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Winged Liner Tips

Hey beauties!


I want to know if any of you lovelies can help me out with some advice on perfecting winged liner.  I have pretty big roundish eyes.  I kind of know the concept on how it should look and I'm practicing but it's hard!  How angled should the wing be?  Is there a particular length you shouldn't go past?  Help please!

Re: Winged Liner Tips

Have you tried the winged eyeliner with a piece of tape?


Or the spoon trick?


Re: Winged Liner Tips

Get a perfect wing with ease.


I also found this on buzzfeed that is worth taking a look at. But practice is kinda the key.. you know how they say practice makes perfect? Well personally, practice makes close to being perfect for me, but my eyes are slightly uneven so I can never get perfect, I will be happy with good enough to be seen by the public.

Re: Winged Liner Tips

Omg!!!!! Amazing!!!!  ( I love japanese television!!!!!)

Re: Winged Liner Tips

Okay! I tried the spoon thing three times and have it down now! Neat trick! Thing is- after doing the spoon trick, I kinda know exactly how to place it without the spoon now. 

Re: Winged Liner Tips

OMG! The spoon video is a riot! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Winged Liner Tips

Hehe! I thought so too, there are many other tutorials on the spoon wing liner trick, but none of them are as entertaining as this one!

Re: Winged Liner Tips

You can make your wing go as far as you'd like. I personally line my angle of my wing based on the outer corner of my eye and the tail end of my eyebrow. I also like the length of my line to not exceed the height of my crease. One day I'll post a tutorial, I swear!

Re: Winged Liner Tips

Hi sammiebaby,

I think that weeeweeeee's diagram explains it best.  It's hard to explain it in words without having any sort of visual to accompany the words!  But the best trick I learned is to follow the angle of your bottom eye lid when creating the angle of your wing, (as seen in pic #2 of the diagram) to make it most compatible with your eye shape. Have fun!

Smiley Happy -Laura  

Re: Winged Liner Tips

Definitely use gel/cream eyeliner and an angled brush. The angled brush will be extremely helpful because it literally maps out where the eye liner is going to go. My favorite is that MAC 263 because it has synthetic bristles and it can give you an ultra sharp line

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