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Who has the new Naked 3?

Please tell me about it, and if anyone sees it online, post so we can catch it...I missed it on Sephora.  Swatches???

Re: Who has the new Naked 3?

Unfortunately, it appears as though the LM is sold out again--for now! They're certainly different, but similar enough that I couldn't justify getting both--at least not right after getting the 3.

Re: Who has the new Naked 3?

Oh the pics are so nice... Can't wait until I can order and get one!  (I have and <3 NAKED, never wanted Naked 2, waiting for 3!)

Re: Who has the new Naked 3?

I finally got my Naked 3 in store yesterday with my coupon!!!


I must say...well worth the money, especially at $32.  In my opinion, the best naked palette yet. 


Now I need eyeliner color suggestions other than black or brown...any thoughts about color combos?

Re: Who has the new Naked 3?

Just got mine yesterday.  I have the other two (with Naked 2 being my favorite), but think that if I had to have just one, it would be Naked 3.  Love it, love it, love it.

It obviously won't be everyone's first choice, but definitely is for me Smiley Happy

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