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White, Nude, Beige liners?

So, I have been observing makeup looks, and seeing that people have been placing nude, white, beige, etc. Liners on the waterlines. And I know that that is supposed to make yur eyes to appear larger. But is it supposed to do anything else? And What color would look best with my tan skin tone? 


Re: White, Nude, Beige liners?

depending on your eye shape, it can define your eye more, make them appear more awake and brighter. i really like to use them because it makes your eyes look "doll-like." i think nude should do you good since white is way too harsh on almost every skintone. i am not sure what difference is in nude/ beige but a fair skin color will look more natural and give the same effect but just not as harsh.

Re: White, Nude, Beige liners?

sorry, forgot to mention but the mac chromagrphic pencils are great for a nude liner and the tarte inner rim brightner as well.

Re: White, Nude, Beige liners?

I've asked the same question recently! I've been told that the nude liners are better for all skin tones and make your eyes appear naturally larger, without being obvious like white does. I use white to fill in the inner tear duct corners to brighten up my eyes, and most ppl do use some sort of lighter color there. I also use a light shadow to do the same. I plan to buy a nude liner to line my waterline with since that was the consensus when I asked the same question. I like the way it looks on others, so it's worth a try. I may also try white, ur I know I want a natural look, so nude it will most likely be.

Re: White, Nude, Beige liners?

I love using a light neutral liner on my bottom lash line.  It's pretty versatile since I can use a bright liner on my top lash line, but not use it on the bottom (don't want it too crazy lol).  My favorite one to use at the moment is Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Underground.


Re: White, Nude, Beige liners?

I think that a nude color is the best because it is natural and less harsh. I would go with something that is a shade lighter than your skintone to have the brightening effect. Since you have tan skin I recommend using either a light brown or a darker beige color. It may be harder to find but I believe there is a light brown in the Sephora Nano collection. I recommend heading to a sephora to look for your best match. Hope this helps!!!


Re: White, Nude, Beige liners?

I have very pale skin and my bottom waterline tends to get very red. I find nude and beige eyeliners on my bottom lashes make them seem even redder. I use white liner on my waterline and under my eyelashes. But I thoroughly blend it in with my finger so it doesn't appear as bright white. I also usually use black eyeliner on my top lashes which helps contradict the white and draw attention from it, while enhancing my eyes. I would also suggest a brown eyeliner on top lashes with mascara and nude shadow, it gives a natrual look while still enhancing eyes.

Re: White, Nude, Beige liners?

Hey guys, wish I had seen this post earlier.  The convo made me curious about a problem I have when using a different liner on my top and bottom lashes.....whatever the darker color is, it bleeds into the other color through out the day, do you guys have that issue? i.e. if I put black liner on top waterline and white liner on bottom waterline, the black bleeds into it. Or should I not waterline the top but tightline instead? Thanks guys.

white and bright!

I always have a hard time lining the waterline because my skin is really sensitive. In order to make my brighter and larger, I take a jumbo creme stick (suprisingly, rue21 has a great one for only $2!) that i swipe in my inner tear duct from the crease to the bottom of the tear duct. Works wonders!

Re: White, Nude, Beige liners?

I just bought a NYX jumbo white eyeliner, figuring it isn't too expensive of an investment for an experiment. I won't wear it too often and I figured I'd probably like a nude better. Nso, now I know...a nude liner is much more subtle and natural looking, while making my eyes appear bigger. Mi did invest in a Tarte nude eye brightening liner...I think that's it's name. That works so much better for me. I'm going to keep the NYX liner bc for $4, its worth it to play around.

Re: White, Nude, Beige liners?

Light colored eyeliners do not do anything but brighten up your eyes and make you look even more youthful.  If you have skin that is tan, definintly not white.  Not very many people can pull it off.  You want to pick a liner that is lighter than your skin tone.  If nude would be a good color for you.



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