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What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Usually, I can make a palette work for me, but the Smashbox Heatwave Palette is just not doing the trick for me. The colors are pretty, but they go on really light. Plus the fallout is ridiculous.


I bought it a long time ago, so I'm gonna have to MsGyver this bad boy and use some colors with other palettes I have to make it work.


I guess I can try it wet, too. I haven't done that yet.


What eyeshadow palette to you regret purchasing?

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

My BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette. I rarely reach for any of the colors, they're a little too much for every day use and even now when I go out I usually end up doing a brown smokey eye and bold lip.


I'm shocked a lot of people said the Lorac Pro palette though I LOVE mine! I''ve never had a problem with fallout or creasing, matter of fact I've fell asleep and the shadows were still on

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

I regret the sigma Paris palette. I'm not wildly adverse to shimmer, but the fall out is insane.

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

It was only $12, but the Coastal Scents Fall palette.  The shadows in mine are so hard that I cannot pick any of them up.  They are like concrete.  


Also, I wish I had bought Naked 1 instead of Naked 2.  I liked that the colors of 2 were less intense, but I've come to realize that the colors of the original would have been more flattering for my coloring.  I still use my naked 2 though.  

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Naked 2. I love verve, pistol, bootycall, suspect and snakebite. But that means more than half the palette is going unused. I'm uninterested in looking badly just to use up a product, so I'll toss once my favorites are done. I also think the fallout from the glittery shades is unacceptable. I have to use make up remover over my entire face to get it off if I've applied with a brush.


Kat Von D Saint. It was just a little boring, and I wasn't impressed with the quality.


I think what I've realized is that it's hard to use a premade palette. Every color is not going to look good on me. I'd love to see 1/2 size UD palettes, focusing on themes like light warms, dark cools, ect.

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

I wonder if some of the issues people have with fallout/pigmentation/etc are due to the brushes that they're using.  I have Lorac's Unzipped palette and I've never had problems with fallout at all.  I find that the shadows blend really nicely and I like and use this palette a fair bit (although I haven't picked it up really recently).  I also really like Stila shadows although I have to be careful not to apply Kitten too heavy handedly.


The one I really regretted was Tarte's Ten, but I did return that.  I simply couldn't make anything in it work.  I also have an Urban Decay palette that I got on sale that I haven't even tried and doesn't inspire me when I look at it.


On the other hand, I would love to have Lorac Pro and Stila In the Light.  I want to be after anyone considering putting those in a traveling box.  Let me know before you put either one in the trash!  (Heck, I could even trade you for mini perfume, lol!)

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

I might be putting Lorac Pro in one of the traveling boxes. Are you after me in either of them?

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

Love this thread! A few things I have been eyeing are on this list!!!! It is Urban Decays book of shadows (2) for me too! I bought it because I loved 5 colors...obviously this is when I was new to the highend make up game LOL! Luckily I grew to love more BUT the packaging is a nightmare so it just sits in a drawer unused because it it too much of a pain in the fanny to bother with it! There are a few shades I will pull it out for but mosty it just sits in the drawer. I need to look up some threads on depotting and order a z palatte. I love the palatte I just feel like it goes to waste!

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

depot it!!!  and put them in a zpalette!  The easiest way I've found to depot is using the oven method!

Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

I'm a big Smashbox fan and even I had to admit that Heatwave blew big time.  Basically 6 of the same warm shade and 4 greyed colors...only those 4 were worth anything.


Re: What eyeshadow palette do you regret purchasing?

I regret my Too Faced Matte Eye. I lean cool-toned and in person it really is warmer toned. On-line it looked cooler than it really was. I wish I had gotten Stila's In the Know as my matte palette instead. I literally have only used the shades in my TF one time. The only one I could wear consistently is the dark blue, but I don't bother. I could (barely) pull the lavender shade off too, but that's two shades out of nine. I haven't used it again (in 8 months) because I need to decide what to do with it. I had already returned a lot of products at that time, so didn't want to add more and maybe get flagged or something. The light colors seem a little bit chalky as well.

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