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What eyeshadow palette should I get?

I wanna get another one with the VIB gift card we're going to get in a couple weeks (I think? I hope..) and I want to hear suggestions based on my skin color (NC42-ish). I just bought Naked 2, LM artist, Anastasia Lavish, & a couple of the clearanced UD ones a month or two ago.


The one I'm leaning toward most is A Few of My Favorite Things.. I'm kind of interested in the Naked 3, but I don't know if that works for my skin tone since I'm new at all this eye stuff. Would it not show up well enough with my color? I feel like they'd all look the same, but don't really know much about that stuff yet.


Any other palettes I should consider? What are some of your faves? (I don't think I'm interested in the Lorac Pro or Vice 2)

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

LM artist is out of stock so you can cross it off your list. Smiley Sad

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

That doesn't mean that stores don't still have them around. 

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

If you see it grab it! They probably won't be restocked.

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

That is a sad story considering I love it so much. I know it will be a LONG time until I hit pan, but you know its no fun when you discover an awesome product and its LE

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

I just got that.. Wore it once, but tried it again and I looked like I had a black eye Smiley Sad lol. Gotta keep practicing.

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

I'm also NC 40-42 and I would recommend the Vice 2. I got it and I love it!


Since you already have Naked2, Vice2 would go nicely. It has some beautiful jeweled toned colors and would be great to mingle in with the Naked2. Smiley Happy

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

Any of the Too Faced Palettes.  Every single one of them is amazing.  Especially the Matte palette, the Smokey palette.  I love my Too Faced palettes the most out of all the ones I have.  Smashbox is another brand of eyeshadow that I love.  You can't go wrong with any of their shadows.


I think the Naked 3 colors would show up and look nice on your skin if they don't you can always return the palette.  Or you can try an eye primer that is more white or a lighter cream color.  That way it create a base that will help your shadows look and stay brighter.  My HG eye primer is Too Faced Shadow Insurance but if I am creating a look and want a really light and bright lid or whatever I will layer a little bit of NYX White Eye Primer over the Too Faced Shadow Insurance just for that extra oomph. 

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

Thanks! Maybe I'll try NYX's primer. I tried a jumbo pencil to brighten it up but didn't seem to work, maybe I wasn't doing it right. I love NYX!

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

The balm has great choice for all matte or all shimmer or mixed variety shadows. I recommend "Nude 'tude" and "Meet Matt", the quality is buttery soft and the color payoff is great for dark and light shades. The prices are also decent for a palette, mid 30's.

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

I am studying organic chemistry and consequently getting into "green cosmetics" while keeping my makeup in check and up to date. It's worth the money, and not sure if they discontinued it, but Dior's lift palettes are amazing. for brown eyes and fair/peachy skin, the amber lift was my go to. 


I stopped wearing eye shadow after quitting modeling (MUFE and MAC ruined my skin), but after testing some stuff out, the LORAC pro palette is awesome if you want to rock both day and evening looks. very highly pigmented. don't like the primer though. 


if/when sephora starts selling aveda (which i doubt since in SF aveda ... now owned by L'oreal) has taken over all the salons... their eye shadow palettes are the best. organic, super pigmented, and they just go on so smoothly. 



Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

Wholeheartedly agree with the suggestions already given, but I just thought I'd bring up an unlikely favorite Smiley Wink

The Sephora + Pantone Universe Elemental Energy palette is gorgeous. I just picked it up from the Friends and Family sale and I love it! Gorgeous pigmentation, colours are a good balance between neutral and "fun" colours, packaging is amazing and it's only $46 CAD. 

Warning about the A Few of My Favorite Things, I found some of the shadows lacking in pigmentation and some had fallout :/ 
Joy to the girls seems like a good option though! I'm going to be (hopefully!) picking up the Pretty Rebel palette myself (assuming it's not out of stock AGAIN)

Happy Shopping! Smiley Happy

Re: What eyeshadow palette should I get?

I'd try either the A few of my favourite things or Smashbox's master class palette 2 (68$ cad).  Both are a really great value. I have the Too Faced palette and it is great, but I find Smashbox's shadows come out more pigmented. However, the Too Faced palette has more interesting colours I think.upload_5228032270004398570.jpg

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