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Which Eyeliner is Preferred?

So, I am considering getting a new eyeliner mostly to see how it works with regards to my current one.  Currently I'm using Guerlain's Terracotta Kohl liner in black, and I'm looking into maybe getting the Tarte Waterproof Clay liner in black.  Obviously, the Tarte will not have the sparkles that the kohl liner does.  But for those who have used either or both (especially both!), what differences have you noticed in application and appearance?  Photos would be very helpful!  


As a secondary question, what is everyone's favorite eyeliner application type and brand?  There are so many options out there!

Re: Which Eyeliner is Preferred?

Are you using the loose powder or the kajal? I use the loose powder in black and just love it! It's never been so easy to line my waterline and it lasts throughout the whole day! =D


For traditional eyeliner I prefer liquid but have yet to really find a liquid liner than can withstand my watery eyes without using she-lac.

Re: Which Eyeliner is Preferred?

The loose powder, I love it too!  The onl problem is as the day goes on (and it is extremely easy on the waterline!) it tends to fall away, was considering using the clay on the waterline as a base to hold the coloration for long days.  I've been using Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer in the waterline and it holds it pretty well.  I know the whole point is for the smoky look, but around 6pm without the primer it's more of a smudgy look Smiley Tongue  So, thinking the clay may improve the loose kohl powder's longevity Smiley Very Happy 


Glad to hear there's another loose powder fan ^.^

Re: Which Eyeliner is Preferred?

Ooo! I never thought of using a pencil underneath it! I wonder how that would work too! Would black on black increase the intensity? Would using another colour underneath give the black powder liner a slightly different hue on the highlight? Uh oh, now I'm thinking!


Smudgy look... yeah I usually don't get that unless I've had a bad time with my eyes watering that day. I have always used eyeprimer very close to my lashline never thinking that it helped the loose powder to keep from straying too much. This is truly a duh moment for me.


Glad to know there's another loose powder fan as well. Now I don't feel nearly as paranoid that it's going to get d/c anytime soon. =D


Re: Which Eyeliner is Preferred?

Hoorah!  I think it will increase the intensity from the videos that I've been watching, and at the very least keep things looking tidy on watery days!

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