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What Palette should I get?

So, I am looking for a new palette.  Now, I am fair skin with dark brown eyes and hair.  As for color choices, it really doesn't matter.


I have LORAC'S Pro Palette, UD Feminine Palette and.. one from Bare Minerals (which I cannot remember which one).  



Re: What Palette should I get?

agreed! especially their singles...they have so many gorgeous colors, textures, etc.

Of course, I will mention the Naked pallets because someone has to in every related topic lol

But I mean it - -I have all 3 and I love them!

Re: What Palette should I get?

Yes, color mixing is enjoyable.  I did a emerald green, blue jean blue and orange color together.  It actually turned out really lovely. 


And I have been considering the Nakeds or the Nars "When God Created Women" Palette.

Re: What Palette should I get?

Yeah, that pallet looks great, especially for a smoky eye with shimmer.

Re: What Palette should I get?

I have gotten to where I really love Lorac's  shawdows  I really haven't given much thought to them but was really surprised. Their actually really smooth and apply well.

Re: What Palette should I get?

LORAC tends to be one of those underrated, unknown brands. It actually makes me rather sad, considering I love their eyeshadows (so pigmented) and their Mascara.  Their Primers are awesome as well.  I've tried their newest one Porefection, and and it is one of the best!  Plus, you get a lot of product for the price.  Also love their eyeshadow primer - I find it better than both UD and TF.

Re: What Palette should I get?

I totally agree the eye primer is the best I've used like ever!


Re: What Palette should I get?


Re: What Palette should I get?

I find that tragic. Especially since online doesn't carry their new face primer.

Re: What Palette should I get?

I agree with ya'll but you know you can go to Lorac's website and be offered more than buying it any where else anyway.

Re: What Palette should I get?

Naked, Naked, Naked! They have many palettes in this line, with so many pretty colors, and with finishes from sparkly to matte!

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