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Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

I have watery/allergic almond eyes that are double lidded with a crease that lies below my orbital bone. You could almost say they are hooded, but in the truest definition of the term they aren't. This makes lining the outer part of my lashes a pain. Traditional pencils/kohls smudge and leave a line on my upper eye lid even if they are waterproof. Plus finding a pencil that is gluten free is a pain and my wheat allergy makes it a necessity.


For the past couple years I've settled on just usually lining my waterline. Only using my last bottle of beloved She-laq sparingingly. Well my bottle of She-laq is gone! :,( I have this stuff called weather everything which it doesn't! MUFE's Aqua Seal didn't work for me either.


I need suggestions. I am looking for a waterproof black liquid eyeliner that sets very quickly or I will have a mirror mark somewhere else on my lid. I have a Lancome Artliner and this doesn't set fast enough, nor is it even remotely waterproof. Plus I would idealy like something with a finer applicator. I also can't stress enough that it needs to be truly waterproof or I'll just end up with a black smudgey/runny mess.





Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

I have the same problem! Urban Decays 24/7 liquid liner is the best solution. it dries quick and also the formula is waterproof and has a "Latex" type application when your at the end of your day it kinda peels off. It last all day and does not smudge or run

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

Another Update:


I'm back from Sephora! Now I did have every intention of buying them both. However, I left with only the Kat Von D Tattoo liner.


When I grabbed the Stila demo I got a good look at how that felt tip decays with usage. The little string tail coming off the tip really didn't excite me any. I still did a demo on my hand though. Then did the same with the tattoo demo. Well, the Tattoo liner was darker and was able to make a finer/thinner line with it.


Then I tested their waterproof-ness. With a bit of water and rubbing the Stila actually disappeared a bit faster than the Tattoo liner.


To both liners I will give credit: They both dried fast. Fast enough for there to be no worries.


Did a test run after I got home for real application of the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. Was very easy to do a nice thin cat eye. Unless this fails the work test tomorrow this is a definite winner.

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

So did it pass your work test??????

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

For the most part yes. Found out that I can't appy it to the inner corners of my eye past my lashes. If my eyes are real watery in the morning the liner won't set. Even if my eyes aren't that watery in the morning throughout the day the liner will still disintegrate into little flakes but only in the inner corner. However, as long as the liner can set in the morning it doesn't smudge or run! Woohoo! Huzzah! This is something that hasn't happened since I ran out of She-laq.


While I wish I could take the line all the way down the inner corner of my eye I am still very happy with this purchase. Today I found a good solution: Use the liquid liner from where my lashes start on the inner side of my eye and run it out as a traditional cat eye. Then line my upper waterline with Guerlain's loose eye kohl and go heavy on the inner corner of eye and blend the line a bit further out to match the edge of the liquid liner. Tada! Today the was the first day I tried this and it worked perfectly!


It's been a while since I've been able to wear my  beloved cat eye style liner on a daily basis. Very pleased! TY all again very much! 

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

@zeldahime- I'm really glad the Kat Von D liner worked for you.

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

have you ever tried cake liners?  yes, i know they sound old-fashioned and boring, but once they dry on your lids they are DRY and never smudge until you finally wash it off.  When I need absolute confidence that my liner will last all day long without smudging or fading, I turn to my cake liners.  They do come off easily with water though.


Clinique has a cake liner for only $15 (my favorite actually) but you could also try Laura Mercier which I think can also be used for tightlining.

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

Whoa! Cake liners! I haven't tried that in years! IIRC it was a cake liner from MAC? (it was at least 12 years ago so I may have the brand wrong)


Maybe they are different now, but that cake liner from MAC(?) did nothing but smudge! Granted, it didn't really disappear throughout the day it would just smudge till most of my eyelids were covered in it.


Of course now that I'm thinking about it, I tried that waay back in the day. That was with no eye primer or anything. Maybe UDPP would make all the difference but that cake liner has probably already decayed in a garbage dump by now. ;P

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

LOL I don't think cake liners have advanced much in technology since you last used one....although Laura Mercier and probably other brands actually do sell an "activator" liquid you mix with the liner (instead of water) that's supposed to make it even more indestructable.  Between the two I have now, one brand actually does smudge/wipe off if I rub with a finger (that's Yaby) but Clinique doesn't come off for me.  It might be due to my dry skin that doesn't get oily during the day, nor do my eyes water or anything like that.

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

Thank You Everyone for your suggestions!


I prefer a brush for applying liquid, so the KVD Tatto wins on that one. However, it technically is referred to as water-resistant. Hmmm.


The Stila does say it's waterproof, but has a felt tip liner. Hmmm.


I've decided to buy and try both. I can test the demos on my hand in the store but I'll never really know until I can get them home and really apply them. Then run them through the work day test. Perhaps I've just found 2 great eyeliners to have fun with! 

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

@zeldahime- When you try the Stila can you give a report back on it? I know the last time I tried a Stila liner my eyes watered so bad.

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

I wish I could. I did another update post above. I didn't see this one last night.


I was expecting them to perform about the same when I did the demo in the store, but it just didn't happen that way. To me the Kat Von D Tattoo liner was the better product.


I did a little fun test when I got home from Sephora last night. When I did my fine cat eye I did poke my eye and get some of the product in my eye because I don't have the steadiest hands. The Kat Von D liner didn't irritate my eyes at all.


Now seeing that the Stila caused your eyes to water that bad I'm really glad I didn't pick that one. 


If the tattoo liner fails the work test, than I will exchange it for the Stila. I truly think there won't be an issue though. It took quite a bit of rubbing last night to remove the little bit of the Tattoo liner I had applied.


I'll find out later today for sure! =D

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

I have almost the same eyes as you do! Almond shaped, slight hood. Makes applying eyeliner a total nightmare when it doesn't dry fast enough. T_T

The eyeliner I've had the most success with is is Stila's Waterproof Liquid Linerswfupload_8273373659247454721.jpg

I bought it in this mossy green shade that's perfect for everyday wear. It sets pretty quickly and stays on for the whole day. I have pretty sensitive eyes and this thing has been a HG item since day one.


Oh, and it's got a felt tip liner, so the application is quite easy.


Hope you find one that works!

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

@jinxski- I wondered about that liner too but wasn't sure since the last stilla liner I got irritated my eyes so bad.Did it irritate your eyes at all?

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

I've emptied about three of these - no irritation at all! I wear contact lenses on a daily basis too, I understand the eye sensitivity thing.


I think the key with this one would be to use a good makeup remover. If you're really worried about eye irritation.

^ I just checked your above post. I might check out the tattoo liner now, too! Sounds like some good stuff, you can never have too many, haha

Glad you found the right stuff! Smiley Happy

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

@jinxski- Yeah so true you can never have too many. I really do love the tattoo liner, it's one of the one's I thought that I would probably have problems with but I didn't. You should really try it I hope you love it tooo!!!Smiley Happy

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

No the brush is not that stiff, actually to me it's just right for that precise line.

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

Hi Zeldahime-


Have you ever tried the Blinc Liquid Eyeliner? It dries quickly and removes with warm water. It creates a second skin like finish that makes the liner really last! The long brush makes the liner easy to apply. It comes in black or dark brown.

Blinc - Liquid Eyeliner

<3 Melissa

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

This one seems interesting. Disappointed it's online only though. This is something to try if the Kat Von D falls through. I hope it dries faster than the mascara!

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

You know Kat Von D's makeup has the staying power that is amazing you should check out her tattoo eyeliner and see if it's right for you. Hope this helps!

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

Read some of the reviews... looks very promising. TY! Very glad to read that it uses a brush tip. Smiley Happy

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