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basic makeup help!

so im in my second year of highschool, and im really starting to slowly start improving my look now that im moving out of my sporty phase. im totally clueless about makeup though, i really need help! looking for lots of tips so please give me everything you can! Here are two pictures of me to help. i need tip and ideas for basic school makeup. i dont need a lot of brand suggestions unless you think its necesary <3 thanks so much! and please know that im pretty desperate lol Photo on 1-19-13 at 5.28 PM.jpgPhoto on 1-19-13 at 2.48 PM.jpg

Re: basic makeup help!

I think that bangs and layers in the front of your hair would really do justice to your gorgeous round face! Makeup wise, I suggest powder for covering up redness/evening out skintone, neutral shadow for eyes, mascara to make eyes POP, blush for pretty cheeks and lipstick or gloss for color on lips. Have fun! Go to a makeup store or counter and PLAY. Try on stuff (clean the testers and use the applicators) and everything else is just trial and error and practice. I've been wearing makeup for several years now and I *still* watch makeup tutorials on youtube (I LOVE Tanya Burr and Pixiwoo)

Re: basic makeup help!

Not to nit pick, but I think she has a heart shaped face not a round face. Though I agree layers and bangs are a good idea. 

Re: basic makeup help!

Hi sarahmack184! For a complete makeup look, there is foundation, concealer, blush/bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Foundation is the first step to your face. It evens out your skin complexion. Concealer covers up any acne, or under eye darkness that you may have. This is especially good for those late nights that you stay up studying and wake up with bags under your eyes. Blush adds some color to your cheeks, and bronzer makes you look tanner. The best way to dress up your makeup look is to add eyeshadow. It defines your eye, and adds brightness. Eyeliner lines your eyes and makes your lashes look fuller. And last but not least is mascara. Coat your lashes with a few coats of mascara for the perfect finish to your eyes. The drugstore has many great foundations, concealers, eyeshadows and mascaras, so there is no need to spend a fortune on them. My favorite mascara is lashblast by covergirl. The two products I would suggest spending a little bit more on are blushes and eyeshadows. My absolute favorite blush is by NARS in the color orgasm. It is a perfect colored blush that fits every skin tone. For eyeshadow, I would recommend a palette. Palettes have many different colors to choose from so you can change up your look every day. The best eyeshadow palette is the Urban Decay Naked Palette and I highly recommend it. Another great palette that is a little less expensive is the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. If you need help with the application, there are a lot of YouTube videos that can help you. 


Good Luck!

Re: basic makeup help!

Hi sarahmack184,

Since you are just starting to wear makeup keep it kind of light. Try wearing mascara, and a light eyeshadow, that is not too shimmery, in nuetral tones like champagne, gold or brown. If you want to wear face makeup first decide what finish you want, and make sure to get the right shade! Too make sure that you get the right shade and finish go to a Sephora store and ask someone to help you figure it out. Also don't wear too much face makeup on places you don't need too. Try wearing lipgloss instead of lipstick, because it might be too much to wear lipstick. If you want to wear blush make sure to get a kind of light shade and look at your face from all angles while applying it. Also make sure to wash all your makeup off before you get to sleep!!! I really hope this helps! Smiley Happy


Re: basic makeup help!

The first two tips I have aren't exactly make-up but they are great tips and will do a lot for you. I'm only 19, so most of my tips should be pretty good for highschool.

-First off get your eye brows shaped. Don't go crazy! Just go to a salon (for me it's like $7) and ask them to shape them for you. Then you can just pluck the hairs that grow back, it's a good way to start for newbies. It really does a lot for your eyes.

-Second get your hair shaped, you don't have to cut it all off, but try to get something that frames your face. More of a style rather then just having it straight.

- Makeup wise go for things that are simple, I like the Korres Wild Rose Mineral foundation simple because it's natural, quick, and doesn't irritate my skin. Any mineral foundation will probably be a good place to start though.

- Concealer is great to have on hand just incase you have a bump or need to cover some dark circles, it really is a staple. I just use a Neutrogena coverstick. 

-To be honest I wouldn't worry about eye shadow, but if you were going to try some I would recomend starting with neutrals. These are generally beige, soft pink, taupes, and browns. They look natural and it's hard to accidentally make yourself look like a clown. They also go with everything.

- Mascara, it is probably the makeup product that makes the biggest difference in your apearance. The main colors are Brown or Black, brown is more natural unless you have naturally black lashes (then always choose black). I would look for something that gives definition. Clumpy lashes always look bad, less is more. 

-Blush can be good but often girls use too much, go with natural soft pink shades and apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend. These can come in cream or powder, I personally prefer powder. 

-Lipgloss, something shiney with a hint of color an inexpensive option would be Baby Lips by Mabeline. Pinks look good on most people, but you generally want something a shade darker than your natural lip color. My lips are verry dark pink so I often go for sheer red balms. 

-Blotting sheets or setting powder can really help from oiliness and keep your makeup on longer. Setting powders are tranluscent white powders you dust on after applying everything, some people finds it makes them look pale or chalky though. Blotting sheets are another good thing you can use these during the day to blot off oil from your face without ruining your makeup. 

-Other non-makeup realted things to improve your look would be things like POSTURE ,can't stress it enough, makes you look more confident. My mom would make me walk with a book on my head when I slouched. Clothes that fit well and emphasize your body shape. To tight can draw peoples attention to problem areas and to loose can just look sloppy. I always wore Jeans, Converse, and T-shirts but I always tried to buy things that fit the best. Keep your nails clean and filed, if you want put a clear coat on them. 

Finally matinence, take your makeup off every night, no exceptions, it can cause bacteria and acne. Any kind of cleanser is fine, if you have acne try Neutrogena. Moisturize even if your skin is oily a little bit of moisture can help and even clear your skin. Cetaphil lotions are good but Garnier makes some gel ones that my friends with oily skin seem to like. Lastly buff your face once a week with some kind of exfoliator, be careful though if you rub to hard or buy something irritating you can harm your skin. I like the Yu-be foaming skiin polish but it's pricey.

Message me if you have any questions! Good Luck!


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