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matte eye shadow

I am looking for an eye shadow quad/trio/ set something basically where i can get a few colors and wear the look together, esp since i just learned smoky eye.


i am medium brown skin and some colors i find hard to show up. i want  to wear this sort of on a regular basis, so i figured matte would be best. i find it hard to find matte eye shadows. is there any product out there invented that can take a shiny eye shadow and make it matte?? i just recently got the naked palette by too faced. however it is so shiny and glimmery it just looks like sparkles on me, and the colors aren't really differentiated on my eyes to be honest. thanks in advance:)

Re: matte eye shadow

My favorites:


and i love too faced! maybe try a primer or a heavier hand so it wont be a waste?

Re: matte eye shadow

I am sorry to hear you did not like the Naked Palette as I found it to be less shimmery than the Natural Palette from Too Faced. I have used the Too faced shadow insurance with both of these palettes.


Thanks for the advise on the Eden eye primer, I will try this one to see if it will help with the Natural Palette.


Re: matte eye shadow

If you are going to try the suggestion of Urban Decay primer potion, puck the shade EDEN. That one tends to take the shimmer of eyeshadows down a notch. I have swatched shimmer shadows from UD's Naked palette with Eden, Original and Sin and they looked different depending on what primer was used. Eden won't take away all of the shimmer, but it will dull it down ALOT.

Hope that helps!!!

Re: matte eye shadow


OH great suggestion!!! I woulda never thought of that, but its totally right!! 🙂

Re: matte eye shadow

I would highly recommend trying an eye primer if you hvnt been using one already! THis will really help the pigment! Urban Decay Primer Potion is a great one. And if there is a way to make shimmer shadow matte, I would love to know! But I dont think there is a way to reverse it. I do know that you can tone down the sparkle in a shadow after you apply it.....Sometimes I apply a color I want, but has more shimmer than I am wanting for that what I do is then apply a close shade or a light shade of a matte shadow over the top to tone down the shimmer. It works great, and its a great way to reverse it if you just got too much shimmer on by accident 🙂 hope this helps!


Re: matte eye shadow

I know how to make matte eyeshadow shimmery, but I don't know how to turn shimmery eyeshadow matte (sorry Smiley Sad).

However, I can recommend some great highly pigmented matte eyeshadows from Urban Decay.  You can find them at:

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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