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What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Usually, I can make a palette work for me, but the Smashbox Heatwave Palette is just not doing the trick for me. The colors are pretty, but they go on really light. Plus the fallout is ridiculous.


I bought it a long time ago, so I'm gonna have to MsGyver this bad boy and use some colors with other palettes I have to make it work.


I guess I can try it wet, too. I haven't done that yet.


What eyeshadow palette to you regret purchasing?

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Stila - Eyes are the Window, Spirit

This was in a one of my rare in-store shopping experiences. I got sucked into the lingo from a great beauty rep. Swatched, her smile and make-up were so pretty... boom! Dollars down the drain for a crappy palette. Low quality, colors look weird on me, seems ashy and glittery. 

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Oh no!! I like to do most of my shopping online with mini reconnisance visits here and there for swatching purposes in case I get sucked into an SAs enthusiasm.   The two Stila palettes I have seem alright to me.  Their pans are a little awkwardly placed but they seem buttery enough with just a bit of fallout.   I also purchased them half off during the sale on sale so I'm easier on them than I would be if they were their original $50

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

I recently bought the new Givenchy Quatour palette in Frisson, and I didn't even bother trying to put in on my eyes after doing a quick swatch. The two light colors were almost identical in both color and generally dismal performance. The two darker ones were muddy and looked nothing like they did in the pan. And all 4 seemed to be dominated by huge chunks of unwieldy glitter. I can't remember the last time I returned a product - I'm not even sure that I ever have - but that one was back in the shipping box in less than 30 minutes. 

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Oh wow, that must be a record!   That's really too bad.   I feel as though I've had similar experience with a dior palette though I don't remember which one so it couldn't have been too too disgraceful.

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

i think I'll renew this threadSmiley Happy


I have been going through my makeup palettes very slowly and came across a dud today 

the sephora color my world palette 

it sucks!!!!  The eyeshadows are super powdery, patchy with their application and the pigment is not there.  Just to add insult to injury, I got the worst black sparkle fallout I can remember that just wouldn't brush away.   

I washed my face and tried again with lighter colours and nope.  

It's only saving grace is that the glosses are kinda nice.  I'm the fondest of gloss in pans though. 

It's gotta go! 

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Adding another to my list:  Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Shimmer palette. I bought this on impulse at Target.  Nothing wrong with it really, the colors are pretty, & don't fade or crease, just that I already own the same/very similar colors.  Looks like I'm wearing the same old same old.  

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Oh dear, eye shadows are my thing. Like you I can make a palette work if I want, but fact is that if your just throwing some cash on something you shouldn't make it work, it is supposed to work by itself (I'm talking about color payoff, ease of blending, durability, etc.).


After way too much money spend, and much regret, I've learned that for my taste YSL, Urban Decay, Too Faced and even Kat von D are mostly good buys. They're highly pigmented (most of them) and good value. Stila and Lancôme are nicely pigmented (most of them) but it runs like crazy on my hot eyelids, and by the end of the day there's no much to look at. Smashbox, Tarte, and pretty much everything else seems to me too light, even if the color looks nice and swatch pretty, somehow doesn't look as good on my eyelids (way too light), and frankly I don't believe in building the color, because that doesn't seem cost effective.


But everybody is different, you know. Live and Learn (even if that seems pretty expensive).

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Stila In the Know pallette. I so wanted to play with mattes but ugh, mattes are just not as flattering as slight shimmer. I am still on a quest for a perfect in-between- my Diors are so sparkly and I need something a bit more professional nowadays.

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Kat Von D Ladybird palette.

I used one color and hit pan on it (not hard to do considering that they are chalky and fly everywhere), and the rest are pretty much untouched.

I want to return it....but I bought it months ago and I feel like that's cheating.

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

I didn't like the Too Faced Loves Sephora palette.  Only 1 or 2 colors worked on me.  the rest were not pigmented enough or didn't compliment my tone

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Wet n Wild comfort zone palettes, they fall out easily and when i depotted them into a palette they exploded over my carpet =_= ... None of my urban decay eyeshadows would break when I depotted them.  


