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Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?



I'm interested to see what palettes everyone owns & which palettes they would like to own.. I love eyeshadow & have more than I will ever need, but that's the fun part!


I currently own..

-Kat Von D True Romance in Sinner

-Tarte Aqualilies Eye & Cheek Palette

-Tartelette Matte Palette

-Tarte Tarteist Blush Palette

-Lorac Glogetter Palette

-Lorac Mint Edition from Ulta

-Too Faced Boudoir Eyes 

-Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

-Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

-MUFE Artist Palette Volume 1

-UD Deluxe 

-UD Naked 2

-UD Naked 3

-UD x Gwen Stefani

-Marc Jacobs Lolita

-NARS Voulez Vous Eye & Cheek Palette

-NARS One Shocking Moment Blush Palette

-Smashbox Double Exposure Eyeshadow Palette




-Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette

-UD Naked Smoky

-Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

-KVD Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Plum

 -KVD Shade + Light Contour Palette


I like hearing about what other people have in their makeup collections, so feel free to list on! (:

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I own:
UD -Naked
-Naked 2
-Deluxe Shadow box

Ud emergency palette

Mac palettes

Too faced romantic eye

Too faced at night

Too faced natural

Too faced matte eye 

Too faced sexy 

Baremineral 4.0

Too faced indulgence

3 costal scents palette

Ud Glinda

Ud Theodora

Chanel perlees ombres

Diors 5 colouer 

Guerlain 5 colouer

Ud skull palette

Too faced insurance policy

Ud vol 4

Too faced brows a go go

The balm nude tude


Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I owned the Naked 2 and Kate Von D and I was disapointed. The problem with the Naked 2 Palette was the fact that the colors were way too light and too neutral, it was a very boring palette, and on top of that, that black fell out and I was angry, but I am angrier at the Kate Von D palette. I got it on sale, but it actually wasn't half bad except three of the colors were terrible. One was powdery, another was chalky and fell out and the third one didn't even work at all

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

This is a fun thread!  I currently own:


Kat Von D Ludwig Palette (beautiful colors!)

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Sephora Pantone Universe palette

Lancome eyeshadow quads (free bonuses)


Wishlist palettes:

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes

Lorac Pro Palette

Kat Von D Saint Palette

Smashbox eyeshadow trio in Filter

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I own:

UD -Naked

-Naked 2



-Deluxe Shadow box


-Oz Theodora

-Oz Glinda


Lorac Pro Palette

Stila -In the Light Palette

-Lovely In London

-Sensational in Sydney

-Merry and Bright

-The It Girl

Sonia Kashuk Eye on Natural

Too Faced- Boudoir Eyes

-Natural Eye

-Naked Eye


Benefit-Big Beautiful Eyes

-World Famous Neutrals Most Glamorous Nudes

-World Famous Neutrals Most Sexiest Nudes

-World Famous Neutrals Most Easiest Nudes

Kat Von D Beethoven

Disney Magic Carpet Ride

Sephora and Pantone Elemental Color Grid

Flower Shadow Play in -Smoke and Mirrors

-Foxy Browns


With that said I have WAY to many palettes.  I love them all, but I cringe about how much money I have spent and that I will never get the use out of them that I should.  I am however very good at using them all equally.  I will also say I only own palettes for eyeshadow, I have one single shade.  Most people I know are opposite.  They have a million single shades and one or two palettes.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Ohh and as a side note.  I wear a neutral eye to work Mon-Thurs.  Friday is casual day and I take that as bold eye day.  I love my UD palettes for Friday.  Also I am the only one that participates haha  Though everyone "stops by" on Friday to see me.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Haves:Urban Decay Naked

Urban Decay Naked 2

Urban Decay Naked Basics

Urban Decay Book of eyeshadows 3

Dior 5 color eyeshadow in Earth Reflection 609

YSL Pure chromatics 09

Bobbi Brown Create your own 4 color pallet



Nars "And God Created the Woman"

Urban Decay Theodora

Stila in The Light

Benefit Big Beautiful eyes

ANd everything Kat Von D Smiley Happy



Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I want the Theodora palette too! I may have to get it in the future.. & I want one of the other Kat Von D palettes too, the one with the browns and greens. I can't think of the name. I love the sleek, black packaging with the rose pattern on it. So pretty!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

-UD Naked

-UD Theodora Palette

-Too Faced Neutral Eye

-The Balm Jovi Palette

-Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette

-Sephora Color Play 5 in 1

-Bare Minerals, The Women of BE

-Bare Escentuals Sweet Obsessions

- a Lorac Holiday palette from a few years ago, that I can't remember the name of.


Even though they aren't really palettes, I included the large sets from Bare Minerals.

I have a few UD palettes on my wants list, but I have so much eyeshadow already, I really don't think I need anymore!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Lorac  Pro (which is my favorite/the one I use most often.  So universal)

UD Feminine Paletter


And.. there are a couple of more somewhere haha.



