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What do you think of the new "Lash Stash To Go" set?

It contains 5 mini mascaras and then a certificate to get one of your choice:


This set contains:
- Mascara voucher
- 0.14 oz Benefit BADgal Lash in Black
- 0.2 oz BUXOM Lash in Blackest Black
- 0.12 oz Korres Volcanic Minerals Voluminizing Mascara
- 0.09 oz Lancome Définicils in Black
- 0.16 oz Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!™ in Rich Black


It seems to me that if you like one of these and know that you would use a full size of it, it might be a chance to try some other popular items and get things at a good value.  But if you want a less expensive way to try out more high end, less well known items, this isn't the set for you.  It's different from the ones that I've seen before that seem to have a range and something I haven't heard of as much.


Since I have a number of samples around from sets, gifts with purchase and a previous mascara set, I doubt I will go for this.


Now, if they made a WATERPROOF version of this I'd have it in my basket and ordered so quickly you wouldn't see it flying by. I know at least 3 of these five have waterproof versions, but you never know how things really wear until you try them.  I went through returning two other mascaras before going back to Lights, Camera, Splashes again.  For the summer I would love to be able to try out a waterproof set (and frankly if I liked them enough, they would last me through the year).


Re: What do you think of the new "Lash Stash To Go" set?

I keep changing my mind on deciding if I want this or not. Honestly, I think I preferred the samplers that came with more items. I feel most of the mascaras in here are all pretty well known, and like you, I liked the concept of trying some I'd never heard of!


Oh heavens, if they made a waterproof kit I'd be all over that like white on rice. We're talking buying multiple sets at once haha. I much prefer waterproof mascara, as I tend to end up with regular mascara under my eyes toward the end of my 12 hour shifts. I'm going to try something Lylysa suggested and try layering a waterproof mascara over a regular one, though!

Re: What do you think of the new "Lash Stash To Go" set?

Have you tried the Anastasia lash genius to waterproof any mascara you have?  

Re: What do you think of the new "Lash Stash To Go" set?

Haven't heard of this product before, will take a look! Thanks!

Re: What do you think of the new "Lash Stash To Go" set?

I have allergies so sometimes the waterproof makes more sense for me.  I found one that I tried flaked and another would smudge if I accidentally rubbed, which really frustrated me with waterproof (and I've used regular ones that don't do that).  So I'd like to try some different ones.  I think the only place I've gotten waterproof samples have been with a sun safety kit last year (I think that SiJCP one) and with Stila's Snow Angel palette.  I'd even buy waterproof small sizes if I could get them.

Re: What do you think of the new "Lash Stash To Go" set?

I too have a ton of mascara samples from perks and give aways so I won't have to buy mascara for a very long time.  I am dying to try the Dior mascara though, but Im trying to hold out.


i love these types of samplers.  The set is $25 I believe, so you get to try five different mascaras without making a huge commitment on one kind for the price.  I'd wait until I went through all of them, and then redeem for the best.  I actually was given a mascara sampler (before there was this kind with a voucher, my set came with ten types and an eyelash curler) and I found my new fav mascara, Bad Gal from it.   


as far as waterproof, I never see waterproof included in these types of kits.  I just may not be paying much attention or buying the right kits.  I was told the formula for waterproof wasn't good to wear all,the time.  I have several samples of the Anastasia lash genius that you can apply over mascara to make any waterproof, so now I don't buy mascara waterproof, I just use the genius to make it so if I know I'll need it.  Not that I can predict every time I need waterproof mascara, but if I wear it out near water or I know I may be crying, that's when I'll use it.  I keep one in my purse makeup bag too, since I have a few of them.


Re: What do you think of the new "Lash Stash To Go" set?

I think I got the Anastasia lash genius in some sample set, but mine must have dried out because I can't get anything out of it.  I think I have another around so maybe I will try it. 


In general I like these samplers.  If it had Dior in it, I would try it.  I had an older set that had a full size, a primer, a number of samples and a certificate for a free ($50 minimum purchase waived) certificate in it.  I even got it on sale after Christmas.  I think I still have a couple left to try.  And I might be trying another one soon, as I just started with the Urban Decay Supercurl and it seems no matter what I do, it makes my lashes want to stick together, even with a primer.


But I would still LOVE a waterproof version.

Re: What do you think of the new "Lash Stash To Go" set?

Yeah they don't usually include waterproof in these (to my dismay!). The last one (red box?) did have one- Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof.

Re: What do you think of the new "Lash Stash To Go" set?


Re: What do you think of the new "Lash Stash To Go" set?

No problem, it's on the website for sale.  I thought it was quite genius when I first saw it too. i stumbled upon it by accident when I received several samples of it.  It works nicely.

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