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Wedding Help

Ok people.  My daughter is getting married in May outdoors. I HAVE to have tear-proof, humidity-proof makeup, especially eyes. We will be in NC, so not the deep south but south enough for humidity to be a threat. All advice appreciated. 

Re: Wedding Help

For mascara, look no further than Urban Decay's Cannonball. I cannot count how many times I've raved about this stuff here. I had it on with a full face of make up (colorful eye shadow, foundation, blush, etc.) and hopped in the shower, ran my face under water, rubbed my face a few times, saw traces of my eye shadow on my hands/fingers, but not a spec of black from the mascara! I continued to run my face under the water and then blotted off with a towel, and still not a trace of mascara to be found! When I stepped out of the shower, the mascara was still in place, it hadn't run or flaked and still looked flawless.


You can always use Cannonball as a "top coat" on your favorite mascara if you're wanting to layer and still use your original mascara if you have a favorite (if you grab a pack of disposable mascara wands from a beauty store you can have the tube be used by multiple folks in the wedding party, just be sure to always use a fresh spoolie brush each time and never double dip).


For the rest of eyes, be sure to lock down eye make up with an eye shadow primer. Urban Decay, Nars, and Too Faced are just a few brands that offer wonderful options. Depending on the look, keep in mind that if for any reason make up does melt, fade, or get removed, neutral/soft colors are less apparent to draw notice compared to dark or bold colors.


For liner, try waterproof options depending on what formulation you like (liquid, gel/cream, pencil). Stila, Kat Von D, and Smashbox make wonderful waterproof liquid liners; Urban Decay, MUFE, and Stila make wonderful pencils (in traditional and automatic versions); Smashbox, MUFE, and Tarte make wonderful waterproof gel/creams. To help liners stay on even better, take a thin or angled eye brush and line along the lash line (not the waterline) where you would normally apply eyeliner to help lock it in place more.


Make up setting sprays will also help your entire make up look. Brands like MUFE, Kat Von D, and Urban Decay make various options.


For face, always start with a foundation primer no matter if it's a liquid, cream, or powder you wear. Depending on your skin's needs, worries, or woes, along with formulation preferences, take these into account when choosing one for you.


Try cheek stains/tints and lip stains/long wear lip products as well. Tarte and Josie Maran make delightful cheek tints that allow you to build up on opacity, these can be layered under powder blushes to enhance color and provide longer lasting wear. For lips, MUFE, Urban Decay, and Smashbox make waterproof lip pencils, choose either a neutral (Smashbox has 4 shades) or one that matches closest to your lip product color (MUFE and UD have a bit wider selection for this). In regards to lip stains and long wear products, Tarte, Bite, YSL, and MUFE all cater well to this.

Re: Wedding Help

I would recommend false eyelashes if you want completely smudge-free.

For foundation, what is your skin type ? Some popular photo-friendly foundations are Nars sheer glow and GA luminous silk. If you have very oily skin, bring some blotting papers and a pressed translucent powder for touchup Smiley Happy

For lipstick, I highly recommend Givenchy Le rouge, it is so creamy and long lasting, best lip stick I have ever tried.

For blush, use a light shade of cream blush ( I always use Illamasqua cream blusher in Zygomatic ) as a base and apply a powder blush on top of it. You can't go wrong with anything from Nars or Illamasqua. It just depends on what colour you like.

For eyeshadows, I would recommend Nars pro-prime eyeshadow primer. Then apply your favourite eyeshadows on top of it. Some of my favourite eyeshadow brands are : UD, Nars and Burberry.

There are a few other posts regarding to wedding makeup, you can check them out as well Smiley Wink Hope this helps!

Re: Wedding Help

These ladies have had great advice. I'll add another option for mascara: Anastasia Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat. Slap that on top of your favorite mascara and you are good to go!


lylysa - that is the second time I've seen you mention Cannonball. I've never tried an UD mascara and typically don't need waterproof, but I may check it out. Minimally, I'll buy it for my daughter since she is down South and might find it handy.


Re: Wedding Help

Any time there's a beach/vacation or wedding/crying post my first mascara recommendation is the UD Cannonball.

Re: Wedding Help

Make up Forever has eye makeup that never comes off - the Aqua line.  Armani has something similar as well; made for the water.  Good luck!

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