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What’s wrong with my eyelids?

I usually wear browns, lighter color on eyelid and brown in the crease but you can never tell. Doesn’t really matter what color I chose (not talking about bright colors) it always looks like I’m not wearing any color at all. 

I know I’m not very good at putting eyeshadow on but it doesn’t ever seem to look like I’m wearing any color at all. I do have small eyelids and small eyes. 

Any suggestions for me?  Thank you!!

Re: What’s wrong with my eyelids?

The extra skin on hooded eyes tends to add more shadow to the eye, especially anything right under the brow bone. That can make it harder for color to be seen. What I have been doing that helps is add a touch of a light concealer to my entire eyelid, usually I just use whatever product is left on my sponge after I blend my concealer but I might dab a tiny dot on my lid to blend out. I also use a light powder to prime and set my concealer. I still find that the colors often come through as a different shade than they should but if I adjust my color choice with that in mind, I can put color on my upper lids and have it stick.

Re: What’s wrong with my eyelids?

My eyes are pretty small as well, @Meeg71 so I usually have to take color above my crease for it to be noticeable. Wayne Goss on youtube has some good videos about hooded eyes and his tips helped me with my technique. 

Re: What’s wrong with my eyelids?

@quspork I always try to get my shade above my crease, but for some reason it never seems to take.  Do you have any tips?  My eyes aren't usually hooded, if you need to know that in order to answer the question.  (If I don't get enough sleep, righty gets hooded!)

Re: What’s wrong with my eyelids?

@greeneyedgirl107 Hmmmm, do you have trouble with any particular formulation or is it just across the board? Sometimes a chalkier formula doesn't "attach" as well to my upper eyes as well as softer, more powdery shadows. And I do use a dense crease brush to help get plenty of product there. 

Re: What’s wrong with my eyelids?

@quspork I pretty much notice this across the board.  I'm always on the hunt for a good crease brush (I own several but haven't found a HG) so let me know if you have any recs.


I really should watch beauty tutorials online but I've never been much for watching videos as I lose interest quickly.  Now, I don't have the time to research, practice or even wear makeup period.  But, I am trying to stay prepared for when things change.

Re: What’s wrong with my eyelids?

It's a shame my favorite crease brush isn't available more, @greeneyedgirl107. It's an old Julep one (not the current one they have for sale) that came with one of their shadow palettes. The palette was absolute trash LOL but the brush is amazing. When you have time, you may want to check out some the Wayne Goss videos. He usually at least gets to the point fairly straight away so it's not usually a big investment in time (at least with his older videos, I confess to not having watched much more recently). 

Re: What’s wrong with my eyelids?

@Meeg71 --


 I have a small spot on one of my eyelids that doesn't take color well-- as if that spot absorbs everything! I use eye cream a little while before makeup application, then follow with Bobbi Brown's eye base right before making up. It helps! If your eyes are either dry or very oily, it can be a problem for having color show. But maybe it's your eye shape, so...


 If it's a matter of having hooded eyes you should check out tutorials specifically for hooded eyes-- I'd check out Lisa Eldridge's videos, also SugarPuffAndFluff  has a great one for this. Just go to YouTube and type in eyeshadow tutorials for hooded eyes, and you'll get great help.

Re: What’s wrong with my eyelids?

I had heard of hooded eyes before and didnt really think it fit until I looked at photos and looked at myself in the mirror. I totally have hooded eyes!  I never saw it before but do now and I’m shocked. 

Thank you for the recommendations on the videos. I’m going to check it out. 


Thank you so much for responding.

Re: What’s wrong with my eyelids?

@Meeg71 -- I'm sure you'll find help there. I didn't used to have hooded eyes till I hit around 50, but I used to make up my BFF as a teen and her eyes were super hooded her whole life. It's just a matter of using different techniques and it's not really difficult once someone explains it. Everyone really has to adapt makeup to their own needs to get the look they want. 

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