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YSL Shocking Mascara Dupe?

So I got the YSL Shocking Mascara today in the mail, and I loved it BUT it is scented and a bit too wet for a dry mascara loving girl. I'm so sensitive to added perfumey scents. Normal "make up" scents don't bother or irritate me at all though. I really like how long and dramatic and simple it was to get off, but not the smell. It's such a good mascara but I was wondering if the Lancome l'extreme mascara was just as good or if there is another? I've tried Benefits they're real and it was 'meh' on me. Hope any of you can help!

Re: YSL Shocking Mascara Dupe?

Good to know, I have major smell/scent/flavor issues, usually worry about that with lip products and some cleanser & treatment products. Thanks for the heads up.

Re: YSL Shocking Mascara Dupe?

no problem

it's like a strong rosy scent it made my eyes water up when I just opened the mascara! The same thing happened when I tried the Guerlain Maxi lash mascara. It sucks that the scented ones work best on me :c

Re: YSL Shocking Mascara Dupe?

I thought I was the only one that had that problem with mascara!  Any time it gives off any type of a fragrance, it kills my eyes; wearing contacts really doesn't help matters any, either.

Re: YSL Shocking Mascara Dupe?

nonono you're not alone! I pretty much gave up on contacts since my vision isn't that bad but I felt like anything would disturb them as well. I'm super sensitive to scents in general though, especially detergents. My perfumes have to be soft scented or else I get terrible migraines :c   

Re: YSL Shocking Mascara Dupe?

I'm not quite that bad, thank goodness, since I can't see past my nose without my contacts in; makes applying eye makeup a real pain, trying to be that close to the mirror!  It's pretty much just my eyes, and I'm finding that even some under-eye concealers are making me tear up.

Re: YSL Shocking Mascara Dupe?

Essence Cosmetics "Get Big" lashes is a great dupe for YSL Shocking mascara according to a review i read, i don't know about the smell though.


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Re: YSL Shocking Mascara Dupe?


I'm sure it's a lot cheaper too! Smiley Happy

Re: YSL Shocking Mascara Dupe?

yeah it is. Smiley Happy

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