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mascara care

what if i took a mascara out of packaging and never touched it, do i still have to throw it out in 3 months?

Re: mascara care

If you didn't open it/ expose to air or bacteria then If I remember correctly, a mascara has a shelf life of 2 years!

Re: mascara care

If you haven't opened it, it should be fine.  Even if you opened it but never used it, your biggest risk is that it's dried out, not a problem.  The date on products is how long they're good after they've been opened.  And for mascara it's 6month, although 3 months can be safer simply because liquids are easier breeding grounds for bacteria and you've got a product you're putting right near your eyes. 


But if you only took it out of packaging, it should be fine.  Just remember when you actually open and start using it.

Re: mascara care

Did you actually open the tube?  The three month rule applies to products that have had their seal broken, that is, exposed to air or bacteria.  If you never opened the tube, just took it out of its packaging, you do not have to throw it away.

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