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Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

I have watery/allergic almond eyes that are double lidded with a crease that lies below my orbital bone. You could almost say they are hooded, but in the truest definition of the term they aren't. This makes lining the outer part of my lashes a pain. Traditional pencils/kohls smudge and leave a line on my upper eye lid even if they are waterproof. Plus finding a pencil that is gluten free is a pain and my wheat allergy makes it a necessity.


For the past couple years I've settled on just usually lining my waterline. Only using my last bottle of beloved She-laq sparingingly. Well my bottle of She-laq is gone! :,( I have this stuff called weather everything which it doesn't! MUFE's Aqua Seal didn't work for me either.


I need suggestions. I am looking for a waterproof black liquid eyeliner that sets very quickly or I will have a mirror mark somewhere else on my lid. I have a Lancome Artliner and this doesn't set fast enough, nor is it even remotely waterproof. Plus I would idealy like something with a finer applicator. I also can't stress enough that it needs to be truly waterproof or I'll just end up with a black smudgey/runny mess.





Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

Yeah if you eyes are sensitive like mine I have to have a soft tip, sometimes I think that not having the brush tip is what causes the irritation.

Re: Waterproof liquid eyeliner?

Hmmm, well I guess I'll find out. With the She-laq I used the bent eyeliner brush I bought from Sephora with no problem. Is this brush stiffer? 


I have a few allergies, and am sensitive to certain chemicals, but ever since the eczema went away physical irritation hasn't been much a concern. I can actually use a sulfur mask and a salicylic acid toner now! I still haven't gotten the guts to try any AHAs or retinols since the eczema went away though. I still have nightmares about what those did to my skin years ago. 

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