As for what I want, it really depends on my mood.  I want more UD palettes as well as some Nars ones.  More Lorac would be great as well.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I own:

Smashbox softbox

LORAC Pro Palette

NYX 78 color eyeshadow palette

Urban Decay Ammo

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone

Wet N Wild Petal Pusher

Mineral fusion trio- expresso


I want:

Urban Decay Naked

Smashbox Heatwave

Dior 5 colour eyeshadows

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Good morning!! Oooo that Tarte Romancing the Glow palette is SO pretty! Not just the colors but the case itself!!!


I have:

MAC 15 (or is it 16? dunno) custom palette

Naked 1 & 2

Coastal Scents Mirage and original palette

Too Faced Natural eye kit

Inglot freedom system 10 & 5 palette

E.L.F. little black book and the one that looks like snake skin palettes

and I ordered the Lorac Pro Palette but haven't received it yet



TOO MANY!! NARS And God Created the Woman & the Happening

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose

Naked Basics


I'm taking a break from purchasing for a while though so I'll miss out on the NARS palettes Smiley Sad

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Right? I loved the colors and when I looked up the packaging, I knew I had to have it! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Boohoo, i didn't realize how many I had until i started this list.  Some were bad impulse buys from when I was just starting out with makeup and didn't know what I was doing (this was well after I turned 30 btw).  If I could do it all over again, I would have bought a lot fewer palettes, and only ones I knew I would use frequently.  Then I would go with NYX or e.l.f. for special effects or bright colors that would only be used, like, once a year.


If I didn't have so many hanging around, I would be all over Too Faced Naked Eye, Too Faced Boudoir Eye, Lorac GloGetter, and Stila In the Light palettes right now.


Smashbox Softbox from a couple of years ago

Smashbox Hot Date from even longer ago

Smashbox Eye Wish holiday palette from a few years ago

Smashbox ClassifEYED

Lorac Croc Palette

Lancome Color Design Teal Fury

Lancome Color Design Pretty Pretty

UD 15th Anniversary Palette

UD Rollergirl

UD Mariposa

Sephora Izak Baked Color Notebook

Laura Mercier Artist Palette for Eyes

Laura Mercier Double-Decker Palette

NYX Love in Paris

a bunch of Stila 3-pan palettes

3 Tokidoki mini palettes

Clinique Color Surge 6-pan palette

Trish McEvoy Emergency Beauty Card for Eyes

Bare Minerals 8.0 READY the Cocktail Hour

Bare Minerals 8.0 READY the Star Treatment

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

WOW! That's a good collection (: I am happy to say that the palettes I own I have bought on sale! The higher end ones anyway. The drugstore palettes are a steal compared to the high end ones. I have made a rule, that I am only going to buy eyeshadow palettes if they are on sale, whether it be at sephora, ulta, haute look or any makeup brand website. & I have stayed true to that to this day & am proud! I got a couple during the Chic Week sale, some with gift cards, one on haute look and one on ulta's website. My boyfriend just bought me the glogetter palette too.

I also love Ulta's flash deals! I look forward to waking up in the morning & checking my e-mails to see potential buys Smiley Very Happy

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Awesome!  Yup, it took me a while to realize that there are sales/coupons going on all the time.  The first several palettes I purchased were unfortunately full price, but most of the others were from sales.  


I think that's a great resolution you made!  I'm trying to not buy any more eyeshadows at all this year unless they're suuuuper cheap (like my NYX palette which I LOVE) and even then I think twice.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

i picked up my NYX palette and love it too drrragon! i got it at TJMaxx for $12 and LOVE IT.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

If only I had discovered NYX years ago, I'd have sooooo much more money to spend on other stuff today, LOL!  I never tried anything NYX until last December!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I absolutely love the Wet n' Wild shadows. & they are highly inexpensive too! I feel like YX is the highend of drugstore products. If that makes any sense. haha I've been meaning to buy the NYX jumbo pencils to try them out! 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

@kissXmakeup -- I'm DYING to try some WnW Colon Icons, I keep hearing good things about them!  Gotta use up some of what I have first though.


edit: LOL i meant COLOR Icons not COLON icons!!!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

@drrragon- i like about 50-60% of the shadows in the WnW color icon eyeshadows 8 palette. Some of them are smoother & more pigmented than UD! And some are like chalk! I have really enjoyed the colors that are richly pigmented though and for $4.99 you cant beat it! Plus some drugstores have buy one get one 50% off so then it is even less. I own petal pusher and comfort zone. My next one is going to be a trio- Walking on Eggshells

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

It is the best trio! Neutral toned and very, VERY pigmented. I want Comfort Zone after watching a couple dupe youtube videos.

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