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hazel eyes

I have hazel eyes and I really want to play up the green in them but most colors make my eye color look yellow anyone have any ideas?

Re: hazel eyes

I would stick to goldy browns and plums, they will bring out the more blue and green colors.

Re: hazel eyes

I find a lot of purples bring out the green in hazel eyes

Re: hazel eyes

I have the same problem as you and I use purples too, but when I dont want to look like I'm wearing a lot of eyemakeup I use copper/cinnamon colors. The red tones in them highlight the green I think nars has a good copper color.

Re: hazel eyes

I have hazel eyes and want to use Bobby Browns gel eyeliner and a reddish brown  eyeshadow.  What do you think,

I  also have light auburn hair.

Re: hazel eyes

I like to use  purples, greens, and golds. Some browns even bring out the green!

Hope I helped!

<3 beautygeek97

Re: hazel eyes

Lucky you! You are free to rock the new metallics. Pink and greys or even silver for you. Purple gel liner will round out a great look.

Re: hazel eyes

Here is a great tip:


Colors that appear opposite of each other on a color wheel (complementary colors) will pop the most when placed next to each other.  So,


Red and Green

Orange and Blue

Purple and Yellow


To make green eyes look more green- use colors with a red base.  Many people suggest purple because purple has a red base (red and blue make purple).  And yet purple can also make eyes look more gold since purple and yellow are complementary colors.  This may be what you are experiencing.


Try colors like rose, rust, auburn or burgundy.  Or if using purples use a red-violet tone rather than a blue-violet tone.

Here are some options:

Urban Decay Last Call or Woodstock

Last Call  Woodstock

Stila Champagne trio

Champagne Glow


Makeup Forever also has a few shadows that have the reddish undertone.


I hope that helps!




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