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best matte eyeshadow palette

I'm looking for an eyeshadow palette that is completely matte (this will be my first full matte palette) and I'm wondering which one you all would consider to be the best (more like, if there was only one palette you could use for the rest of your life you would use this one). So far I've been looking at Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Stila and they all look like great palettes, but which one would be best?

I use mostly Kat Von D but I'm trying to explore other brands if that makes sense but if anyone has any opinions on the Ladybird palette please (of course) give a shout- out! 


Thank you very much! 

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

I like how the original post here is 3.5 years old, but the question remains important!


My favorites:

1. KVD shade and light. Ok here's the thing: it's ridiculous for me to like this palette. I am a bright colors girl, and while I like neutrals, I'm never one to say the Chocolate bar or OG naked are my favorite palettes. BUT - this is easily in my top 3 palettes in terms of usage. You always need matte browns! And every one you can possibly need is here. Ugh it's..It's so good. Everyone needs it.

2. Tartelette. I can't figure out why so many people dislike this?? I've never had a problem blending, just lay down a primer and a base powder and you're set. And the pigmentation is stellar. It's not cool toned either, rather, it has a row of cool tones. Which is great! Sometimes you need those! I also own naked basics ultimate and I regret buying it: it's So similar in shades to the Tartelette and the pigmentation isn't as strong.


I also own the IT cosmetics palette discussed below and I too think it's underrated. However, I don't think it comes off quite as "matte" as the three mentioned above. It's like a matte with a hint of satin.

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

I'll throw a couple of my favorites out there:


1. UD Naked Basic palettes

2. KVD Ladybird

3. KVD Shade & Light Eye

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

Tartlette by Tarte is the BEST!

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

I vote the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Vol 1. It's my most used palette, and I love the inclusion of a few colors that are still so wearable.

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

How about the Sleek Ultra Matte i Divine Palettes V1 or V2. I don't have either yet but I plan on ordering them soon. I do own their Monaco palette with a combo of shimmers,satins and mattes. The mattes in that palette are ah_ may_zing! They are pigmented,blendable, and not at all chalky. The best part is the the palettes are only about $10 each on Sleek's website and about $13 on


sleek mattes.jpg

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

I've never heard of these before, but now I am intrigued! :smileyhappy:  Thanks for posting about them -  I'll have to check them out.

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

Thank you so much for mentioning the Sleek Makeup line. I would have never known about it if I hadn't read your post. It is affordable and the quality is about the same (or I daresay that it might be even better) than a lot of the more popular choices out there. I have been using Too Faced & Estee Lauder palettes so I was a little hesitant about trying these out. I even ordered the Faceform kit in medium as I see myself using only half of the shades  in Anastasia Beverly Hills kit  and would  much rather pay less than half the price for a really good quality product!! =)

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

I recommend TheBalm's Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette.  The company has fantastic sales sometimes (join their email list) =] 


Or use Lorac's Pro Palette with Matte and Shimmer shades, you can't go wrong with it's variety of neutral colors.


Don't get Urban Decay because it's expensive and not that versatile and not all of the shades are matte if I recall. 


Stila, I think some shades are a hit or miss


Try Inglot's freedom palette system, they have affordable, wide range of matte colors for you to choose.


Good Luck


Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

The Balm, Lorac Pro, Sigma Creme de Couture has beautiful matte pastels but it's getting hard to find! And the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette ties with my Lorac Pro! I just can't get enough they are both must haves for me but I really want to try the KVD palette!

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

If you can find it (it was limited and is now sold out on Sephora), Laura Mercier's Artist palette this year is almost all mattes. And with those few that have a shimmer (no glitter!), it's quite subtle. It's just an awesome palette. 

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

Ok, I'll chime in. I have a lot of mattes. So far my top brands are Stila, LORAC & Kat von D Ladybird. I swatched the UD Basics  & it was awful, chalky, patchy etc. The Too Faced ones look nice but for some reason don't speak to me as loudly as the other brands.  Enjoy your new palette.

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

UD Naked Basics was not very pigmented and chalky. Huge disappointment when I swatched it in the store. I don't know how a brand that makes such incredible shadows and palettes went so completely wrong with this.


The Too Faced one is much better, but parabens. *sigh* If you don't mind that, it's a lovely palette.



Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

i absolutely love doing a matte eye look for my everyday look and lately i've been reaching for my lorac pro palette a lot. i also use the naked basics palette, but i feel like i don't reach for it lately. i also have the too faced and stila palettes which are both really nice as well. i also did hear that the new smashbox palette is really nice, it comes with both matte and shimmer shadows but from what i hear, the shadows are really pigmented and blends pretty nicely.

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

Too Faced Matte.  It's awesome! 

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

You guys should check out the new It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Shadow Palette. It looks amazing. It is all matte and then one pearl "transformer" shade that can be used over any of the colors in the palette to give them a metallic finish. Pretty smart.

I ordered one but have yet to received it.






Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

So pretty! I love all the colors! Could you post a review here on BT with swatches, pls? I wonder if they're easily blendable, pigmented and true to the colors as we see them in the palette...

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

The balm's meet matt(e) nude

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

Now why did I only find out about Ladybird after the sale?! Drat! And since only Sephora carries KVD, I have to hold my breath they will release more of them since it is out of stock. I love the half cool, half warm ratio. I really want it.

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

The Kat Von D "Ladybird" palette is not limited edition. And, Sephora has been out of the Ladybird palette a good while- even before the "Friends & Family" sale. It seems to take them a good while to replenish Kat Von D stock....don't know why, though. Hope this helps you....or, at least, ease your mind. lol =)

Re: best matte eyeshadow palette

I'm also on the hunt for the perfect matte palette so this thread helps me too!


Have you looked at theBalm's "Meet Matt(e)"?swfupload_8074577676651987866.jpg

I think I might get this one! I feel like with a lot of matte palettes the colors are all neutrals and most of them end up being really light white/ivory shades that I'll never use. I like that this one has colors rather than just neutrals. 

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