice mattes.

Re: matte eyeshadow

There are some good suggestions in this thread; I am going to check these out. 


I cannot  wear shimmery eyeshadow at all anymore now that I am a bit older.  The sparkly and shiny colors in most palettes and shadows are very unflattering and harsh-looking after a certain age.  Yay mattes!

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