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What's your favorite eyeliner?

I'm looking for the HG of eyeliners; I love liquids and cake but am open to pencils too....Let me know!!

Re: What's your favorite eyeliner?

It sounds like MUFE Aqua, Tarte and Stila are clear faves.....

Thanks for the idea of using black carat as a liner....I never thought of that!


Re: What's your favorite eyeliner?

Thanks everyone for all the advice!  As I said below...MUFE Aqua, Tarte and Stila Liquid seem to get mentioned repeatedly....UD too.....I'll check them out!  Any other advice is welcome....I have fair skin and blue eyes....used to wear black, but now that I'm "mature" I feel that it's too stark looking.....I'm going to try navy or dark brown....

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