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Your Thoughts : Urban Decay Palette's ?

Hey everyone,


So I am really considering purchasing the Urban Decay Naked palette. However seeing that there are 3 editions of them what is the difference between them all ?. Also what is your general thoughts on them. How is the color pay off and is there a lot of fall out ?. All your opinions are as always appreciated :-)


Thanks !


~ Carmen ~

Re: Your Thoughts : Urban Decay Palette's ?

Prettyinpa covered it, but I would at least look up swatches on-line, if not go swatch them yourself before you commit.  I think the color payoff is pretty good, but I always use a primer.   That said, for the price and number of colors you get, you really can't go wrong.

Re: Your Thoughts : Urban Decay Palette's ?

I only own the Naked 2 out of the 3 mentioned. I am loving taupe shades so I purchased that one over the original naked palette. I love the packaging on the 2 vs. the original, that felt material I am not a fan of. The brush in the 2 is double ended, whereas the original has a normal one end brush. After looking at both for months, I decided to buy the Naked 2 palette over the original. It is the perfect blend of neutrals, has copper shades and taupes and greys and the perfect matte black. I like foxy and tease as everyday colors, when I am feeling like wearing the least amount of makeup possible.  

Re: Your Thoughts : Urban Decay Palette's ?

I have the Naked 2 and I love it. I don't wear eyeshadow everyday but when I do I always reach for my Naked palette. The colors are neutral, some light, some dark so you can do natural or smokey eye. Very versatile. I have cool very fair skin, brown hair and green eyes, I heard that the Naked 2 is better for cool skin 

Re: Your Thoughts : Urban Decay Palette's ?

I have the Naked Basics and Naked 2 palettes.


I prefer the Naked Basics as the good old everyday palette. It's natural, matte, clean, and simple. For those days I want to spice it up or be bolder with my eye makeup, then I use Naked 2 palette since the colors are cool, darker, more glittery, etc.

Re: Your Thoughts : Urban Decay Palette's ?

I have naked one and naked basics- if anything I reach for naked basics or lorac pro palette more than anything. Naked one is nice but if you like mattes the other two are preferable.  

Re: Your Thoughts : Urban Decay Palette's ?

I have all 3. I used Basics maybe once, don't really care for it. I used the original naked non stop, until I bought naked 2. I usually reach for 2 daily, and the original every once in a while. Google swatches and see which ones fit your style the most. 

Primer helps with color pay off, my favorite shade, half baked, I can get away without using primer. The only fallout I get is from the shades with chunky glitter, but that's normal for any eyeshadow with chunky glitter. 

Re: Your Thoughts : Urban Decay Palette's ?

I have one and two, but one is the best!

Two has more greys and taupes to me.

Re: Your Thoughts : Urban Decay Palette's ?

I own all 3 (blushes shamelessly) and here's the lowdown.

NAKED original-  Has more warm tones than NAKED 2, some fallout in glitter shadows, as is typical of UD shadows. Sidecar is the one with the most fallout for me. 3 matte shadows.


NAKED2- Cooler tones, Chopper and YDK have the most fallout, though not as excessive as the Midnight Cowboy series (which isn't included in the NAKED palettes) 3 1/2 matte shadows, Pistol is more matte than shimmer, but not a full shimmer like the others.


NAKED basics-  Matte shades.  I find this one to be the least useful in my opinion, though if you were a fan of matte shadows, then you would probably choose this one.

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