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eye brush

Hi i would like to know if brushes make a big difference in makeup finish over all.  i find that my eye shader brush picks good amount of eyeshadow to apply should i blame the brush for eyeshadow making my eye wrinkly uneven i use UD Naked Basics palette and im 23yrs old no near to wrinkles just fine lines under eyes. I use Sephora's eye primer with the eyeshadows. i have combo oily skin at time idk what is making my eye shadow uneven as like if i see my lid close i can see a bit of my skin and wrinkly mobile lids. any tips suggestions? 

Re: eye brush

I found that eyeshadow primer solved pretty much all of my eyeshadow issues. 


My favorite to go tos are Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion and Too Faced shadow insurance. 


Brushes do make a big difference also though. They are better for packing on color, blending and the like. Cleaning the brushes, however, is just as important as owning. 


Also, something good to know, is that synthetic vs natural hairs can work differently with different ingredients in your shadows. 

Re: eye brush

Some good primers for your shadows that I love:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Lorac Behind the Scenes

and Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

When using primer, a little goes a long way. Just a bit will do and make sure you even it out.

Re: eye brush

Hi Cyndy89, 


To keep it short and sweet without being too complex, YES your brushes can make a huge difference as can your primer.


You may want to try a less thick primer and use one a bit more fluid so that you are not getting more shadow dispensed on one part of the lid rather than others. 


I also suggest taking a look at shadow brushes that are almost a slightly bit more "fluffy" as in they won't apply a huge amount of shadow pigment but are easily blendable and applicable on the lids.


Shadow Brush #12 for all over application


Pro Allover Shadow Brush #12



Blending Brush #29 is great for the crease

Classic Blending Eye Brush #29


and try the original  Urban Decay Primer Potion which is slightly more fluid and easily blended on the lids:


Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube - Original

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: eye brush

Eye shadow brushes can make a significant amount of difference in terms of application, but it also goes hand in hand with technique and usage.


Any well versed user that has a familiar set of brushes can often find times where they can skimp on multiple brush usage and use maybe one or two to do the jobs of several, but again, this comes with practice, usage to allow familiarity, and technique.


For example, a standard, shadow brush with short/medium bristles that are firmly packed will apply more shadow initially to lids in a concentrated area compared to a brush with long bristles that are less dense, as that will pick up and distribute an amount in a softer, more loose manner; however, that's not to say a well versed user can't use the first brush and get the same effect.


If you're finding that once you apply primer and shadow with a brush, crepiness on your lid is more aparent, take a look at the quality of skin without eye make up. Though eye creams are commonly used to treat the under eye, try finding an eye crea, or treatment that is also safe for the lid such as Clinique's All About Eyes.


This cream will help dinimish puffiness, fine lines, and darkness around the undereye and on the lid. Only use a product that is specified for the lids, do no experiment or get curious with regular eye creams as the skin on the lids is extra thin and delicate, making it more sensitve than the under eye or rest of the face.


After letting your eye cream/treatment set and absorb, apply the primer. Note the amount used as well. About the size of the head of a pin is all you need for each lid, over using primer can cause a build up of product which won't allow for a smooth application.


Though I have not used the Sephora eye primer, did you notice the issue of an uneven application when you first started using it or was it gradual/over time? It may be that it's time for a new tube or perhaps even an issue with the batch in which the tube came from. If the formula feels very thin and runny, try not to apply shadow immediately, as the dry shadow over too-wet primer may cause the powder to absorb too much, looking uneven. If the formula feels too thick and pasty, try to blend it down on lids as smooth as possible, so that it dries down evenly and won't leave uneven areas of product to catch more shadow than others.


Play around with technique, pat on shadow in dabbing motions initially to "place" and apply product rather than just sweeping back and forth. This way you get a more solid application in a concentrated area.


After playing with technique, the primer, and even an eye treatment, and the results don't vary, you might consider switching primers to see if that makes a difference.



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