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heated eyelash curler?

I have stubborn, straight-as-a-board eyelashes that are hard to curl and keep curled.  I also have hooded eyes so that also pushes down on the lashes.  I've never tried a heated eyelash curler...are they effective?  Recommended ones?

Re: heated eyelash curler?

Our favorite is the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler...Best we have ever tried..Curl lasted all day and easy to use, just a 2 pc system with a gold curler. although we got the Hot Lashes makeup artist kit with the adaptor and loved that~! Our rave..

cannot rave enough////


Re: heated eyelash curler?

Hi Kimchikween-


I personally have not tried a heated lash curler. I hear good and bad things about them. I have super straight lashes that are so stubborn to curl. Have you ever tried a curling mascara with a standard lash curler> It really helps! I curl my lashes at the base, middle and ends (before mascara). Look for mascaras with a curved brush.

<3 Melissa

Re: heated eyelash curler?

i like heated lash curlers Smiley Happy I use a japonesque one, that holds up better than the sephora one that I had to keep buying cause it would break :/

Re: heated eyelash curler?

Have you tried just heating your regular eyelash curler up with a hairdryer or hot water?

Re: heated eyelash curler?

I have not..does the rubber take in enough heat to make a difference?

Re: heated eyelash curler?

Oh yeah! The rubber part and the metal can get hot enough to burn you if you let it. I usually just turn the hair dryer to its highest, hottest setting & blast the eyelash curler for a few seconds from the front, then a few seconds from the back.

It takes practically no time at all & the results are insane. Smiley Wink

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