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Wedding needed!!

Yes, my wedding is this weekend. I have been trying endless combinations of eyeshadow and lipstick the last few days. I already had tons of makeup but none of it seems to be looking right. I need an eyeshadow look that is sexy and complimentary but also not anything too harsh. I  tend to go more towards lighter shades on the inside of the lid and darker on the outside. This always looks good for my skin tone and face. (I have a medium skin tone) I was thinking of purchasing the Naked 2 pallette from Urban Decay or the Natural Eye pallette from Too Faced. I was really interested in the Naked Eye pallette but the only Sephora around me is completely out and it costs too much to ship in 2 days. I also need a good color lipstain. I tried the YSL lipstain in shade 23 but it is way too dark. It seems that all of those shades are too dark or way too light. I tend to go more towards purplish colors. Any advise on eye pallettes or lipstains? Anything will help. And I really don't want to waste more and more money on stuff that doesn't work. THANKS!! Smiley Happy

Re: Wedding needed!!

Well I know that you like purple lipsticks, but I have seen this look before and I think it looks particularly nice. You do a brown or black eye shadow on the lids and then a hot pink lipstick. You could always go more classic and maybe do a shimmery nude shadow on your lids and a red lipstick with blue undertones. Another thing you could do is schedule an appointment at Sephora and have someone their help you figure out a nice look for your wedding. They will even tell you how to apply it yourself and you can buy the exact products that they use. Good luck on your makeup and CONGRATS!

Re: Wedding needed!!

I like these ideas, but I dont suggest going bold for your wedding. Sorry, but looking back on wedding pictures and seeing bold lipstick is probably will probably not make you smile.

Re: Wedding needed!!

4048104869_0cda14b3d4.jpgCongratulations, how exciting!


Since you don't have a ton of time before the wedding, can you let us know what you have (that you are considering) and what brands you have access to around you?


I used the Dior 5-Colour for my wedding day, photographed beautifully. Light shimmer/ satin/ sheen is fine but avoid heavy shimmer and glitter.


To be a little more specific, any of these would may just want to spring for the shipping cost if you can't access these locally (definitely a good investment):


609, 754, 970


But only play up one feature-- if you do a smokey eye, then do a nude lip or a lighter/ more transparent lip stain. Or a red lip w/ a more natural eye and liner would work well. YSL Touch Eclat and MUFE HD Foundation and Powder would work well.


Basically you should look like you, but maybe slightly more dramatic just so the makeup shows well in photos. Not going to act like I should be your inspiration (lol) but this is how the Dior 5-Colour photographed (the one I used is discontinued but 970 would be the most similar).


And I wouldn't do my brows the same way I did here, but that's because I have brows now!


And the Naked palettes are beautiful, would definitely recommend those as well based on your desired look!

Re: Wedding needed!!

Go watch 2 videos on bridal makeup on YouTube: one by Lisa Eldridge and the other by pixiwoo.  Absolutely the best advice you could get on selecting shades, what features to play up, and how to make your pictures look perfect.  Congrats!

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