Cleaning up their mess made me hate them...


I haven't used my Urban Decay Ammo Palette (it's not bad but I just wished I bought it when it was onsale instead of full price)





Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Urban Decay Naked 3.  

I was looking so forward to it.  Unfortunately half the colors are so light and sparkly, they're redundant on my medium brown skin.  I had fallout with the darker colors, and I always use UD primer too.  I tried for a week to work with it and decided there wan't enough value there for me.  

Haaated the cheap-looking packaging, too.  


I felt embarrassed returning it at the store literally right as the SAs were unloading and setting up the store's first palettes.  

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

I'm not the only one?!!! Praise the lord, I'm not crazy! Smiley Very Happy


I thought I'm gonna love it because of all the pink toned colors I'm crazy about... but I hate it!


I constantly have a feeling that this is some kind of testing palette, it's not finished, they rushed it up just so it's available for holiday madness, or I've got a "defective" one, or something. Many colors are not pigmented, I have to build and build ( or use wet ) to achieve... anything! Fallout is beyond terrible. Glitter is.... UGH! ( those glittery ones are the worst! "Fallout" is very weak word for them. ) And on my pale skin all colors look very similar if not the same ( except the darkest one ). Yes, they all look different when you swatch them with your fingers... but once you actually put them on your lids - they all look the same! The 3 mattes are pretty decent, but not worth keeping the palette... I have never returned eye shadow palette in my life, or regretted buying any of my many palettes. ( I kinda have an eye shadow palette addiction Smiley Happy So, even if I'm not really using some of them much, I don't return them. They are all my babies Smiley Very Happy ), but this one is a perfect candidate. I have never encountered such a terrible palette! Not even worth $32 I paid for it.

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Haha, yeah, I went looking for blogger reviews just to affirm my experience.  I did give it a fair shot I think.  


I feel like expensive makeup should be fun and feel luxe, not cheap.  You don't need it so you should love it, right?  I still want a palette of rosy browns.  I'd be happy with a well-edited quad or quint, even for the same price if it was better quality with matte shades and really fine shimmer.  I know I'll keep "needing" more eye palettes so it just gives me something to hunt for.  

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Yea, I'm starting to feel this way, but I didn't want to admit it since it was a gift (and not cheap.) I don't like all the glitter at all and every time I even lightly touch the brush to the palette, the Shadow looks like I stabbed it (creates a large crumbly dent.)  I do think they're pigmented, but holy glitter..

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

The Balm Nude Tude. no matter what primer I use, it creases. I have a ton of fallout and the color payoff isn't the best. Also, the Too Faced summer palette, I never ever use it. I have a hard time getting the pink and orange shades to show up. Should have never gotten it. 

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

The Lorac Mint Palette.

The colors just *don't* work for me! I've tried so hard to love it, but I guess Lorac and I just weren't meant to be! I feel like the shadows just don't "blend" properly? Maybe I've been spoiled with too much UD. If anyone is interested in swapping or taking this baby off my hands, it's up for grabs. I second @roxystar's idea of starting a palette swap thread! 

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Marydiva, I bought the Lorac mint for the mint green colored shadow & it doesn't work for me ( too light) ...But I like the blush and two of the other shadows so I don't hate it. It's not my fave though ( wtheck auto correct! Sorry about botching ur user name)

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

I know! I bought it for the mint shadow as well. The blush/highlighter doesn't work for me. I gave the palette to my little sister, but nothing works for her, so we passed it on to our OTHER little sister and she dislikes it as well. It's only been used about 6-9 times in an attempt to make it work, so if anyone is interested in it, they can go for it! 

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

I agree my Smashbox Heatwave is my regretted purchase! I hate the thing.  The colors don't seem like the go together well cause they all just look the same and very blah.  Also there is a bit too much fall out. I think I've used it twice. Just not feeling it.

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Rin418, I dislike some of the colors but love the gold shadow so much.