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Which pallet is the best use?

I need help deciding which eye pallet to buy. One that isn't too expensive.


I've had my eyes on the Naked pallets (1, 2 and the Basic) but I'm not sure which to get. There are colors in all three that I like and the basic has the main colors but there isn't anything extra that comes with it, like the brush or primer.


I would like one that has the colors suited for my eye color (brown) but nothing too bold or over dramatic. Glitter is fine as long as its not much. I'm leaning toward a smoky eye but also something everyday wear.


Thank You 

Re: Which pallet is the best use?

I always had some reason or excuse not to buy the naked palette regardless of its rave reviews- so when I finally got it for Christmas I couldn't believe I waited so long. You can create any type of look with it, natural or dramatic and I pretty much use it every day. I have a lot of other urban decay palettes and some smashbox ones and its almost like they don't exist anymore- I literally reach for my naked palette all the time. I wouldn't regret buying it!

Re: Which pallet is the best use?

LORAC pro palette! it has a the same amount of matte and shimmer colours. it also comes with the lorac eye primer Smiley Happy i believe its cheaper than the naked 1 and 2.

Re: Which pallet is the best use?

I love and use all 3 Nakeds, I mix between all the pallets and the options are limitlessI'm at this moment really into creating a 60's inspired eye with the Naked Basics pallet. I would also think you might love the Kat Von D pallet "Ludwig" I used it on my brown eyed friend and it was stunning. The looks could be subtle or dramatic. I find it a great add on to any neutral collection, there is a green shade (orbi) that makes brown eyes pop~

Re: Which pallet is the best use?

If your looking for something "simple" and not too much I would suggest the Nake Basic palette you will get more use out of it if your looking for something quick & simple... the Naked 1 & 2 palettes are a little more divers with glitter, matte, and metallic shades (the colors are very warm & pretty tho).

Good Luck!

Re: Which pallet is the best use?

I think you get more for your money with Naked pallets 1 and 2. One has more glitter colors where as 2 has more matte. Both are excellent. I have warm undertones and use the first one more then I use the second, but I use both of them on a regular basis.

Re: Which pallet is the best use?

I have both the Naked 2 pallete and the Naked Basics pallete and love them both! I use the Naked Basics for when I go to class/work because it's matte and neutral but with the last three colors you can get an amazing matte smokey eye, which is so hard to find! The Naked Basics is amazing for everyday and you'll probably get a lot of use out of it. As for Naked 2 (and Naked 1), the colors are really shimmery and pigmented and I use them for dates/going out at night. Still beautiful, I probably wouldn't go to work wearing some of the colors.

Re: Which pallet is the best use?

i think it depends on your skin's undertone... if you have warm undertones, naked 2... if you have cooler undertones, naked... if you really want true basics... mostly matte.. then the nakked basics Smiley Happy hope i helped!

Re: Which pallet is the best use?

  Hello JDellaCivita! 

  The Naked palettes are BRILLIANT buys, but contain a different variaty of browns/golds/greys/charcoals/ect. I suggest going to local Sephora store and comparing the colors to see what you like best, but in case you can't, here are some descriptions. 

  The Naked 1 palette is very warm and great for smoky eyes, full of the following colors: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half-Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal. 

  The Naked 2 is brighter, and sort of sticks you in the nutral range of colors. 

  The Naked Basics is what it says: Very, very basic. They are all matte, simple shades, that come with no brush. 

   Because you're leaning towards also a smoky eye AND something for every day, I suggest the Naked 1. 

   You're welcome, 


Re: Which pallet is the best use?

I have brown eyes too and have all three pallets.  I would suggest pallet 1 and the basics.  I have been using the basic the most recently so if you're looking for the best value I would suggest you get this one.  It's definitely not "bold', but is noticeable.

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