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What is the best eye brow shape for rounder faces?


Re: What is the best eye brow shape for rounder faces?

It really depends on what your brows already look like. Are they on the thinner side? Or are they a bit more bold? Adding a slight arch seems to flatter everyone. I'd recommend visiting your local waxing salon and asking for a shaping that will best flatter your face shape Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: What is the best eye brow shape for rounder faces?

Janine's right, if you lean toward any preference, you can always alter and tweek a style to suit your specific features.


There are a couple of guide lines that can help give you a better idea of where brows should start, end, and even arch or curve:





I would avoid altering your brow to a shape that is too thin as a thinner brow would moreso fade into the rest of your features and not really detract from the roundness that you're looking to work with. Try more of an angled arch as opposed to a curve as the angular nature will break up the roundness and curve your face has already and give it some structure and dimension.


Take a look at some of the celebrities below for some reference and maybe some brow ideas that can work similar for you:

Ginnifer Goodwin

Her arch is more aligned like the charts above, you can see the arch is slight, but still angled rather than a soft curve.



Christina Ricci

Though her brow isn't as arched and pronounced as Ginnifers, you can tell that the start of her brows is thicker than the tail end of the brow. The weight and thickness adds fullness and prevents the brows from looking like thin lines floating on a rounder face.


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