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What is a good waterproof mascara?

I'm all about looking natural, and for the summer I want a nice waterproof mascara in brown. I need a mascara that doesn't clump and look obvious that I'm wearing makeup (natural), but still really lengthens my eyelashes. I currently use a non waterproof mascara by Clinique, called High Lengths in brown. Also, does waterproof mascara really work in the pool when going under water and everything?

Re: What is a good waterproof mascara?

Hi Xoamanda12xo, I recommend bareMinerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Espresso.  It's very natural looking & doesn't clump.  It also won't budge until you remove it with makeup remover.  Smiley Happy -Laura


bareMinerals Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara.jpg

Re: What is a good waterproof mascara?

I can't help with a brown waterproof mascara recommendation, but if you search for waterproof mascara on the site you will see that there are 8-10 that have a brown formula, including one from Clinique, two from Dior, two from Lancome and one from YSL that I saw.  You might need to read reviews and descriptions to see what sounds natural to you.  I've only tried the Definicils which is fairly natural looking.  I don't find it adds volume, but might give you length.  I didn't like the way it flaked on me but everyone is different.


I use Tarte "Lights, Camera, Splashes", which only comes in black.  I find it definitely is swimming waterproof -- I was swimming laps last Friday while I had it on.  I had a bit of dark smudge under my eyes but it might have been the eye liner.  Regardless, no horrible mascara running or anything like that.  And if I hadn't been swimming so much (we're talking 20-30 minutes serious swimming, since the lap lanes were the only part of the pool that wasn't crowded) I don't think I'd even have had that.


If you have a mascara that you really like, you can look for a waterproof topcoat, too.  I know Bare Minerals just put one out (no reviews yet) and there are others available, too.  That you could put over your regular mascara.


Sephora has a great return policy.  I didn't like the waterproof Definicils and I easily took it back and picked up the Lights, Camera, Splashes instead.

Re: What is a good waterproof mascara?

Thanks for the great advice! I will look into the Bare Minerals and the Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara. 

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